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*Rubbing my chin, twiddling my fingers, drumming the mouse pad* "Let's see, what'll I have for show and tell this week. Hmmmmmm" *Pondering more* "I guess I'll have to think about it a bit longer...."


"I know, I know!!" This'll be a good day to show these items....

My mother and father had an antique black- lacquered bedroom set when I grew up. Along with some brown teak pieces, and bamboo decor. And on the dresser, in front of the huge mirror sat a night light that they purchased in San Francisco while vacationing there. My sister got the bedroom furniture and some was sold on the estate auction. Me? I kept the pagoda-style lamp! That's all I wanted. Why? I guess 'cause it was on each and every night when just a little girl. And when I'd awaken, and roam the hall heading to their room for some comforting words from a scary dream, it was illuminated and lighted my way to my mom. The bulb is inside the 'wishing well' and the turn-on/off switch is behind the Chinaman. Tho it still works electrically, I don't have it placed near an electrical outlet and I fear because of its age, it wouldn't be wise to use an extension cord with old wiring. So, it just sits as a reminder. Perhaps someday I'll place it near an outlet, but for now it's just part of the small collection my husband has amassed in his life as a sailor, and then pieces purchased after our marriage.

We now have all the Far East knick knacks/art work in one room as a grouped theme.

And this beauty to the right is from the Navy days of dear hubby before we met and married. He was stationed on a Destroyer in many areas of the world, and made port in the Orient somewhere [I now can't recall where, at the moment]. While on liberty, he bought this silk scarf for his mother. It's huge. She never appreciated it --it, for years laid stuffed in a drawer and unseen by anyone at all 'til after she passed away. When hubby and I were going through her things, I came upon it, and the story was told to me ---I loved it. I loved everything about it. The family history [tho sad for hubby-there's still a story behind it -she, being a callus woman, but his unconditional love for her ---they say you marry the kind of man who treats his mother well---], the texture of the Japanese silk, the artistic presence of the geisha girl primping in front of a mirror. I immediately framed it and it's been hanging on our walls ever since ---and hubby likes to see it out on display like that. I do apologize for the reflective glare from the ceiling light fixture tho. I am thinking now I shoulda had the frame made with non-glare glass!!



What is your favorite type of art?
There are just too many to list....I love the art of nature, the art of movie-making, the art of some great and museum quality works of the famous like Rembrandt, Picasso [very few of his, but some I really like!], Da Vinci---I also like the art of crafting like crochet, painting, sketching. The art of music! The art of writing. Way too many to mention. I could go on and on. [Good thing I don't know anyone named Art or there'd be trouble with a capital "T"]

When was the last time you got a free lunch (or breakfast or dinner)? Who paid for it?
Most times, daily. And hubby pays for it. It's just the two of us. No big deal for us - it's routine


On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being highest, how emotional are you?
Once again, it depends on the situation. There are things in this world that I don't get excited about at all...for instance professional wrestling, so *thumbs down* way boring and just can't get emotional at all. Then, there is the miracle of a birth...I can cry at the sight of a small infant's fingers wrapping around a parent's finger! Truly it depends on the situation, the location, and what I'm witnessing to put a number on it. And there isn't a thing such as an average for me either. One time it's 0 other times it's 10!!

Main Course
Approximately how long do you spend each day responding to emails?
Well, to be honest I don't do emails much any more. They're like phone calls....I can definitely live without them! Sometimes I dread opening my email accounts. Even with a lot of them claiming 'spam' free, they're not. To me spam is like commercials on tv. AND sad part is, we're paying premium prices for those 'advertisements' with the cable bill. Spam just keeps on the energizer bunny. I do open my private email account, only family knows that one and I will answer those. But it's only my nephew, my sister, our daughter and our son. If I go by that account just about 4 emails a day.


To what temperature do you usually set your home’s thermostat?
Summer?--65 [day and night]
Winter?--70 [day and night]


I and hubby went walking the other day in the air conditioned mall! Hehehehehe Tho it's Autumn, it's still a tad warm during midday, especially by the time we leave the mall. I was told that a thirty minute walk [no matter where of course], non-stop, is good for the heart and regulating the blood pressure for the day. Now, to me, it would seem that it'd be just the opposite for the blood pressure....but, no---they're correct. Walking lowers the blood nearly 20mg each...the systolic and the diastolic readings. [I have a digital monitor at home for my own record keeping] Anyway, that's neither here nor there.

After our 30 minute non-stop walk [2.5 trips around the entire mall walkways], hubby headed into the bookstore, while I took a jaunt back to Kirkland's for some of the Halloween goodies. This is what I found....

With my witch fetish, I couldn't leave without the voltive orange glass witch candles. A photo of the two on the table, and a close-up. I love how the glass holder shines brightly when the tea candles are lighted in the darkened room. And the flickering casts shadows on the walls, and the witch shadows seem to be 'flying'....ooooooo, how I love Halloween. It's a time of year I can decorate the house and hubby the yard, without being locked up in the looney bin! We both have a lot of fun decorating for this one day of the year!! It's just as much fun for us on Halloween with all the yards in the neighborhood strewed with the eerie and bizarre as it is for us to drive around the city viewing all the beautiful glowing decor near Christmas. Both months during the year are equally fun for us. And I didn't stop loving the decorating/crafts because the kids left...I still am a kid myself!!!

And I found this canape plate. Tho, I'm not one to do up anything fancy, nor have parties for the use of canapes...I will use it for candy, cookies or some such treat for us. But, no tricks. *witch's cackle* I love the green face and the happy smile. And the Autumn flowers in her hat rim is a perfect addition to the work. I love witches, and collect them...this is an awesome time of year for grabbing the gusto.

Still time to cast your vote for Naming of my newest hand decorated Witch. Click here & Scroll down.


  1. G'day from Australia,

    My parents had a lot of teak furniture as well. Very much a part of what was a wonderful childhood for me.

    I am now a novelist and I find myself inspired by so many things around me, as well as from my past ....

  2. I love the stuff my hub brought back from overseas. Well except one outfit. It was one size fits all and that is all I'll say about that. :-)

  3. Nice you have this lamp from your childhood. I would have to plug it in and see if it worked!!!!

    On your comment on my clowns: yes, they are made from the 2x4 wood pieces.

  4. What a wonderful story behind the lamp and how neat that it comforted you when you were a child!

    You have a fabulous Blog!


  5. Nice memories with the lamp. I've glad the scarf story has a happy ending! I think it is a beautiful scarf and so nice that you have displayed it.


  6. What pretty and unusual treasures.

    I like your witch stuff too! I'm a Halloweenaholic!

  7. That is such an interesting lamp. Your feast was tasty too!

  8. Interesting treasures.

  9. So sweet that you have that comforting lamp from childhood! And very nice that you appreciate that scarf he gave to his mother- at least now it has a good home!

  10. what a sweet story of your childhood memories. I always enjoy stopping in..for a smile. Great show.

  11. Your lamp is so cute and what great memories! The scarf is beautiful and what a great idea to frame it.

  12. What a kind husband you have... being kind to his Mother. That is big deal! It sounds like she wasn't always easy to be around....
    any way that is a beautiful scarf!!

    I do not like junk E-mail! But like you say it keeps on comming!!

    I was so stressed out yesterday but today was my day to go to the Doctor and every thing went really well! I posted about it so I will not write you a book about it here!! Love and Hugs, Carolyn

  13. Anonymous9/21/2007

    Love your night light. I can see where that would hold such precious memories...A guiding light to your mom which meant safety. A great post.

    Take care,

  14. I would like to see a better picture of the picture with the scarf thing in it--it looked really interesting. That is a weird and really different night light, I must say! It is so nice to have childhood things that bring so many lovely memories. (I can't believe they interupted a football game with Heidi--now I love the Heidi book etc --but man, when it is time for football, it is time for FOOTBALL!!

  15. Thank you so much for visiting my blog!! :) I hope you return often!

    Your items are so neat!! Thank you for sharing them with us!

  16. You asked about my cactus and I am at a loss as to what kind it is. My mama has them too, and she said that a friend of hers who is a plant/nursery guy, told her she had thousands of dollars worth of cactus. He told her that a start of it runs $18-$25. I don't know. That is what he said. The flowers are pretty distinct. Perhaps you can find it online if you copy the picture and start comparing. The branches are very long and thin. Mine is over 8 feet tall.

    Good luck. Enjoyed your blog.

  17. What a neat lamp, with such neat memories! I'm glad your hubby's mom kept the scarf and you found it and loved it.

  18. What a good idea for the scarf!
    Sounds like it fits well with your night light.

  19. Oh Anni, I so love that pagoda lamp that belonged to your parents...I love the way you say that it use to light up your way to your wonder you just wanted that:-) It's truly beautiful!! What a shame your MIL never appreciated that gorgeous silk scarf your hubby brought her back from the the way you had it framed. Also love your new witch purchases! hehe xox

  20. Your collection brought back memories of a childhood friend of mine. Her father was also in the Navy and for a few years she and her family had lived in Japan. In their home they had a Japanese room with a beautiful inlaid table with short legs and all these big floor cushions around the table. There was also some pinball type game which hung on the wall.

    That is a nice lamp-it can probably be rewired so you can safely use it.

  21. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Love your furniture, and lamp, but the best is the witch! My daughter laughs that the two days I request off every year are the Oscars and Halloween! Did you see my Halloween post from a few days ago? Would love to hear your ideas on my alien crash site theme for this year!

  22. Hi, this is my first visit to your blog. So many lovely blogs on Show and Tell! I'm glad I joined. :)

  23. What a wonderful story and a special lamp too!