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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Thursday 13 header made by me.

BELOW IS THE FULL VIEW PHOTO OF WORDLESS WEDNESDAY!! [I'm posting the Thursday Thirteen early because of tropical storm Erin!! I may not have much computer time!]

Thirteen lines from romantic/nostalgic songs I really like, lyrics that make me stop and sing or are close to my heart in some way or memory ---and yep, some that I chose will definitely age me ---but that's okay. These 13 give me a "warm fuzzy" feeling of LOVE:

1- In my heart you will remain my stardust melody; the memory of loves refrain. [Stardust by Hoagy Carmichael]

2- Kiss me each morning for a million years, hold me each evening by your side.... [Then you can tell me goodbye -sung by "The Casinos" way back in my teens, but I still love it today 'cause my hubby loves it too!]

3- You must remember this; a kiss is just a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh. The fundamental things apply; as time goes by. [As Time Goes By -Herman Hupfeld -reintroduced in Casablanca 1942]

4- At last my love has come along; my lonely days are over, and life is like a song [At Last sung by Etta James -1961]

5- It must have been moonglow, way up in the blue; it must have been moonglow that led me straight to you [Moonglow by Eddie DeLange and Will Hudson -1934]

6- There's a love that's defined; and it's yours and it's mine like the sun, like the sun. [written by Van Morrison, recorded by Rod Stewart]

7- Then say you'll share with me one love, one lifetime . Let me lead you from your solitude [All I Ask of You written by Sarah Brightman & Cliff Richards -my favorite recording for Phantom of the Opera -2004]

8- To really love a woman, to understand her you gotta know her deep inside, hear every thought, see every dream, and give her wings when she wants to fly. [sung by Brian Adams]

9- Love can touch us one time and last for a lifetime, and never let go till we're gone. [from Titanic, My Heart Will Go On sung by Celine Dion]

10- Memories pressed between the pages of my mind. Memories sweetened thru the ages just like wine...[sung by Mac Davis]

11- Like a song of love that clings to me; how the thought of you does things to me. Never before has someone been more ......Unforgettable. [Unforgettable recorded by Nat King Cole]

12- Oh my love my darling I've hungered for your touch a long lonely time. And time goes by so slowly; and time can do so much. Are you still mine I need your love....[Unchained Melody recorded by Righteous Brothers]

13- If I should stay I would only be in your way . So I'll go, but I know, I'll think of you ev'ry step of the way. And I will always love you I will always love you ...[written and recorded by Dolly Parton, also recorded by Whitney Houston for the movie Bodyguard *I like Ms. Houston's much better]

The full view photo of my wordless wednesday is:

The enlargement I used was of the Spanish Moss only!! [It's a Halloween Wreath project, that I will post about when I'm finished, and it's closer to Halloween.


  1. Ohhh! Spanish moss and bird nests are a LOT alike! Yep!

    I love your song list! I've ALWAYS loved Unforgettable, and As Time Goes By... and I remember Memories sung by Elvis ... I don't think I ever heard the Mac Davis version... although I LOVED Mac Davis!

  2. Ok there we go!! I was way off!!
    Spanish moss!! I would have never ever ever got this one!!

  3. Oh yeah, Unchained Melody and Phantom of the Opera do it for me.

  4. We call Spanish moss old man's beard, 'cos that's just what it looks like.

    That's an interesting T13 list...some of those titles bring back memories... I particularly love "As Time Goes By", but then I loved "Casablanca". Nuff said.

  5. It's raining pretty ha1rd here this morning. Be safe Annie!!

  6. Feeling all fuzzy after reading the lyrics. I love romantic songs... Great WW!
    My TT is about BED.

  7. Anni,

    Thought of you, first thing, when I was watching the morning news!

    Keep safe!

    ~the song lyrics list sounds fun-and I may do it later~


  8. Geez, and you announce a tropical storm as if I would announce "maybe the dinner is burnt", lol ! Aren't you scared ??
    Most of the songs you mentioned I know too, I have seen Brian Adams in Concert was nice. But "hungered for your love" I prefer from Elvis. BTW I wrote about Graceland.
    I am still convinced that your WW pictures were chinese Spaghettis !!

  9. Oh Yeah Spanish Moss!! It is all over the place here in Savannah!! I never thought of that..DUH!! Crazy me!! GREAT list of songs..the old ones of course I will always love..STAR DUST and Unforgettable...Nat king Cole. I always loved to listen to him sing!! GREAT LIST!! Hope that hurricane misses you guys!!
    Blessings, Sandy

  10. Great songs. I know most of them and love them. Especially The Casinos, Etta James, Nat King Cole, Whitney Houston, Righteous Brothers, etc. Fabulous.

    My TT is about my Summer travels.

  11. Oh, I hope that the tropical storm will pass fast and not do any damage!
    We're not used to such things over here. Thankfully. Butt the sumemr has been unusually windy though.

    If you can and am curious:
    Follow Lifecruiser 13 Secret Steps

  12. I think you'll find that Mitchell Parrish was co-composer of Stardust. It was originally written as a stomp, at fast tempo with a heavy beat, but then people began recording it as the languid, dreamy piece we know it as.

    It's odd to think that As Time Goes By was published in 1931 and went absolutely nowhere until it was featured in Casablanca eleven years later.

  13. All those songs bring back such wonderful memories for me...esp. Unchained Melody.
    Have a great week Annie.

  14. I was singing while reading your T13! I also featured songs in my T13 2 weeks ago.

  15. Love those songs too. Neat idea for a TT.