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Ten on Tuesday ~

We're to list ten countries we'd like to visit.

1) Definitely England!! I love the history and the royal family backgrounds and even the story behind the White Chapel era, the era of Jack the Ripper. I would love to play detective, I've read a lot of writings on him, the subject, and I think it'd be interesting to see with my own eyes and hear what has to be said of the man in today's time. Compelling past of this country has always given me extreme interest. [P S --Do I really think that "Jack" was Prince Albert? Not sure, but some think]

2) Ireland!! Always ancestral interest in this country, for me.

3) Denmark!! There are people here I know and would love to know better. Two wonderful ladies; online friends that I've had the privilege to converse with by snail mail AND emails, groups and message boards for nearly 10 years. They're both wonderful, delightful women who have taught me a lot about their culture and 'took me into their lives' with open hearts!!

4) Mexico!! I love it down south! It's cheap, it's pretty on the coastlines, and historical in the 'heart' of the land, Mexico City. [Not too friendly there now, but who is these days with us Americans?]

5) Germany!! Again, historical. I would like to learn first-hand about the French/German connection. For years the country and the people could not 'decide' whether they wanted to be French or German [because of war times and such...really didn't have to do with the 'people', they had no choice --some even fled to America - one was a very distant ancestor of mine who was from Alsace Lorraine] Also, the Neuschwanstein Castle in the Bavarian Alps of Germany. The inspiration of Walt Disney's design ---and I've read somewhere that when you approach the German castle with the fog and mist --it's like living in a fairy tale!! Yes, indeedy, that would be ideal for me.

6) Australia!! I think just listing this land is sufficient. Everything about it is original and unique. The animals, the country, the people. The Sydney Opera House would be one of THE places I'd love to visit. Along with Ayers Rock and the coral reef. And to experience a real Barbie serving fresh shrimp.

7) Israel --to see first-hand the holy land way to the south. And, some of the origins of Yeshua, he was Judaen. Also known as Jesus Christ. Travel Judea and Jerusalem. The River, Jordan.

8) Kenya!! Only for a photographic, African Safari.

9) Italy! For an odd reason that started back in my school days -- Monte Bianco. I did a themed paper on the subject, a report, and always wanted to visit and see if for myself. [Monte Bianco=Mount Blanc, the highest mountain in Western Europe]

10) Canada!! I think the beauty of the country is enough to attract anyone. So much pristine, unexplored lands, visiting some of the back country would be a thrill of a lifetime. To be one with nature, in all the quietness that would surround me.


  1. Maureen7/31/2007

    Interesting choices.No.1 good choice,totally biased of course as I live here.No.2 My family are Irish,all born in Clonmel.No.3 breathtaking scenery.No.4 Sounds a lot like Spain,which I love.No.5 been there on holidays.Lovely people and the beer is strong!No.6.Went to Oz for 2 months ,a BIG country and full of the scariest spiders and snakes.Trust me on this!Lovely warm,welcoming,blunt speaking people.Loved it there.Canada is great too,Especially Niagara Falls.That is amazing!Cannot comment on 7,8 or 9.Since I have never been there.Hope you manage one day to make it through the list.Happy Holidays!

  2. We have several in common. Maybe we can get a discount on our plane tix.

    Glad you're back!

    Happy Tuesday!

  3. I really enjoy your list and the reasons you want to visit. We've got a few in common. I'm with Jennieboo, let's charter a plane!

  4. Enjoyed reading your list, we matched on quite a few!

  5. We share a love of history. One of my favorite trips was a business trip to Portugal (Lisbon) for a conference. Afterwards, the organizer had arranged a tour into the countryside to a little town called Evora. Simply gorgeous, with some truly old buildings. (Of course, travel is often more enjoyable when someone else is paying...)

  6. Great choices! I love your info/interest in Germany! You made me want to add it to my own list! Thanks for stopping by!

  7. We've got some overlap on our lists - maybe I'll see you in England, Mexico, Australia, Italy, or Canada one day - but not Tahiti (?) :-)! Wish I were going there soon...

  8. We do have similiar countries listed, Hootin' Anni :) I always want to visit England. Because of the history and the attraction scenery. One of my friend live there and took some pictures of some beautiful place there. It really beautiful.

    Ireland and Germany are the next things I want to visit. Heard so much about these place so often that I felt like I have already been there lol.

    I did thought about Italy, just wasn't able to put it top 10. Great list and thanks for stopping by my blog. Have a great Tuesday!

  9. We had a lot of choices in common. Thanks for sharing!

  10. 6 of your 10 are also on my list! i'm glad you shared your reasons - i wish i'd thought to do that!

    happy tuesday!

  11. Great list! I love your thorough explanations. Thanks for reading my first meme!

  12. Great list! We have several in common... and I so wanted to visit Europe!! ;)

    Happy ToT!

  13. Love your list. I love history as well and would love to visit all the old castles in Europe. If you ever make it down under you will have a ball, but remember, we have prawns down here, not shrimp lol!