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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Our son just got off his car phone, talking with me. He's now on his way to spend the day with us. His plans [the best laid plans of mice and men] were to come down next week, but they changed abruptly when the issue of a hurricane threat, Dean, was an imminent possibility for our area here in the coastal regions. Better to be safe than sorry, right? Who knows what tomorrow will bring. Tho, I'm happy to have him with us for just the one day, it would have been nice to have him here longer as was previously planned. It takes us about 3 hours to get to Houston from our home, but it only takes our son about 2 and a half hours to get here....does that tell you how I taught him to drive or did I teach him how to drive? hehehehe So, I'll be at the store in a minute or two to get some breakfast supplies, then who knows what the day will bring for's all up in the air 'til he arrives safely. He also told me that he has made arrangements with the community college in his area of Houston for volunteering himself for 10 weeks to teach English as a 2nd language to the students! [again, did I teach him well or what? *giggles* ---I love English grammar and English period]

But, I WILL be back later or really early tomorrow after he leaves, to participate in the Monday festivities!!


  1. The only explanation that your son is quicker then you is that he has the wind in his back ! Enjoy the time with him ! I hope that Dean doesn't strike you he did already quite some damages ! One of my cat friends had suffered a hurrican in Taiwan but was also lucky. Here it only rains and rains and rains (etc)
    Glad that you liked my pictures, yes the UK has such a lovely architecture and fortunately they keep it. Belgium had it too until a crazy guy decided in the 50th to demolish all old buildings and replace them by ugly modern glass boxes especially at the belgian coast. It really became very ugly.

  2. I have not heard lately but it sounded like when i last listened that DEAN might be headed your way...lets hope NOT!! It is late in the season this year for hurricanes to be hitting. I have had a busy weekend and it is not over yet. I have to leave in a while. Just stopped to see how you are doing. Have a wonderful time with your son. Wish we could do that. Ours is in California. Blessings, Sandy

  3. Stay safe my friend. We just found out my brother got the last flight out of Jamaica, we were so worried!

    Have a nice visit

  4. That's not driving, that's low flying! Lol!

    I hope that cyclone doesn't do too much damage...from what I saw on the news last night, it looks rather large...can be seen from the weather station circling the earth.

    Take care and batten down the hatches!