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This week, the hostess is The Other Bear; co-authoring a blog with Uncaringbear: aka- "The Bear Team"! We've been asked to 'fess up!! "Share with us a little white lie that you may, or may not, have gotten away with. Perhaps it's something more sinister than a little white lie - maybe even a deep dark secret that you've kept buried for years!"

I have to say, right here, right now...I try to not tell any lies...white or otherwise. Color makes absolutely no difference to me ---white, black, yellow ---"a lie is a lie is a lie"!! In case you don't know this, the main reason for not lying is that I'd have to remember those stinking lies so, several years down the line it won't come back to haunt me in the end!!

And speaking of "end"--------- Now, please, don't tell a soul. Promise? Okay, I'll tell you this...

I've gotten 'away' with this a few times. But, I'm not boasting or proud of the fact. *snort* *giggles* *face is flushing a beet red*-----"Ya, right Anni, you're pretty darn proud of yourself, aren't you?"
There have been times that, well you know...those little soundless bursts of air breaking forth and emitting an ungodly odor? Where the room is quiet; the atmosphere is so still, that the vented bouquet lingers, and sometimes eats the wallpaper off the wall?!! Yep, I confess. It WAS ME!! So, sue me. That gives a whole new meaning to the "silent treament"!! Poor kitties. When all's quiet on the western tier of the living room, and there's a great movie on, all of a sudden there's this wild, untamed stink! Hubby's eyes are watering...why, even our two cats jump up and run for cover!! As they turn around and search the area for something dead. Hubby asks: "Oh, gawd ---was that YOU?" I calmly look him in the eye and blatantly tell him, while innocently holding my nose, - "No, it musta been the cat. See? The cat left the room". Without as much as blinking an eye!! But, ya it was me. I love beans, don't you? And boiled eggs and beer is a good thing to snack on also! Well, you get my drift!?!!

So, in the end, that's a little colorless lie of mine. I must remember confession this week. No joke. But wait, there's more....I do get some payback from dear night, after the movie is over and the tv is off, we're in bed, and....."Quick! Under the covers"!!!

"Honest, it wasn't me"!!



  1. Haha! love it!
    Of course, I am never going to admit to any of that...

  2. Colourless maybe but not odourless!

  3. It wasn't me. I love your cartoon, poor Grimmy.

  4. silent but deadly huh!

  5. Colorless lie, I love it (silently tucking it away in the brain.)

  6. Uncaringbear's also added his take over at our blog (didn't want you to miss it since he posted after you visited).

  7. That's not nice at all putting the blame on your poor innocent cat ! Isn't there a gaz factory around your house so that you could blame them ? Or refrain from eating beans ?

  8. LOL love it!! Poor kitties LOL

  9. how convenient to have cats around to blame! hehe.

  10. HA! Love the cartoon. My poor dog gets blamed by my husband, but he's not foolin' anyone! :)

    Happy Monday!

  11. lol.

    Better put my lighter away.

    Love your blog; I'll be back to read it this week properly.

  12. Anonymous8/20/2007

    LOL! I haven't laughed so hard at a blog post in ages! Thanks!

  13. So funny. I love your blog graphics. Very fun.

  14. Oh, and the porch goddess is not a figment of my imagination, I plan to start the whole sordid story tomorrow.

  15. I don't know if this should be considered "lying" - when you are really just denying all knowledge of certain events that may have "passed"

  16. Those poor kitties taking the blame for you. You'ld better hope they never learn to talk or your secret it out!!!

  17. Lifecruisers hot tips: When farting, light a match to cover up the smell. (be careful to not get a big bang from the gas explosion though!) We do. So we’re getting heavy reduced prices now on matches ;-). Wellknown customers get that. A bonus thing is that it’s getting lighter here in this dark season. This way we’re having our own light therapy....

    I couldn’t help laughing when I was visiting my Mom at the hospital once and there was this old lady sitting in a sofa next to another old lady when she suddenly needed to go to the bathroom and just when she passed the other ladys face with her butt she farted heavily and it was a extremely long serenade too… The longest I ever heard in my whole life. Even my mother started laughing. We pretended that we said something funny, but I suspect the lady knew anyway.... I'm just glad that it weren't me!!!! *giggles*

    You have a chance to see Stockholm and breath our fresh air right now..... and a castle in UK on wednesday and hiking in the French Alps on Thursday, how about that as recreation? *giggles*

  18. I would never ever admit to that either. :) In fact I have never ever done that, period. :) ok, well maybe once.

  19. Is that where you get your nickname 'tootin' annie

    Oh.. s'cuse me. It's hootin' ....
    hee hee

  20. Oh! Are we supposed to deny that? Uh oh! I have always taken credit if blamed. Although seriously, this new kitten has an issue. No... I am serious! It wasn't me! I promise!

    Although you seem to have it pretty well together, Kaytabug and I tag you for the 10 things you love/like about yourself meme, aka "Stuart Smalley meme"!! I can't wait to read it!!

  21. That was so funny - I wonder how many poor animals have been blamed for that. I can remember everyone blaming our dog. Great cartoon :)