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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Junie Rose made me a nameplate from the meme that is going around. I really like it, and have placed it on my sidebar! Thank you so much Junie!! And with the meme, I am supposed to surprise some with the same nameplates. The rules are:

Write 8 of your blog friends' names in a unique way and post them. You must write the blogger's name that tagged you, then add 7 others. Be creative. Well, I really don't have time enough to make eight of them, so only these will have to do:

This one is special! It's for a friend of mine's cats! I tried to use cats to form their 'name'!! She calls them her boyz, and they have their own blog --Just the Cats! And all the antics, and wonderful Tuesday Tummies, and photos that they share with us is quite a feast. A fancy feast....sorry, boyz. But I couldn't resist. Is this one of your favorite treat? Or does P J buy you the store brands? [just kidding] Also, you can watch the happenings at P J's blog too!!

Junie Rose tagged me with the meme and the special nameplate surprise. The rules state to make one for who tagged me. I say, 'with pleasure'!! I tried to use roses for her name!

And of course, my dear friend, Melli! How could I do this special thing without including dear, sweet Melli! And I know what is on her mind a lot! ---Oh come on, I'm being straight here Melli! Geez, gimme a break. I know you like fact, you work there! Not just work OUT! So I used 'curves' in her name!!

And not to leave out Pea from Pea's Corner. I used a sweet pea vine for her first letter in her name, then PEAS for the other two letters!

One blog friend is one great woman who brings a lot of sunshine my way with her posts! So positive is she in her blog that I must visit with her often!! Carolyn [aka talk to grams] ---and with the sunshine she shares, I used sunflowers!!

Now, I'm off to leave a comment for my friends. Hope y'all enjoy them!! And, if you don't have time to make me a nameplate as the rules state, it's fine. I completely understand. Now, I'm going out to lunch. Have a terrific day!!


  1. Anni,

    :) Thanks! I just love my name in ROSES!!

    (now- need to get it on my side bar1)

    Junie Rose

  2. I want this on my side bar too!!

    How sweet of you to include me!!
    I am sure I will have to have one of my daughter's help with this! :)

    I love the sunflowers!! Thanks!!

  3. LOL! Well, that's cute! I will surely do this! However... I'm not sure that I have 8 blogging friends that know HOW to make graphics! So I may let the buck stop after me! :) THANK YOU Anni, for thinking of me!

  4. Oh... and by the way... I do NOT need a shave or a wax! That is GRAPE JUICE on my legs! LOL! Can't you tell we're stompin' 'em??? ;)

  5. OH thankyou for the gifty.
    We really have neglected our blog lately with all these baby cats around here there is not a lot of time for kitty creative writing.
    Head Bonks to you!

  6. Annie,
    You are so talented! By the way, who's Frank? You don't mean you?
    Have a good week.

  7. Hi Karen made mine this afternoon!!I am not quite ready to be able to do this! She has one for you!I think you will like it !! Thanks again for mine! I love it!

  8. Hi Anni:-) I'm back from my trip and what a lovely surprise to find out you had made me a beautiful name plate!!! I LOVE IT!!!!! Thank you SO much, dear Anni!! I'm now going to read the rest of your posts I missed while I was bloglines shows over 259 posts were written by my blogging friends...YIKES!!! xoxo