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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Melli, Melli, Melli?!!!! I think this is a sign for the both of us! I truly do!!
You see, I agree with your words left in the comment section below this posting, especially for the words about "you can read anything into a lot of stuff" ---for instance this 'revelation' and other envisions in rocks or on walls, etc. And I just could not, not share's a screenshot from when I was in my own comment section to leave you a 'reply' comment ---as I was scrolling down to type the security code, look what was there---I tellya, it's a sign from above!! We are given 'the word' [like I named the graphic] Unscramble the letters of the code...does it spell godly, or doesn't it?

[click to enlarge]


  1. ROFL!!! It dO! It DO indeed! That is... Somethin'! (with a capital S!)

  2. I'd have REALLY cracked up if they made the G a capital!

  3. Anonymous7/28/2007

    Isn't that something. Makes one wonder, doesn't it?

  4. WHOA!! Well I think that someone is being told something!! I have had that happen before on some blogs where the same thing that we have been talking about appears in the word that I am supposed to type but this is the best one that I have seen. Someone needs to pay attention...Sandy

  5. Well, well, well...what an amazing thing!

  6. CAn't argue with that! Sure enough, you are blessed!