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Ten on Tuesday ~

NEXT WEEK --10 things you don't like about your job.

This week: List ten interesting web sites. Well, I thought of going through all the blogs that we normally visit day in and day out, but that would be redundant because they are friends of several who do memes, and that would come across as cliquish on my part, and I don't want to be that way!! So, I went through my FAVORITES folder for my Browser and came up with these ten, hoping to share some diversified interests. The challenge was to share/list 10 WEB SITES anyway, not blogs. But I have included blogs too. rofl

1) Crochetroo This blog is filled with some creative ideas, and she usually has something new each month, with directions! A great 'small project' blog if you're into crocheting.

2) Fuel My Blog I hit this place often to view and read more diversified blogs. Also to get info, learn things and just browse

3) This is a WEB SITE, not a blog! But it's fun to look at all the old-timer photos/postcards of hometowns or where you're living now. But, it's only for U S A. Penny Postcards

4) FREE Blogger Templates --some are for the "new" blogger too. The XML codes!!

5) Make your own RSS Buttons for your blog!!

6) This is another WEB SITE...but if you're ever so fed up with the phone menu options when you call a business "Press 3 if you'd like to hear the options again" or press 1 for English, press 2 for Spanish...that sorta thing!! Here is a site to show you HOW TO REACH A HUMAN instead of an automated menu. Again, it's for U S A only.

7) PICTURE TRAIL It has some great photo ideas and how to display on your blog!!

8) If you've ever been to a posh hotel, or on a cruise, the room staff usually puts out clean towels, all folded in shapes of animals or objects! Here is a PDF web site that will show you how!! Really fun.

9) CRAFT BLOG This is a blog with a list of different kinds of crafts to make. All linked.

10) ABC News Blog A good place for keeping up to date in America, or participating in polls/forums!!


  1. Oooh, crafts. I may have to check that out when I'm not at work. Very informative list...

  2. Very cool stuff! I'm gonna check out those blogger templates! I want a cool new template now! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Penny Postcards is SOOOOOOOOO cool. I laughed out loud at "Typical House Farm in Ole' Kentucky".

  4. LOL! I always say I'm going to try this meme ... but I always forget about it until Tuesday is almost over. (next weeks topic doesn't appeal to me though...)

    I use #2 & #6 regularly myself! I'm going to check out #4 & #7 for sure! Maybe that towel foldin' one too - just for fun! ;)

  5. I love How to Reach a Human. Wish I'd thought of that. Youv'e got some great ideas. More time I'll be spending on the web.