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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

For my Thursday 13 thoughts, I'm doing a bit of a 'pin-up style'. Thirteen of the sexiest men in 'show biz' media; entertainment of some kind. For me, at least....

Thirteen "Guy Pin Ups"

In case you can't view the slideshow...the 13 are
1)Antonio Banderas
2)Christian Bale
3)Gabriel Byrnes
4)Gerard Butler
5)Jason Statham
6)Johnny Depp
7)Jeffrey Donovan
8)Liam Neeson
9)Luke Wilson
10)Mikhail Baryshnikov
11)Ralph Finnes
12)Rod Steward
13)Will Smith

For Thursday 13'rs ---I messed up not once but twice on the linking ---I can't see the entire comment section when I'm typing , the text disappears when it goes into the purple background, and I didn't know what was being typed before I clicked publish. Sorry.


  1. Anonymous7/11/2007

    Ralph Finnes is a hottie! :) Great TT! This is the first time I seen someone use a slide show, great idea! :) Have a happy weekend!

  2. Oh! What a diverse (and yummy) group. I haven't seen Baryshnikov on anyone's "lust list" in a while, though he's the highlight of the Sex and the City reruns for me!

  3. I was worried about male pin ups for a moment but they all have their clothes on :-)

    You've picked an interesting selection of leading men there for your TT

  4. Annie.
    How do you do it? You are such a wiz at computers and graphics. What a great Thursday `13. I'm getting hot flashes again and I thought I was done with that! I love the slide show! Today I was listening to Rod Stewart. I never thought he was sexy in his younger years, but now I'm changing my mind! I would have Anthony Hopkins somewhere in there and also Fabio.
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Good taste, Anni, besides Johnny Depp who is too female for my taste and Jason S who is too ugly (I don't know him either) Nice to look at nice guys, lol !

  6. Johnny Depp, Will Smith and I love Pierce Brosnan, Sean Connery and Harrison Ford, too.

    However, you've got a pretty good bunch of eye candy there, Anni...very nice viewing indeed!

  7. On your list Gerard Butler out of the group does it for me..woohooo

    Came to visit via Jeanette's Chronicles drop a line if u get a chance.

    Have a great week

  8. many time, so little time!! LOL I love your choices and I'm sooo glad you included Johnny still my heart! xox

  9. Well, well, if not the weather is hot, we can have other hot things.... *giggles*

    There are several cruisers meeting right now. Renny and Tor in Mariestad, Mar and Claudie in Marseilles - and in about a week or so Tor and myself at Fårö!!!

    Exciting huh?

    I wish we all could meet somewhere in the future!!!!

  10. Ha-ha , what else to be expected by a truth Cyber Cruiser - butt this?

    Sitting here at the same table as another Cybercruiser - my good friend Renny.

    Guess what - this afternoon we had a real cruise.

    See our latest posts.

    Wish you a jolly good weekend