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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

*singing*---and off key of course: "Heaven, I'm in heaven...."
Today after our outing of walking and a small breakfast for Sunday 'brunch', we had to go to the store. H.E.B. Super Center has a plant shop so we went there instead of our neighborhood H.E.B.'s that we normally frequent. I wanted to get a couple of potted ferns for our patio. Soon, it'll be cool enough for them to thrive and I love the greenery around my little frog and stone items. But----
Thing is, they had a special on cantaloupe. One of my favorite summer-time treats. I remember in Colorado how we used to make a special trip down to the Arkansas Valley to load up the trunk with the most sweet, the most juicy, the most delectable melons this side of heaven! How oftentimes I remember in Arizona and now here in Texas I'd wish for them. And I miss the Western Slope peaches and Bing Cherries and Jonathan apples found only in Colorado. Well, they're found elsewhere, but they just don't have the flavor as our home state's. The Southern peaches are a real close 2nd in taste and sweetness, but still the Colorado produce can't be beat in my opinion! So here we are at the store, and they have this humungous cardboard box the size of a semi-truck, and it's loaded with cantaloupe. Naturally my saliva glands check into 2nd gear and I'm all for heading that direction of the melons! And a good price. Huge too. And they're from ROCKY FORD!! That's in Colorado if you didn't know; the best melons ever!! "Heaven, I'm in heaven....."!!!

*Marking my memory bank* Colorado cantaloupe at the Corpus stores in late August!!!

From Southern Colorado, the Rocky Ford Produce website tells all ---"Most commercial cantaloupe grown today average 10% sugar and a few may reach the USDA Extra Fancy status of 11%. Rocky Ford Melons have at least 10% sugar, and average 12% often reaching the Extra Fancy status. This may not sound like much but the difference in taste is big. We have even seen sugar levels as high as 17%. Wait until you taste one of those! Ask about Rocky Ford Melons where you live...."

1 comment :

  1. Dear Anni!

    Thank you so much for your nice comment on my last rose post.

    But I am sorry having to disappoint you but my two roses Biedermeier and Pastalla are both not really fragrant! Well, according to what I've learnt from my new rose book, many "new" roses that have this nostalgic old touch lost their fragrance!

    Have a blessed Sunday!

    Best wishes from Germany,