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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

People laugh because I'm different, I laugh because they're all the same.


Sayre, our hostess this week asks:

Brush off your interview skills. Talk to everyone who lives in your house. I want to know what their, and your, favorite piece of art is in your home. Photographs do not count. If there was a fire in your home, everyone would grab photographs, but what is the non-photographic piece of art you would grab on your way out - and why? (Edit: These don't have to be paintings - these can be wall hangings, statues, lumps of clay by your child, anything that is artistic expression of some kind EXCEPT photographs.)


Wow, that's a toughie for me. Art in its broadest sense is the expression of human creativity, not necessarily something that would hang on a wall, framed. Something that creates or was/is created by the human activity, an illustration of one's self in many manners. I'd want to take everything. Everything my little ol' arms could carry. But, since more than likely that'd be impossible, there are some family items that are not replaceable and mean a lot to me personally. So, I'll get to those in a bit. Since there are only two of us living here, I asked my hubby what would he grab on the way out [besides the artistic me and his kitties, assuming we're able to save ourselves or assist on rescuing each other] if there was a catastrophe happening.

His answer: [Which is not surprising to me. He's really not an 'art' freak, nor very sentimental when it comes to our 'family' treasures.] For him, it would be his gun collection and some of his first edition books!! Simple, easy to carry ....Smart guy. And our son has stated several times that "Dad's gun collection is mine someday!" Where our daughter has interests in his book collection. Guess he's thinking of his family afterall, with saving them for his kids someday down the line. *shrug* Who'd-a-thunk-it?

Me on the other hand, well, I'm not so smart. Knowing how I am, I'd be sure to make several return trips inside while the fire blazes on. Like I said, I'd want to save it all!! For one thing to talk about to make this short [and I truly KNOW there are tons of other things], there are file folders of our kids' art work- and 'life'. I'd grab them...They're easy to carry out actually ---all stored in plastic boxes, each one marked "kids" [to keep them from getting ruined in our tropical storms/flooding], and then I'll stop here for today, with a toy of our daughter's that her great grandmother made her. But, really I could go on and on....yep, I'd probably die of smoke inhalation or get trapped under a falling beam to save all my 'art' treasures.


Within these folders and packed boxes, are treasures to me, and hopefully years in the future, the kids will appreciate the fact I have saved them for their 'old age' reminiscing-days. This photo to the left is of some of the 'art' celebrating our son's birth; congratulatory cards and birthday cards of the years following his birth! [Actually, this was kinda nice to get the files open and see these once again for myself!!]

And inside these boxes are hoards of personal mementos of our kids' lives, 'on paper'. From birth to right up to when they moved out on their own. [Our daughter got a job in Miami right after graduation and left our little nest, while our son decided to get his military over before he was drafted. He didn't want to serve in the Army, he wanted to make sure he'd become a Marine, USMC.---he had an ulterior motive behind joining, he wanted his country to pay for his education! And the "Corps" had the best education options.] Okay, enough gab Anni-- This 2nd photo is a piece drawn by our son, not just colored between lines. He drew this before he left for his first day of school, yes that's a young age. But, quite artistic he was...and still is. He even considered getting a drafting engineer degree for a while, while he was in High School, but visions of 'what I wanna be when I grow up' often changes. The photo - It's a walrus...I love the colors he used.

These next two images I'm sharing are of our son's marathon runs in Hawaii where he lived for over four years. He ran the Honolulu marathon and then challenged himself to the 'highest' run, in Maui, the "Run to the Sun"....I understand from sea level to the peak, the route for the runners climbs to over 11,000 feet or something like that. He was extremely proud that he finished both.
Also, in this collection, I have photos [which we can't use according to the rules] of him crossing the finish line of both 'thons. These certificates in his folders are a work of art I'd definitely grab on the way out. I recall that he came in 3rd on one of these races...which one, I don't know....but that's damn good if you ask me. I'd have a rough time running to the mail box and back.
As I mentioned above, our son had an artistic talent. And he loved to draw architectural designs to scale. After homework [actually, it was difficult for me to get him to do homework], he'd draw and design homes/buildings. In fact he entered a special exhibit in Colorado and won ribbons with most all his work. ...the green ribbon shows his participation; it was placed on a huge board that was up by the front door entrance to show the visitors all the participants. Also on the board, with the sample works by each artist, where these drafted works were, it showed directions within the auditorium, where the certain person's work was located, on the map.

Again, as with above, this one folder is filled with childhood birth announcements, books, and birthday cards saved for our daughter. One small one sent to us from her great aunt is truly still a favorite of mine --the one you see in the middle-- "God's Masterpiece." Being our first born, I still cherish this one myself. Hope some day when I'm gone, our daughter will appreciate it too.

Ahhhhh, yes. School!! And Kindergarten. Better yet, the very first day in her life...pertaining to education. This particular piece is learning colors ---"red" to be exact. Written in my pen in the corner has the date, and it says "First Day of School" Ever. [Actually, for her, as she attended more and more, being popular was more her speed. But I cling to her primary work like a mother hen to her chicks!] And, just to the left of her red balloons is one of her report cards [the blue/gray striped paper]. And teacher's comments. I love to go back in time, and read just what the teachers wrote, and mostly how wrong they were about her as she grew and became a mother herself.
Still more for our daughter is momentos of school. Here in this photo is a Halloween book she wrote; to the left is a short story of a spider. Naturally these are from elementary school years. Ummmmmm, if you know me well enough, you know that I love Halloween, and to this day our daughter is just as anxious with decorating her home now and always looking forward to Halloween. So, since it's nearing October 31st, I thought I'd snap this picture....see, her fascination for the 'holiday' started at a young age. And I must confess, her home is much much more 'eerie' than mine. She goes for webbing all over each and every doorway and light fixture...spiders, more the 'spooky' things you'd find in a haunted mansion, while I go for the witchy-cute stuff. Okay, okay...maybe not cute---but hardly any webs for me. Afterall, the one who hangs that stuff has to clean it up when the day's over and gone. It's messy, and clings to everything.
Another couple of items I'd grab, that are truly works of art, are the kids' sock monkeys. They were made by their great grandmother [my hubby's grandmother]. By hand. When all of her "grandchildren" [this case, me] would become pregnant, she'd start working on the sock monkeys, and the kids would get theirs on their "birth" day!!! She'd come visit us in the hospital, if we were close to her, and the monkeys would be presented. This one is our daughters...quite worn and well-played with. The hat is nearly loose, the pom pom accents are quite frayed and the whole outfit is fading. But boy howdy, did our daughter love her monkey!!

Yep, these to me are all works of art that would be packed in the car, if we had evacuation orders for hurricanes, and taken with us...or they'd be set outdoors while we watch the house crumble to ash...any disaster that would be forthcoming, I'd be sure to take some family 'heirloom memories' with me, if God's willing!!! Oh, and I promise I won't take photos of all my personal treasures, but Halloween and Christmas storage boxes come to mind!!!!!!

Just like Madonna, "I'M A MATERIAL GIRL" I know that the things handed down to me from my own mother before she passed on are priceless to me, as I tend to think my own kids would appreciate me saving their childhood treasures.


My night's activities will come to a screechin' halt at precisely 7PM Central Time!! I'll have the TV tuned onto FOX Network Television. And for the next hour I'll be catchin' up and seeing just how the "orientacion" will go for Scofield!! This is such an enthralling series. Tonight will be it's 3rd season, and for me, the last 2 seasons were NOT a disappointment! Filled with cliffhangers each week, and the writing of the script is superb [for television anyway!!] Ummm, the acting is little to be desired, but what the hey? It's TV ----

Last season's final episode showed Paul Kellerman confessing in court about the government's shenanigans and illegal actions framing Michael's brother and imprisonment. Then, it showed his prison transport vehicle being abducted...with lots o' gunfire. I told hubby right there and then that Mr. Kellerman still lives! He says "No, he's been killed." Well....

According to issue #4 of the Official Prison Break Magazine, writer and co-producer Karyn Usher discussed Paul Kellerman. When asked about his fate, she replied "...this is Prison Break, and I wouldn't be surprised if Kellerman appeared again."

And I can't wait to find out the fate of T Bag! He's the character I love to hate!! And I guess I'm not the only one who thinks this way...from a Prison Break Forum, I read: Ain't Tea Bag - Theodore Bagwell just the Greatest Crook ever - Scuzzy from the word Get - Go: - T Bag is scuzzy - (But my favorite)


  1. Wonderful post Anni,
    I love your introductory quote. You are certainly an organized person. I did think about my children's early artwork for this post. My box does contain some sentimental favorites.

  2. I got your link fixed. I must need stronger glasses - I completely missed that there were two hyphens there....

    Wow, Anni - I think if you had a fire, you shouldn't worry about saving stuff - just grab a hose and fight the thing yourself because you'd never get out alive otherwise!!!

    I can relate to the hurricane evacuation. I live in North Florida and when hurricane season started (when I lived near the coast) I packed my trunk every June 1 with my important papers and treasured photos and unpacked it November 30.

  3. You must never, ever have a fire. None of that could be left behind. It's so great that you saved all that early children's work!

  4. Your organization is very impressive! Your children will thank you someday. :)

    Thanks for dropping by my blog this morning. Have a good day!

  5. Wow. I love your saved work. It makes me think of how I need to package and saved all of my favorite pieces from me kids.

  6. the "material girl" stuff is the kind of 'stuff' we are supposed to cherish.
    I wish I'd done a better job of keeping such things of our daughters.

    I've never been very organized.

    When the hubby's gram died she had cards he'd made from years ago. It was a very sweet and sad time to go through -- she also left notes in them. knowing that when she was gone we would be looking through it.

  7. You have a lot of treasures of the best kind. I especially loved the walrus and the running certificates. That Run to the Sun sounds absolutely brutal!

  8. You have too many treasures to pick from. It's great you kept so many things over the years. I think I should log off this computer and go start getting myself organized....

  9. Great choices. You have lots of great goodies!! :)

  10. Well, since most of your treasures are all safely stored in Rubbermaid - they might actually survive a fire!

    I have those boxes starting to fill too.

  11. great post! i love the sock monkey! and i'm very impressed with the organization of your children's memories; i aspire to that! maybe one day. :)

  12. Wow, Anni, you, my dear, should organize for a's definitely a talent you either have, or don't. I don't!

    It must've been fun for you to write this post--it was a trip down memory lane :). Like you, I have many things from my children's early years, but I've noticed I don't keep much anymore. Maybe I should look for things that are "keepable"...things they might want someday.

    If I ever ran a marathon, I think Hawaii would be where I'd want to do it :/ s i g h...just thinkin about it wears me out!

  13. What a wonderful collection!

    When Houston evacuated for Rita, I was quite surprised that when I wondered around my apartment, the only thing I grabbed were my photos! Well, and the cats.

  14. if you had to choose ONE would be distraught! Wish I had all the kiddo's artwork in one place - those tubs are a GREAT idea!

  15. What a post dear Anni!! I am like you I have a lot of what the kids had as kids but what I did was make them scrapbooks and now they have their things at their home!! I love seeing all of that stuff. i think it is just the MOMMY in us that will always be there!!
    I am excited about tonight's PRISON BREAK!! I have been waiting for it to start. My hubby did not get into it last year. He was always watching some sports in another room so that is how I got started on it. I wonder what is going to happen..can hardly wait...Sandy

  16. I wish you were my mom! Mine didn't keep 1/10 of what you did. Now, I'm vowing to be an Anni hoarder for my son's stuff. I love each thing & the obvious motherly pride in your children.

    BTW saw your historical book area & wondered if you'd read Intelligencer yet?

  17. I like to keep things that my kids and grandkids made in school,too.
    In fact when Carrie was home this summer and helping get my bedroom cleaned up, she grab some papers and I yelled, "NO NO" Jabob made all that stuff for me Don't throw it away!!! She said Ok, Mom!!!Calm down I not going to thow anything away you don't want me to!!
    But she has been known to throw away stuff we love and she thinks is junk! So I sure keep a sharp eye on her when she helps me!! :) You wrote a great post again!

  18. Oh my goodness, you have such a wonderful box of treasures. How wonderful that you've kept so many of them. Mostly I'm impressed with how organized you have them.

  19. Heaven forbid if you should ever be in a situation where you'd have to choose what to grab!! Like you, I have saved all my boys' art, cards, etc, from school, Christmas, etc, plus I have so many treasured collections, especially my gran's dishes...omigosh, I'd want to save it ALL too! lol xox

  20. Besides the fact that Internet is a nightmare here in the mountains, slower as a snail race I enjoy my holidays, so many things have changed. I even think it was another person who stayed here ! I was 24 when I saw the Garda lake for the first and 44 for the last time ! Imagine 20 years I haven't seen "my lake" !
    I have to read your entire post next time !