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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out


I'm really a very happy mom today! And it's Friday the 13th no less!!! But after hubby and I returned from shopping and lunch at Friday's [btw, I had the jack daniels burger...scrumptious, one of my favorites there at the restaurant] I came in to open my personal email. The one I use for family only! Anyway, I had two very special emails! One from our daughter, Irene. And the other from our son, Erik.

The first one from Erik was short and sweet, but it made me very proud!! He got a teaching opportunity to teach at a Houston College!! So, with talks of him relocating to Chicago or NYC this past Spring before his Master's Degree graduation in May, I was feeling a bit blue 'cause he was considering somewhere up north! But now that he's received word he can teach night classes at the college, I'm in high spirits!! He makes me so happy and so proud!!

Then, the 2nd one I opened from Irene was that her fantasy romance novel that she has been working on for the last year has been accepted by a publishing company! She got her contract today in the mail!! I don't know if she's accepted the contract as is, I'm sure she'll go over it with a lawyer....but in the meantime, this too is making me very proud!! We will have a published author in our family!!

God is good!!


The other day when we were at the half price bookstore, the area for teen books and children's books was loaded with little 'elf dolls'. And at the time, I had no cash on me, other than the 'card', and I didn't feel right putting it on a charge card what with it being half price and all. So, I vowed to myself next time when hubby and I come to the bookstore [most times 2 or 3 times a month], I will get one. Again, the shelves were loaded with the cutest little, magical, elfen creatures I've ever laid my eyes on.

Walking around looking for books I found two. The War Lover [about a W W II pilot] and the Secret Supper by Javier Sierra [about Da Vinci]. Then, while hubby was going through the history section, I ventured over near the check-out counter to grab a doll! To my utter dismay...NONE left. I walked all over the store, looking here and looking there thinking they may have moved them, and perchance I'd get lucky!!

Nada, zilch, zero, nothing.

As we walked around to the mysteries and adventure books, I happen to spot a section by the coffee shop that is adjacent to the bookstore with open doors from the books to the coffee cafe. And on it it said "Christmas In July". And of course me being a big fan of Christmas and all its glory, I thought perhaps they may have some holiday craft books I might find interesting and good.

And there I was...searching all the shelves on the 'island' --sauntering around the whole area slowly and on the 4th corner, down below, there was the ONE and ONLY elf doll left. And ironically it was the "Grandma Elf".

Her name is Grandma Maryss [pronounced ma RISS]. Of which she was given a ring of love. From her husband, Grandpa Orlynn, lord and protector. It all takes place in the Great Elven Forest. All seven of his elf family got a magical ring. And me, being the littlest kid at heart needed to bring her home with me. There musta been some magical happenings that day in the bookstore! She knew I was looking for her, and silently coaxed me to the Christmas shelf so I could find her.


  1. Hootin, its Saturday there? It's still Friday here. have every reason to be proud of those kids! Of course you had something to do with it! God is really good!
    I love that little elf! She is a sweetlooking lady!
    I will get my camera soon and then I can take part in the special photo days. Have a good weekend!

  2. I loved reading all your happy news!

  3. What a cute little ol' lady!

    Anni -- I am SO happy for you AND your kids! God IS good -- ALL the time! And that book deal for Irene is just AWESOME! HOW exciting! Of course, Eric's news is wONderful too! Nice that he will be staying semi-close to "home".


  4. What awesome news from both of your children! They are going to be so successful with their new careers! I cant wait to get a chance to read your daughters book when I go to Barnes and Nobels and find it on the shelf (ok, that may take a year or so! lol)...what a wonderful doll you found!! I am so excited to meet her! Sending love to you today