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While through my childhood [and our kids, too], I had heard or read words that I had no idea what they were. Some scared me, some I thought "How odd", some I thought too funny....

1] I remember the first time I heard canker sore. My mom had it, and it was inside her mouth, behind her lip. I was still young enough to be gullible and naive, and I saw the redness. I was so frightened....'cause some older person that was a friend of my grandparents had died of cancer! I went to bed nights crying; before my fears and confusion were set straight by mom!! I thought canker and cancer were one in the same.

2] Total confusion between railroad and that. It took me years to figure out my brother's puzzle when I was a preschooler--
Railroad crossing, look out for the cars. Can you spell that without any R’s?

3] Spelling confusion -dessert. I always got that wrong until my teacher pointed out to me that D E S E R T you never want to go back but the one time because it's so hot and dry...[one s]-- -- --While D E S S E R T is good and want two helpings [two s's]

4] I used to watch the weather each night to view where the planes flew ---the weatherman was always showing us Jet Streams!

5] The expression "Idle hands are the devil's workshop" scared me into sitting on my hands when I wasn't busy!!

6] My favorite grown up besides my parents was my ANT!! [talk about a confused blond babe]

7] I pronounced BOUTIQUE "booty q", and I was laughed at...I felt hurt 'til I was told how to say the word. It still doesn't look like bow-teek to moi!!

. . . . .

Then, with our own kids

8] Our daughter wanted Grandma to get her 'peaches'. Grandma opened a can of peaches and put them in a bowl, set them in front of her, and 'no...grandma, PEACHES!' Well, grandma didn't know what it was. Our daughter had grandma follow her to the kitchen, she opened the refrigerator but alas, no peaches. Hubby and I came to pick her up so we could go home [grandma was babysitting] --and grandma just had to know what peaches were! I asked our daughter what she wanted grandma to get for her, and she said PEPSI. Just like it's supposed to sound...peaches!!!

9] Then, one time when hubby had the day off, and I was at the office, working, he and our son went to the store. While walking around the aisles, our son asked daddy to buy black ice!! Naturally, hubby didn't have an inkling what that was. As I was told the story, they walked up and down the aisles looking for black ice. Our son couldn't find it. After I got home from work...the questions came forth! "Do you know what the hell black ice is? You tell mom what you wanted at the store!" Our son said "black ice" which meant black olives!! And of course the store we frequented had the black olives on the top shelf....explaining why our 4 year old son couldn't see them either. Men!!!

10] Difference between instinct and stink! Our son loved his Legos™. At night when the TV was on he'd be sitting in front of the TV; building things. One night, all was quiet, we had National Geographic on, watching a 'story' on monkeys and apes....the narrator started talking about their instinct. Our son, without batting an eye and continuing his building...said "I know what stinks, monkeys stink!" Guess you had to be there. To this day we talk about those stinkin' monkeys with him.

11] Our daughter for a long time thought she had ancestors AND unclebrothers!!

12] And for me ---I just now remembered my confusion of a doggie dog world. But it was really DOG EAT DOG world.

13] Puzzled on Christ's Birthday --When I was a kid, I wanted to have my mom bake a cake and we could send it up to Him for his birthday!!! [Not so confusing now, is it? Makes sense to me!! *giggles*]


...and, speaking of birthdays!! What's yours historically?

On this date, the moon was looking like this.
(waxing gibbous moon)

Astrological signs
February 9th, 194-

Your zodiac sign:

Celtic astrology: your sign is

Aztec astrology: your sign is
Rabbit (tochtli)

Egyptian astrology: your sign is
Amon Ra

Chinese astrology: your sign is
Ox of earth


Today, you are 31.1 Martian years old !

Your next birthday on Mars:
Saturday 18th of April 2009


One Martian year: 687 days
One Martian day: 1 day, 37mn, 23s
Temperature: -60°C
Distance to the Sun: 228 million km
Diameter: 6786 km

Image Credit: NASA and The Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)


Today, you are 1.98 Saturnian years old !

Your next birthday on Saturn:
Thursday 10th of January 2008


One Saturnian year: 29 years, 153 days
One Saturnian day: 10h, 39mn
Temperature: -180°C
Distance to the Sun: 1427 million km
Diameter: 120000 km

Image Credit:Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech


Number-one song in the charts today

In the USA:

"A Little Bird Told Me"
by Evelyn Knight

TIME Magazine cover this week

TIME Magazine: Mao Tse-tung

(TIME Cover: February the 7th, 194-)

Famous people born on the 9th of February:

1404 - Constantine XI, last Byzantine Emperor (d. 1453)
1533 - Shimazu Yoshihisa, Japanese samurai (d. 1611)
1773 - William Henry Harrison, President of the United States (d. 1841)
1830 - Abd-ul-Aziz, Ottoman Sultan (d. 1876)
1910 - Jacques Monod, French biochemist, Nobel laureate (d. 1976)
1945 - Mia Farrow, American actress
1963 - Brian Greene, American physicist

The Nobel Prize in Physics 1949

Hideki Yukawa

for his prediction of the existence of mesons on the basis of theoretical work on nuclear forces

Kyoto Imperial University - Kyoto, Japan; Columbia University - New York, NY, USA


Oscar of the best picture in 1949

All the King's Men
directed by Robert Rossen
with Broderick Crawford (Willie Stark) and Mercedes McCambridge (Sadie Burke)

Designed in 1949

The JG chair
by Ray Komai

Try it for your birthday!


  1. Isn't it funny to think of things we thought of when we were kids. I sometimes laugh at things I can recall.
    My T13 is up.

  2. LOL That would be like the time my children said "look mom we're being have" After too many times asking them to behave.

  3. NOTE TO IRISHCODA: If you stop by here, I wanted to let you know you've been added to Over 50 blogroll. I couldn't get into your comments...I'll keep trying.

  4. *LOL* great list, thanks for sharing!
    My TT shares 13 things to do or see in my hometown Velsen / IJmuiden in The Netherlands.

  5. I have a sweet award for you over at my blog... please come and pick it up. :)

  6. Gosh, I so remember thinking certain words meant certain things when they didn't! lol I did my birthday a Martian I'm 26.5 years old! hehe xox

  7. yeah, i still have to think through the desert/dessert thing. on the other hand, i also knew several families growing up that did bake birthday cakes for Jesus. one family even put candles on it and sang! so strange.

    happy TT

  8. And to this day you should hear me try to say Processor. W
    Thanks for the giggles.


  9. And today it's also Thursday 13 !
    I think we should create a dictionary with all the words children deform I noted a few down, but of course can't write it here because it's in french unless I mix up languages again, lol !

  10. Nice list...I remember that "Railroad crossing" riddle; it was in a book I had way back when. I like the 'canker sore' one; I remember thinking the same thing.

  11. Oh this is so funny! I'm hitting TT's late at night...or early in the morning....and I think I'm going to stop now and end on this one. Too much fun! I'll be back later to see what my birthday says. Happy TT!

  12. Ilove words so i was seriously entertained

  13. I was always scared when I was a kid.

    my 13 is up

  14. ACME

    my brother and i couldn't decide if Wylie Coyote bought his wares at
    ACE 'EM
    ACE ME

    ACK ME never occurred to us and ourparents didn't watch tv

  15. LOL! Your 13 crack me up! Kids do SAY and THINK the darndest things! We DID always make a Happy Birthday Baby Jesus cake though when the kids were small! It's a great little reminder of what it's all about!

  16. I still do the darned dessert, desert thing now sometimes

  17. I love these Annie. They made me really smile!!

  18. :) Word confusions are not just for kids!

    Two examples I know of here... (people we've known)


    A past middle aged man thought 'Isolated showers' predicted in a weather report meant 'HAIL!'


    'Wind Chill Factor' is translated to mean -'Wind Shield Factor' :)

    Both true!!


  19. Too funny! That's how I learned the difference between desert and dessert too.

  20. Wonderful list! I must say #4 and 6 is so....adorable :-)

  21. Great list! We are going through some of those with our 6 year old now.

  22. What a great list!

  23. Too funny!! :) Loved the Raggedy Anni!