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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Am I the only one in the country, the United States, that these companies know of to hand out these 'flyers' and wanting your money all the time? I feel forced to accept the indentical junk mail I find in my snail - mail mail box. All the time, repeatedly.

Going through all the mail yesterday, I sorted out what to throw away and what needed to be opened and tended to for the sake of if you know what I mean. A bill for this, and a statement for know how that goes, right? Okay, so the pile, thankfully, of the statements is smaller than the junk mail any more. Just where do they get my name and home address? The companies who sell this kinda thing must be making billions of dollars a year in profits. No, wait a minute---I think I am the only one who is getting junk snail mail, I forgot that opening statement.

Okay, so being honest, sometimes I find myself in the 'right mood', the right stage of mind to retaliate!!---to do these kinds-a-things. Most always I just open the junk and throw it away. Other times, when there's a reply envelope such as this:

I tend to seal it back up with nothing in it but a blank piece of scrap paper or if appropriate something else that came in the mail that I'd consider 'junk' --something that adds weight to the envelope... and then send it back. They are stuck with the postage rate, and I feel good about myself making the statement of 'don't send this stuff out anymore'. For me, if I wanted another credit card, or insurance, or a new car, or what have you----I'd contact the company on my own time. Just leave me the heck alone, and quit sending stuff to me!! 'Nough said!!


  1. I TOTALLY AGREE with you!! I am so fed up with those things. Now they have some of them coming in big 8x10 brown envelopes...Have you seen them. Once you open them it is the same junk mail only hidden in this BIG brown envelope...What do they think...just because it is in a BIG brown envelope that it going to change my mind!!??? I get so upset with those things. For awhile I was sending them back with big notes written across them so that they would pay the postage but that did no good!! I just kept getting them. We cannot win...Sandy

  2. I never thought about doing that! Very clever -

    however, since I'm all about the recycling - I always have to stick those reply envelopes in the bin.

  3. Great idea! I get so much junk mail...I will send some back!

    Annie, where do you get the wild animations on your sidebar? are they free or do you do them yourself?

  4. I'll keep my eyes out for those reply paid envelopes a little more closer in future. *lol* This sounds like a lot of fun!

  5. LOL! One year I got SO fed up with the magazines that came to me from one particularly OBNOXIOUS company that I saved them all up for a 3 month time period and mailed them all back to them with a note explaining that I hadn't purchased anything from them in over 2 years and I didn't think it was really necessary to have nearly daily reminders of their existence. I would have saved 'em for a year - but I would have had to take out a 2nd mortgage to mail them back!!! Amazingly... they DID take me off their mailing list!

  6. LOL!! I so totally agree with you! I too send the junk mail back to them in their postage paid envelopes! For a while there the junk slowed down, but it has picked back up here as of late! Grrrr

  7.'re not the only country that receives junk mail..


  8. The same goes with all those subscription flyers in the magazines you already subscribe to. Ugh. :)

  9. I agree all this is very annoying!

    ...And I am really sick of all the address labels I get from all the charities wanting more $$$...I mean- every week I get them! ...just how many address labels do they think ppl can use!!

    I DO donate to needy causes....but I CAN'T do it as often as they expect- which is every few days!


  10. I COMPLETELY AGREE!! We have more junk mail than we do good stuff!! I LOVE the idea of sending junk to the junk senders in those business reply envelopes, I have heard of people doing that but never knew anyone that actually did it! FUN!

  11. I put a sticker on my mailbox "no pub" and it works quite well, sometimes if the envelope is small I still get them. It's a pain ! it fills up your mailbox with nothing. Thank you very much for your birthday wishes ! I was so happily surprised that so many people wished me a happy birthday. The day was very nice, even the sun came out and we could sit in the garden ! My son came over from Amsterdam and played like a kid with our new kitten Rosie ! He is 34 !

  12. Yep, know how you feel, Anni. Some companies you deal with do sell your details to advertising companies and that's why we get heaps of junk mail. It doesn't even help to have a sign on your mail box...the deliverers ignore that.

    I stuff the envelopes with all the other stuff I've received and use the prepaid envelope to send it back, too. I think it works...the junk mail seems to be less.

  13. Oh Annie, I thought I was the only person who sent those reply cards back. When I get a new magazine, the first thing I do is pull out all those annoying cardsthen notice how thin the magazine is now.

    Perhaps we should start a campaign asking all bloggers to send back all postage paid cards and envelopes. But, it sounds like a lot already do this.

  14. Kudos!

    I couldn't agree more! They are getting worse.

    I like your idea. Take a stand and send a message.

    Lazy Girl

  15. Hehe...I've always done that...take their return envelope and stuff it with other junk mail I've received and send it back to them. As you said, if I want one of their products, or whatever, I'll get in touch with them, thank you very much!! xoxo

  16. I have been nominated "Schmoozer" at least my blog "has the power of smooze". So I thought if I am a schmoozer, you are too ! and I nominated you ! I don't know who invented that and the word I first had to look up in my dictionary. It said : "talks a lot" so I think it's both our case, lol !