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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

It is not happiness that makes us grateful, but the gratefulness that makes us happy.


After we came home from a day of shopping and 'goofing off' time yesterday, I did a bit of decorating.

Our Saturday consisted of driving to the bank before they closed for the weekend, and then to the one plant nursery looking for a particular plant--which we didn't find. But, while there, hubby found a witch and had to point it out to me. Naturally he likes 'em too. And he appreciates my continuing collection. This particular witch was tiny. But the cute part, it was barefooted. Thing is, unbeknown to us, this nursery displays and sells all kinds of witches for Halloween!! I had a field day there. The ladies up front enjoy witches as much as I do. They had to walk me around and show me the whole conglomerate of their ordered/displayed witches that were up for sale. Hey, I forgot about the plant I've been looking for for our home decor. When there's witches to be had, I lose all function and concentrate on what's at hand. Hubby bought the little witch and another one. I bought one myself after he finished his I was shown after he paid for the two we found together. So, the one above is the miniature flying witch --I hung that one already. The other one we picked out together is another flying witch --but it's battery operated and I need to go get a ton of batteries today at Wal Mart. And I'll get pictures of that one and the one I bought....they're so adorable and so unique we had to add them to the collection. We couldn't leave the nursery without them. And heck, we just may go back to get some more. *cackles*
Then, after the nursery fun, we went to the bookstore [always a trip downtown finds us at a bookstore of some kind or another]. I didn't find anything that interested me, but hubby found a couple. While he was paying for the books, I walked next door to Hobby Lobby 'cause I had in mind to fill my witch's cauldron with autumn colored flowers. I had in mind how I was going to display the witch I made this past week. By the way, the poll I had up for the few days ended today, and her name is now Elphaba, from the Wizard of Oz story, the wicked witch of the west. Here are the results

...and a close-up of the percentage graph [both can be enlarged]. Thanks to all of you who participated with your voting.

After the bookstore and the hobby store, we just stayed in that area and decided to go to Friday's [TGIF] to catch a late lunch. Hubby ordered the Cajun Chicken and I ordered the Friday's Club. We stayed there for a while, playing the online Trivia. Our tallied score for the several games we played while dining was pretty high, but not high enough to get into the top 5, nationally. I always have a lot of fun playing this, and seeing if I can click on the answer before the timer/point tally jumps into action. My favorite category is their music, hubby's good at the sports questions.
After lunch and our games of trivia, we hopped back into the car and drove down the Padre Island highway to another plant nursery, with no luck there at finding the plant I want. I guess I'll have to get some order catalogs from nurseries around the country and see if I can find it to have it shipped here. [It's a cactus for the tropics --we had one in Tucson outdoors, and the blossoms are very pretty!]
Okay, so we headed home with our witches and books and flowers. I then got to working on filling my cauldron with the flowers and small gourds I purchased. And then set Elphaba in the pot. She's sitting on our entertainment center right now, and it looks festive!! I love the colors and the flowers ['black-eyed' susans]. There is an area just a ways down the road from our house that cattails are growing...I think I'll walk down there today sometime with my clippers and see if I can't get a couple of them for the house. I really like those bog plants, and this time of year, of course, is perfect with the brown coloration of the cattails.
When I finished placing the cauldron on the entertainment center, I walked through to the dining room and the sun was filtering through the venetian blinds shining on Winston. Of course, I had the camera in my hand, and I stopped to get a photo of him...his eyes are so hard to describe. They're round and huge...and the coloration is like a Caribbean Sea Aqua they were in the sunlight yesterday. Of course I snapped the photo just as he bowed down away from the lens...not showing his eyes much. Some day, with a bit of luck, I just may get the perfect photo of his sweet face and gorgeous eyes.

[And beware, when I get the batteries for the other two witches we purchased, they'll be here on display!! Especially the one I bought....she's sooooooo cute.]


  1. YAAAAAAAAY! Elphaba! That was my vote! She looks so elegant in her cauldron with the fall foliage all around! LOVE it! Sounds like you and Bud had a wonderful day out and about! Fun, fun, fun!

  2. Thanks for the visit. Yes, I did take that photo myself and thank you for the nice words about it. I love to take pictures, but don't feel I really have the ability to compose them, I think sometimes it just happens! ;)

    I love your witch. I use to have a witch....I called her my 'kitchen witch'. She was a gift to me many, many years ago. In the two moves I have made since then, she has come up as M.I.A. Still haven't located her. I wonder if she just took off on her broom!

  3. So you're all set up and bewitched for Halloween, Anni! Can't wait to see the other witch photos.

    I am delighted to see how you and hubby do fun things together. I can see he 's not the 'beleaguered dad' i had in mind in my post. :)

  4. I am back from Italy in a "normal" world at least concerning internet connection ! I have never had that since I am blogging ! Not even from Egypt or Turkey. From 1 h Internet I could use maybe 45 min at the beginning and then 15 the last 3 days ! It was awful. We arrived home at 1.30 pm made the trip in two shots of course. Now I have to catch up on all news in blogworld ! So I have a lot to read, lol ! Sorry that I couldn't comment, but am happy that everything is OK with you and that you are doing in horrors again (I mean for halloween of course) I saw wonderful (horror) elfs in ceramic at the Lake of Garda (was thinking of you, lol one looked like your grandma elf !)

  5. Hi, Anni! I just read your comment at my site and thought I'd drop in this morning and say hey! It sounds like you have a 'thing' about witches like I have about angels! It used to be I'd buy just about any angel I'd see...then I ran out of display and curio cabinet room! I dunno how I do it, but I discipline myself now to just the 'unusual' ones...and it's hard to do, let me tell you! Lately I've been getting into eccentric old lady figurines and this stage in life, that about describes me to a "T"! HA! Thanks so much for stopping by. I keep losing you so I've put you in my bookmarks. Enjoy your day!

  6. How funny to have a poll to name your witch! I like the name that won! Your day with your husband sounds wonderful! How neat to spend time like that with him, it sounds like you have a great marriage!

    You asked me on my blog if that was my son's girlfriend, well, it is the very beginning of the relationship, they aren't official yet, but I think both are VERY interested! We like her and her parents like Grayson, so all is good!

    Hugs to you ~ Sharon

  7. Well, photos of angels will probably be a long time coming, ha! Do you know, I bought a digital camera specifically for posting photos on my blog back with birthday money in December and I've been so rotten-busy I haven't even figured out how to use it?!? ARGHHHH! Maybe with this being a vacation week away from taking care of my grandson, I need to pull it out of my desk drawer and look it over, hmmmmmmmm? I'm hopeless, Anni...hopeless!!!! LOL!

  8. I see you are really into Halloween!! A neighbor from my former neighborhood would go all out at Halloween. They would transform their entire front yard into a Halloween wonderland. It would take them the entire month to decorate.

    Thanks for stopping by and agreeing that happiness comes from within.

    Don't be a stranger.

  9. Oh you crack me up!!! DId you see the prizes at my contest? Its just a comment contest and these are the prizes so far

    BTW, you always seem to find something fun to do!

  10. Glad that your little witch got herself a name!! Not good going too long without a name for yourself!!
    This is your time of the year!! Every year I think now it is Anni's time for her blog!!
    I am ready for your decorations on your blog to begin most anytime!!

  11. Elphaba - good name. (although I didn't like the book, Wicked. I think I'm the only one in America who didn't think it was a great read - but I did love her name).

    You have a great halloween collection. It is my favorite holiday - and my collection of stuff is slowly growing. My favorite? My misting skull. I only have one witch though.

  12. You like witches like I like roosters, hens, and baby chickens!!
    I also have snowmen!! A lot!! If your family find out that is what you like that is what you get for your birthday, Christmas, etc!! I love my snowmen!! Love and Hugs Carolyn

  13. Glad to see your "witch hunt' was successful! Sounds like it was a fun day. Do we get to see a you-tube of them in action? lol I must keep up with your blog, too, so I can see the whole Halloween thing. Have you bought (or ordered) your candy yet? I probably will next weekend!