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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out



I read this meme at Melli's yesterday, and thought I'd do it for fun...

Accent -
Most of the time, midwestern. But I've picked up a few WORDS that I try to give accent to that is typically southern. Y'all is my favorite.

I Don't Drink- Warmed FRESH [right from the cow] milk. *disgusting---nasty* But, I do like hot chocolate made from HOMOGENIZED milk....weird, huh? I'm not sure, but if you looked up hot milk on the 'net, there'd perhaps be a whole section about fresh warmed cow's milk under a Google search for things that are nasty.[?]

Chore I hate - Folding laundry. It can sit in the basket for days before I finally convince myself it's time....either that, or it's time to do more laundry and I need the basket.

Pets - Two cats. Black MH tabby...named Tahoe [The "ho" for short] and a white persian named Winston [winnie for short] The two even have their own blog [which has been quite neglected here of late]

Essential Electronics - Air conditioner!!! [actually the two areas of the U S A that we've lived in for going on 13 years it's nearly a year 'round thing]

Perfume - None....I don't wear it. It's really not kosher in our home....and I don't like women [or men, cologne] wearing it in public either. Too heavily scented and mixed with OTHER perfumes, most often it's way too strong and if I'm around the fragrance too long in a closed-in environment, I'm soon suffering with a migrane-type headache. All to the point of becoming nauseous. So, no, no perfume for me.

Insomnia - Well, no....but I do wake up and have trouble going BACK to sleep.

Job Title - Retiree

Most Admired Trait - Wit. Golly, I don't really know what others admire in me, so I can't answer that honestly.

Siblings - 3 brothers [one deceased] and 1 sister. All older than I.

Time I wake up - When I open my eyes...don't know, don't care.

Unusual talent/skill - I can spread my toes like a monkey!! [...and y'all thought I was gonna type spewing milk out my nose, right?]

Vegetable I refuse to eat - Okra. Nope, nope, I won't touch the stuff with my fork!! Ever.

Worst habit - see unusual habit, above. [In all seriousness, I'd have to say, taking my shoes off anywhere and leaving them for hubby to trip on in the dark----OR somewhere where I can't find them when I need them. To tell you a little story, if I DO put my shoes away in the closet....I'll walk all OVER the HOUSE trying to find them, only to look in the closet last!!]

X-rays - I have had, yes....but I'm not empowered with x-ray vision tho....wish I was

My favorite meal - Oh, it's a toss up over Pepperoni pizza with salad and fruit cobbler, or the 'down home' artery clogging country cooked meal of Chicken Fried steak and mashed potatoes with cream gravy and southern cooked green beans....or one fast food meal I'm trying to avoid these days; a cheeseburger with fries.



[photos from August 28th 2007, mid-morning]

Take a walk with me on Mustang Island! This first photo is the highway where far into the backdrop [to the left horizon behind the light poles] is JFK Causeway [bridge] to get over the Laguna Madre [mother lagoon] and drop down onto Padre Island. The Laguna Madre is shown partly in the photo - to the right of the highway. Once you get over the causeway, you're welcomed to Padre Island. Traveling about 2 or 3 miles you come to the small retail area where you find specialty shops that sell and mostly cater to tourists and college students during the infamous Spring Break. At the 'main intersection, at the traffic light, you turn left, drive over Packery Channel and make a right onto the beach road.
In this photo you're on the beach road to access the southern tip of Mustang Island. Soon, within a short distance, you go through a cut area of the dunes and your first glimpse of the Gulf appears. Here, this section you can't park without a beach permit. Which is a good thing in my estimation 'cause it keeps the stretch of beaches less congested. In our county, having vehicles driving up and down the beaches IS allowed. But in all the times we've been here, there are vehicles moving rarely. Most all are parked and vacated by the beachcombers.
At the end of the access road, off near the horizon in this photo is sea. And with the heavy rains, the beach road is quite corroded and chopped up with the 4 wheel-drive vehicles. And when we arrived on the beach, we could tell that the high tide of the late evening-early morning tide came clear to the dunes!! Normally the beach is dry and dusty....this time, wet and packed. Two years ago, this, just at the beach sign you can see, was under water with heavy, mean and nasty surf from Hurricane Emily that trekked just south of us, hitting Monterey, Mexico.
Okay, we're parked and out of the car!! First thing to do? Head for the water, as you're stripping off your shoes!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, the warm and gentle waves are refreshing and relaxing as you wade with the current washing against your bared feet. The sound of the surf is wonderful...the sparkle of the ripples out to the end of the world is beautiful!! The beaches are nearly empty of people. This little piece of land and gulf is mostly ours --------all ours!! The smell of the salt air is heavenly. Soothing.
Usually, this section of land is covered with seashells and sand dollars...but alas, the seaweed is playing a trick on us today...mostly are hidden or already found by others!! There were 'zillions' of broken sand dollars and the common 'clam shell' shells...but, as you can see in this photo, none worth putting in my little special seashell back that I carry to the shore with me when we take our walks. All broken. And I'm not crazy for the idea of digging in the sea weed with bare feet!! So, we just enjoy the atmosphere today. And we soon forget the shell searching.
As we make our way down the fishing pier to the end today [the sea is very calm so we're gonna trek the whole distance!!] a fishing boat charms us with its presence! Soon, the wake from the boat skimming the water builds up and splashes against the breakwater. But, spray hits us!! A beautiful calm day. And the fishermen show us their catch for the day off their deck, from a distance! Not bad. But the full cooler with refreshments looked a whole lot better to me!!
As you can see, the 'end of the pier' is dry and hardly any spray washes up. Yet the sound of the waves hitting the breakwater is terrific. And the smooth flow out at sea is deceiving tho...there are dangers that lurk out there for swimmers and surfers alike. Tho it looks calm, this is the kind of surf that can have hidden threats to those who choose to be 'in the water'!! They're called RIP CURRENTS. And many-a-times people lose their lives getting trapped in the current!! The rip currents can silently take you out to sea and more people drown than saved when they hit the rip tides!! Most people are not strong enough to fight the currents...Residents and tourists alike should heed the warning signs. The thing to do is swim away from the current on either side of you when you're in the water...but people, by nature, panic.
Take caution, be aware, and enjoy the day. But don't be stupid. Oh, and as you're walking in the surf, near the shoreline, keep your eyes open for stinging sea creatures. Yesterday, I didn't see a one, but they're out there, lurking. And mean or hungry!! Now we're on our way to lunch after the walk on the beach!! Drive back over the JFK causeway, and drop back down into Corpus in no time....the whole driving experience from city to island is only about 15 minutes from home!! Lunch is about 5 minutes' drive time!! See you there!!!

And as per my first comment today with the explanation for Wordless Wednesday, this is the 'guessing game' from two W W's past.


  1. * *WORDLESS WEDNESDAY --if y'all remember the 'guessing game' I played before in another wordless wednesday --it was a close up shot of moss. Well, THIS is the project BEFORE and then, after. You can see the use of the dried moss!!

  2. Thanks for cleaning that one up. I loved your trip to the island. I'm also hungry for chicken fried steak with potatoes and gravy. Have a great WW. :)

  3. Hey, I've been there many times. :) We lived in Corpus Christi for about a year. I miss the beach but love the snow we have in Wisconsin. :)

  4. Ah so that's what it was. Happy WW!

  5. I was close with my fresh cut grass... he he he

    What yo ucan do with a little creativity, huh? ;-) I guess you are preparing Halloween already... :-)

    Happy WW!

  6. what a beautiful wreath that it made!! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  7. Hi Anni,

    Well I sure enjoyed that outing ! Thanks!!


  8. What a great idea!
    Great pictures!
    Have a wonderful week.
    Happy WW!

  9. A Halloween wreath? I love it.

    Happy WW

  10. I just finished doing that meme a bit ago too..kinda fun...I enjoyed reading yours..Sandy

  11. Love the wreath. Halloween is such a time for creativity and fun.

  12. The thing which should leave me wordless must be for Halloween or am I wrong ? I don't like Parfums either for me the best smell is no smell !

  13. Ahhh.... How nice, a beach stroll!!! See what you've done, now I wanna go to Mustang island!!!


    OF course, no stingy thing for me - other than perhaps a drink! *giggles*

    I tried to make a direct link to this post as a Lifecruiser Tips, butt didn't find out how to, so I made a link to the archive of August :-)

  14. Hi Anni ~~ Enjoyed your post and the
    photos. The beach looks so inviting.
    Thanks for your comments. Glad you liked the Soldier story and the Tom Jones joke. Glad you enjoy your visits. Take care, Love, Merle.

  15. Coming from Mrs Lifecruiser's blog I visit your beautiful post about the beach! marvelous photos!

  16. Part one WW: Preparing for Thanks Giving I presume

    Part two - on the beach: Don't remind me of the existences of beaches - after this years non-existent summer here.

    However, a great combined entry

  17. What a lovely and very readable post seeing this Padre Island and the rest through your eyes (or did you say Paradise Island - to me it looks kind of:-)

  18. Here for Wordless Wednesday--thanks for the explanation! I liked the pictures but couldn't figure out what they were about. And I love the look of your blog, especially the two friends!

  19. Hmmm... first Christmas, now Halloween... You are on the holiday ball!

    I WANT your job title!

    And where are the Mustangs? ;) Beautiful pictures! Just wondering where the horses are...