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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

How many times when I sit and read or watch or hear an unfathomable story of hidden treasure, do I wish it were me that had found it. I dream of "Wouldn't it be swell to be the one that unearths a fortune?" Sometimes, when I do, I think wow, what I could do with all that. And like Daffy Duck in the Warner Bros. cartoons when he finds a treasure he says in his despicable tone..."It'sssss mine, all-l-l-l mine!!!"
To have in my hot little hands a treasure map of deep sea, hidden fortunes! And travel the seven oceans and be lucky enough to come upon the cache of ancient, most valuable gold and jewels? Oh lordy, my heart yearns for such excitement and adventure! But only in fantasy of course, I know good and well I was put on earth for other reasons than being rich and a snooty one....I'm a plain jane and I know it, but I can.....
Like it'd be me, as with Ben Gates....I've watched this movie over and over and still drool at the worth --estimated $10 BILLION-- of the national treasure hidden below the city streets. I swallow hard now as I type up my pseudo-utopia!! Hey, Mr. Gates [played by Nicholas Cage] gets a national reward of 1% of the ten billion...I'd settle!! That is $100,000,000.00 [one hundred million] if my math is correct! Ya, I could live with that! At least try hard each day of my life. And pirates come to mind too. It'd be fun to once in my past life to have been a pirate and find lost fortunes. Or be lucky enough to find the Lost Dutchman's gold reserves hidden in the Arizona Superstition Mountains!! [Is the lost Dutchman just a myth? Well, I can dream, can't I?]
Then, there'd be finding 'treasures of historical value'. Just this past month, August, after hurricane Dean, the storm ravaged against the Mexican resorts of the Yucatan peninsula only to hit land on the eastern coast of Old Mexico, the art resort town of Tulum, off the Gulf of Mexico...but, the winds and surge uncovered an historical find! I would have loved to be on the shore, and be the first one to see these 'tubes' peeking out of the sand. Afterward to find they're estimated to be from the 1520's Spanish Conquest. That would just thrill me to no end!! To find something like this that is value to only the country's history!!
Or little ol' Anni deep sea diving for booty such as the fortune that was discovered off Spain's borders in the English Channel, the ancient shipwreck with a cargo of gold coins....estimated 500,000 gold coins, purported to be worth $1,000.00 each to any collector?!! I understand that if the loot is discovered in 'free waters' the salvage rights are MINE!!! Just like Daffy Duck..."Consequenches, schmonsequences as long as I'm rich"!

*sigh* Okay, now I'm back on solid ground and knowing that this has all been just a head trip, a romantic delusion. I'm gonna go to the fridge, get me some V8, and think about the 'real world' and the fact I can't find the car keys half the time, let alone a treasure!! What about doing laundry or something that I was born to do? LOLOLOL

~ Daffy Duck Quotes are wav sounds


Don't ask Him to guide your footsteps if you're not willing to move your feet.


While visiting with Pea at Pea's Corner early this morning I noticed her new plant she showed us today and I thought I'd snap a photo of the two I just bought yesterday. They're two HUGE palms in 12" pots, and I placed them on the patio for color. I got them at Sun Harvest for $8.99 each!!! At a nursery they'd sell for $50.00 or more. [even at Home Depot yesterday a six inch potted palm was $10.97!! No 12" was in site there, except for trees --and they were selling for $39.97.] I'm glad I went to Sun Harvest, that was a bargain.
*Sun Harvest is an organic produce and drug store


  1. Annie,
    That's a lovely fantasy...but half the day I'm lucky if I can find my glasses..I'll never find a treasure.
    Have a lovely week.

  2. I hadn't heard this story before - quite fascinating. I'm glad they are putting them back into the water to be explored and enjoyed by all the divers. (I hope those divers respect them)

  3. I like your day deams and want to be there too!! :) I like the way you make it sound almost real!! What fun!

    Your plants are and I can't spell what I want to say!! pretty doesn't sound as good as if I could spell it, sound like this gor just.. any way, I bet you will really enjoy them a lot!!

  4. Ok. I have watched the Chiefs play and lose!! I looked up gorgeous and that is what your plant looked like!!

  5. I am sitting in the mountains with my lake in front of me. Weather is wonderful and I have one hour Internet per day for 5 €. So I can publish my junk and leave some comments. I have no time for day dreams in the moment, lol !

  6. Oh Anni, you would not believe how often I wish I was a treasure hunter and could travel the world looking for hidden treasure:-) It's no wonder I love movies like National Treasure! hehe Oh well, nobody can take your dreams away, so there!!! hehe Oh, how I love your palm trees...the only palm tree I ever see around here are the plastic ones in the stores! lol xox