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It actually was a bright, sunny day. But way humid, and the heat index was atrocious. There is still flooding along the riverbanks and in some low-lying areas of town, but around our home the water level is dropping. In fact, it's soaked in quite well now. The turf in our yard is still kinda mushy, but at least no standing water.

So, after having a feeling of being cooped up for days ---LOL--- we ventured out. Hubby needed to replenish his supply of wine for dinner, and I needed some milk for my 'midnight' snack of cereal. Yep, that's when I love cereal the most. I've never cared much for an early breakfast, and if I eat too early in the day, I feel tired and wrung out most of the morning. So, my fiber intake is at night. Besides, nothing can beat a cold serving a icy milk. And I found a new cereal that I crave even! It's POST and it's Cranberry Almond Crunch. It has the bran flakes of course, but also added are: dried cranberries, almond slivers and granola clusters. Yummy.

Okay, so now I have my milk in the cart, and a few bananas, hubby has his wine supply for the week ahead, and he traipse over to the books and videos. We're at Wal-Mart Super Center[the only place near here that carries the Cranberry ceral I like so much]. While he's perusing the shelves there, I saunter over to the pet supplies. I'm always thinking of my kitties ya know!! I pick up a few more fancy feasts and a couple of their 'select' entrees and check out the toys. I'm actually lookin' for some more catnip for their scratching post. I can't find that, but I did find a small play thing for them. I grabbed a couple. They're less than two dollars. Now, as far as our cats are concerned, Tahoe is in 'no need of catnip'.....but Winston loves it!! When we got home, I opened the little toys and tossed them on the floor. Tahoe shrugs it off and goes back to her hidey hole and sleeps more. And Winston? Well, he plays and plays and plays some more. 'Til he's plumb tuckered out!-------


  1. Hi Anni. Glad to hear the water has abated and you are no longer suffering cabin fever.

    What a beautiful cat Winston is...can we see a photo of Tahoe? Pretty please?

  2. Thanks for the link to Tahoe...isn't she beautiful? I really miss my Furface, he was such a lovely companion.

    Take care

  3. How cute these pictures ! We also have the sun showing a little behind some clouds, but at least it had stopped raining too ! With little Rosie (I don't know if you know my kitten, it's on my cat blog) my cats are finding their youth back and all started playing again just to show me that they still are able to play, it's too funny when they are in competition with little 2 months old Rosie.

  4. Awwww...he is so adorable!!! He looks exhausted! I'm glad that the rain has abated some. We had a couple more storms last night, but today, at least so far, it's clear sailing. I hope it stays that way because the yard needs to be mowed really badly!

  5. Oh, thats just so darn cute!!!!

    It's raining a lot here now too - I hope it stops soon. Poor campers!

    I'm glad we have a whole month here - it must be nice weather sometimes during a whole month! Right? *giggles*

  6. What a darling cat!! I have never had a white cat. All these years we have had more cats but never a white one!! Winston is a sweetie. I also have never given the cats catnip either. I guess I need to get some!! I am at home today with a bad sore throat. It is almost closed in fact. Went to doctor yesterday. I can hardly talk. Sandy

  7. Hi! Annie,
    I'm getting a camera soon, and then I can take pics and post them! It should be fun. What a beautiful cat you have.
    I've heard about the terrible storms you have been getting...I hope you don't get too much rain!
    I must try your cereal. I'm getting tired of Bran Buds...they do the job, but they're boring.

  8. How about having some birthday cake to celebrate Gattinas birthday and have a look at some Art?
    The Deli Art Strandskogen Cafe

  9. I LOVE Cranberry Almond Crunch!! I like to eat cereal late at night, too - the best time!

    Today was our first day with no rainfall in I-don't-know-how-long. Hubby was finally able to mow and he practically needed a tractor it was so high! Hopefully what's left of the rainwater will soak up soon so the mosquitoes won't be so terrible.

  10. We love Cats, too! Nancy's kitty who was 15 years old died last night (Sunday) and it sure has been a sad day around here! Karen called and said "Have you been to your blog lately and I said, No and she said, You need to, and I did, and she had made me a new header to make the day better!! She wanted to cheer me up and it did. Nancy slept all afternoon and she just woke up and seems better! It has been really hard on her.