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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out


*ahem*...okay, our hostess is Lisa, and her blog title is the catchy "The Food Snob". Surprisingly Unsuprisingly she asks us for our favorite recipe. This'll be a Fun Monday for sure. I just bet there will be some great recipes to grab today, as I love to cook [well, I should say I used to love to cook--when there were more than just the two of us at home, now it's a chore sometimes] ---I do hope y'all shared the easy recipes tho ---I hate the clean-up job!!!

I have recipes stuffed in books, in boxes; even ones I've ripped out of magazines and newspapers or copied from the web! The storage area [a couple of cupboard shelves] looks like a homeless shelter; with papers ragged, dirty and shredded; peeking out of book pages. But the meals served from these recipes ---well, they warmed the innards and made me feel good, and glad that I'm NOT homeless!!---Okay, okay so that wasn't good use of a simile....but, it'll hafta do!! Thing is, after all the years of marriage and cooking ---I don't use recipes much any more. And when I do cook, I cook enough to freeze, so someday down the line, in the future, I can pull out something and just reheat it.

So, I don't do much in the use of any recipes any more. But, funny, I still clip and save recipes --never to use them. Hence, the over-stuffed cupboard of unused recipe books and clippings! I tend to cook from experience rather than following recipes. [I'm now an expert at opening a can of soup or spaghetti-o's, even a brownie mix too!!]

I found this on the 'net and it's saved in my stash of recipes. Okay, it's one that may be a favorite of yours too, once you try it; once you get the hang of it!!! [Keep an extra set of hands nearby so they can do the cleanup tho]


1 moose
40 lbs hershey chocolate
17 containers Cool Whip
1 cherry

_ _ _ _

1. Send spouse to Alaska to capture moose, or have one delivered by UPS.
2. Meanwhile, melt chocolate in very large double boiler.
3. Keep warm.
4. Tie up moose with rope.
5. Holding the moose by the tail, carefully dip in melted chocolate, covering it completely with a thin coating.
6. Arrange moose attractively on large platter and refrigerate for 2 days to set chocolate.
7. Remove rope, wash to remove chocolate, if necessary, and return rope to clothesline*.
8. Garnish chocolate moose with Cool Whip and top with a cherry.
9. Serve immediately.
10. May be doubled for serving a crowd.

*Or you could just chew on the rope.


My idea of a "Happy Meal" is any meal I don't have to cook.


If you read the post below of our Saturday afternoon, then you'd know that we bought more witches than just the tiny one in the photo that I hung from the entertainment center. And, I said I'd get the other two we bought up and photographed after new batteries were bought and inserted in their backside. This one is a witch, parachuting. It's motion/noise sensored. ---if someone claps hard or coughs loud, she cackles and her eyes blink a devilish red!! Her body vibrates which makes the broom/chute jiggle, and her legs seem to kick!! She's a cutie-pie. Her dress and hat are blue satin, and her pataloons are black satin.

The 2nd one that needed batteries was this one that hubby picked out. She's dressed all in black. And again, he liked this one 'cause she's wearing sandals and her bare feet show! She is fiber-optic. The fibers are in her hair and on the broom brush. She too cackles and eyes flash with motion or noise. While hubby was out to get the newspaper and batteries for the witches, he came home with his arm filled with another! ---This time a Wal Mart witch fortune teller! Pictures of her tomorrow if I'm able. Like I said before, hubby enjoys the witch collection just as much as I do, and he thinks he's doing good buying 'em for me. Ya-a!! He is!!!



Hoooo-boy!! And I thought I was a baseball fanatic! But this tops it all. At first I thought "Wow! Crazy people!" *shaking my head in disbelief* Then, the more I repeated the name, and then reading the news report from an online newspaper in Chicago, I really started to like it. It has a super 'ring' to it. And, in a way, with the middle name attached to his full given name, it's nearly regal sounding. There's more weird names out there in our land, why not Wrigley? And, I'm sure as he grows, the child will no doubt be teased of the nametag, but hey ---if he grows up and becomes a high standing citizen, those other kids, teasing, will bow their heads!!! So, the name given to the newborn son of Cubs fans ---Wrigley Alexander Fields!! [the Chicago Cubs play in Wrigley Field; since 1916]

...from mother:
'At first, people are: "What?"'
Although Teri Fields has favorite Cubs players, she acquiesced on this name, "Because I know what a fan he is. And it grows on you. At first, people are: 'What?' After it sinks in, it's a big hit."

The couple came up with the name 15 years ago, and have been waiting to use it. Both of their families have been supportive of the name, hers from the start, she said.

photo borrowed from the site


  1. I loved your moose recipe and also the quote about your happy meal being a meal that you dont have to cook or was it that you eat out!! Oh now I have forgotten. You know!! Sorry...short memory already!! Thanks for stopping by and reading that long long meme!! It was fun to do though. hope your weekend was a good one!!

  2. Very funny Anni, Choclate Mousse' always reminds of the movie, Rosemary's Baby. The evil neighbors served Rosemary Chocolate Mousse'. She said that it "had a chalky undertaste."

  3. Thanks for popping in. I have not been by for a while and it seems to me you have a completely new look. Very cute although took a while to download on dial up, the look is unique.

  4. You're a hoot, Hootin' Anni!

    Do you really think my hubby would leave the house to look for the moose if he knew I had 40 pounds of chocolate????

  5. ha ha - heck, forget the moose, I'll just take a dip in that chocolate and lick myself off.

    (which sounds really gross now that I really think about it)

  6. LOLOLOL loved the Moose recipe LOL

  7. I've bookmarked this recipe, sounds delicious.

    Could the mousse be replaced with chicken? Just in case I can't get it from the butcher...

    Have a great week!

  8. That's just plain odd. Poor child

  9. Very cool Chocolate Mousse recipe! :)

    Love your posts as always. :)

  10. Moose are hard to come by here. Something about quarantine laws. ;)

  11. I loved the chocolate Moose, but it will have to wait until the next time I go to Maine, sniff.. :(

    Thanks for playing!

  12. Ha ha I have word association thats why it was hell naming my 3 boys and the first thing that pops to mind with Wrigley is Spearmint gum! That poor child and look he is already crying over it!!

  13. Now you KNOW I've got a big huge ear to ear grin on my face!

  14. Hmmmmm....I sure hope they call him by his middle name "Alexander" or that poor kid's going to have HORRIBLE time in school. Once upon a time a million years ago, fresh out of high school, I worked in Medical Records in a local hospital. I could NOT believe some of the names these goofy parents came up with! People really need to think before they name a child. Just 'coz they think it's 'cute' or unique sure doesn't mean the poor kid will. Ai yi yi!

  15. Funny recipe. I love to buy Moose Munch at Christmas. It has popcorn, caramel, chocolate, peanuts (although I like it better without nuts.)

    You might find it more appetizing and theres no fur - a bonus!

  16. My sister in law lives in AK and they really do have moose in their yard!! She lives with her daughter and son in law and have lived up there for over 30 years.

    They have a beautiful home/cabin up there!! My niece cans salmon every year!
    Ok, I digress again, I loved your chocolate moose recipe! So cute!

    and I will have to start using the one about the Happy Meal! I guess Since Kelly does most the the cooking I already have Happy Meals most days! Since I don't cook them!! Love you!!

  17. Puppy & I collect moose (for 13 years now), so this is PRICELESS & will be printed for him to see. The graphic is adorable & I may have to steal it, if it's okay with you.

    Wrigley Fields? Wow. The worst I'd ever heard was Ronald McDonald or Mike Hunt (say that one fast!). I think Mr. Chewing gum takes the cake!

  18. I thought your Moose recipe was so much fun that when I did my post I told little about it and linked it to mine!! Hope that is ok!! I thought it was so funny!!

  19. Ohhhh SUUUUURE! If MY last name was Yard, I would SURELY have named one of the boys Camden! LOL! Actually - I really DO like Wrigley! (wonder where the Alexander came from?)

  20. you brought back a memory of one of our girls and ordering dessert in a nice restaurant.

    We suggested our six year old (many years ago) try the chocolate mousse,

    She looked kind of funny at us and said, "Well, I know I'll like the chocolate, but I'm not too sure about the moose."

  21. your posts...and do agree with the "happy meal" statement! Thanks for stopping by, Anni!

  22. As soon as I find a mosse I think I will be very full from my dessert. :) ANd I too love witches.

  23. I am not so much for new recepes (I was invaded by them now in Italy) but I like the Haloween stuff on your blog !It's not (yet) celebrated like in the States, you see some decoration but that's all. Children don't go from house to house. Last year I was so surprised how Halloween is celebrated in the States.
    If you want a nice recepe and done in a couple of minutes, just take some fresh pasta (if possible) boil it in between roast some smoked ham cut in little cubes, throw the cubes in the pasta, add one egg per person and one handful of parmesan cheese. If it's too thick add some milk. It's served with persil or pepper and tastes declicous !

  24. Your witch scared the snot outta me!! I loaded your page and didn't know WHAT was going on!!

    You win the "Funny Fun Monday" award (if there was one, you would :) ).

    Chocolate mousse, the REAL kind, is some kind of delicious. It doesn't make me smile as much as your version :).

  25. Hootin&#39; Anni9/25/2007

    Robin: Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you...especially scaring the snot out of you! That snot is important stuff y'know?