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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Surely it's no coincidence that the word "listen" is an anagram of the word "silent".

This week: 10 Things You Do When You Have Nothing Else to Do

I'm assuming this means when you have nothing of importance to do, leisurely time.....

1) Sad to say, I bake. Unless it's Thanksgiving or Christmas, and there's nothing in the house for snacking on sweet things, I bake a pie or brownies or cookies!

2) Crochet & Crafts [the last craft I just finished, pictures are below]

3) Read

4) Pop a DVD or one of our older collections, VHS, into the machine and watch movies!!! At that time, I also POP popcorn.

5) Walk

6) Design or play with graphics on the computer

7) Call my sister or daughter or --depending on the time of day and if he's not traveling--our son.

8) Paint or get my sketch pad out and 'scribble' something that has caught my eye.

9) Look for blogging moments---a photo op

10) Oh and this one, it's always put off as long as possible. But if there's nothing else to do, and hubby doesn't volunteer his cleaning services, I'll scrub toilets!!!


Over the weekend, I began another Halloween craft project. It took me a while to find just the 'right' material I wanted to use. I had in mind to have it all an ensemble [cape and dress] the same thing. But, I wanted it sheer and black, and preferably 'Halloweenish'. I found the perfect item at Hobby Lobby. So, along with my felt, and my glue, and my buttons and my webbing and scissors, I started to work on it. Yesterday she was completed and ready for display next month.



This is the front view of her. You can see by now that I used a skeleton form for her body. I first made her dress---then, the felt hat and wound some webbing and stretched it for the hair. Also, I cut triangles for her boots, and put them over her feet. [the boots are pointed toes with button closing on each side of the calf leg bones] I then glued the hair onto the skull, and next glued the pointed witch hat [the hat has a small amount of black ribbon at it's crown] I added very small 'wiggly eyes' even tho if the witch is nothing but bones and the skull should technically be eyeless, the eerie looking eyes was a final touch. The cape is the same material as the dress....shredded with scissors, the accent on her chest is an old pair of earrings wired together to go down the length between the breast plate.

This is the back side to show you the length of the hair and the shredded cape. If you look closely toward the door window with the blinds ---the black ribbon on the hat's crown.

This is a closeup of the sheer black material I used. It has sparkling witches flying every direction all over the garb.

This is a closeup of the witch's face...I think the eyeballs are a good addition. I may be a bit weird, but I'd like to 'name her'---
And I need your opinion. Here's a poll for the day...


  1. oH, she turned out great!
    I miss having time for crafts. Silly me thinking working from home I would have time to do stuff...not.

  2. Ohhhhhh she is AWESOME! You DO have SO much fun with Halloween! I suspect NEXT year I'll start enjoying that one again... this year I just look at the stuff and *sigh*... and think nope... Lucy won't BE here for that holiday! (BOY do I have a one-track mind these days!)

    Annnnd... TOILETS would NEVER make my top ten list! ROFL!!!

  3. I know that you love Halloween...pretty soon your blog will be showing it off!! She is such a beautiful witch so skinny!! You might call her Skinny Anni!! Have a great day.


  4. Hi Anni ~~ I enjoyed your 10 things to do - some fun ideas. Your witch
    is frightening, as it's supposed to be. You have done well.
    Thanks for your comments and I hope your son liked the Glass half-full
    Joke. I hope you are having a great week. Take care, Love, Merle.

  5. Ooooh, she is scary! I like it!

    And to answer your question about frisbee play sort of like golf but the course is smaller. The one near us is generally a par 3 per hole. They make frisbees that are "drivers" and "putters," etc. You just throw them toward this giant, wire trash can thingy. We're terrible at it but it's fun!

  6. I'm very impressed! She is fantastic! Isn't Halloween the best?!

  7. Thank you for your comment. :-}
    I should bake more! I'm sure my husband would enjoy it.

  8. yikes!! She is a little scary!! I bet you had a ton of fun making her into a little witch!!

    and you have become part of my family! I love comming over here and seeing what you are up to now!!

  9. Re: your 10 things you do if you've nothing else to do. Sadly, cleaning toilets falls into the list of my things to do. So I'd best sign off and get on them! (So to speak!)

  10. Liked your list and your witch even more!

    I want one!

  11. Anni!!! She is absolutely GORGEOUS!! Well as gorgeous as a bony skeleton witch can be! hehe Really, you did a superb job making her!! Love it! I agree with you, the eyes you added finished it off perfectly. I pretty much do the same as you when I have nothing important to's about the only time I'll watch a movie! lol xoxo