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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

This week, I'd like to list a bit on food! My list of best and worst for me---

1) I love meatless lasagna!
2) I love mesquite grilled beef rib-eye steaks. [cooked medium rare, and not seasoned]
3) Chocolate Mint frosted brownies are my all time "bestest" dessert!!
4) I'd prefer eggs over easy!
5) Cold pasta salads are terrific.
6) Since I can't find black walnut ice cream around here in this city, I'd settle for plain ol' vanilla or none!
7) I like my macaroni and cheese cooked on the stove-top. I don't care for the oven-baked.
8) I like stuffed green olives better than ripe olives.
9) My favorite seafood is jumbo butterfly shrimp...fried...and dipped in tartar sauce [I still make my tartar sauce with hard-boiled eggs --yummy].
10) My least favorite veggie is okra.
11) Coffee is the worst! I'm not a coffee drinker. Ever. Teas for me.
12) Once a banana starts showing brown spots...they're too ripe for me!
13) I do not like the pizzas with pineapple.

It'd be fun for me if y'all would list some food that YOU like in the comments. Or something you dislike...or both!! Happy Thursday everyone.


  1. i don't like pineapple on my pizza, too! ;P
    happy TT!

  2. I've got a great spinache and lemon 3 cheese lasagne recipe but it's really far too much work to do regularly.

  3. I generally love all kinds of food, but even the smell of a kiwi makes me wretch. You're list is reminding me that it's almost dinner time! :)

  4. We think alike! Tonight I grilled rib eyes- medium with just a tad of garlic powder- delicious!
    Great list!
    Air Force Wife

  5. I like bananas with spots and pineapple on my pizza. Happy TT.

  6. I guess it is better if I tell you what I DON'T like...LIVER; SHRIMP; CHICKEN GIZZARDS; I guess that is about it...I love every vegies, every fruit...see why it has been hard for me to loose weight...but I did it...I loved your list. Are you hungry? Sandy...((smile))

  7. My personal favorite desert is peanut butter pie. Great list, but you should try fried okra.

  8. I love fried okra, with fried chicken, mashed potato's and, well now I am heading for the kitchen!!!

  9. Not an olive or okra fan! Hawaiian pizza is okay in a pinch, but not something I'd ever seek out.

    I love lasagna of any kind, mmmm!

  10. Oh great, now I'm hungry. I'm pretty much a fan of all food, which is why I am on a diet! But, lasagna is my favorite! And Chips Ahoy cookies.

  11. Bison. I'd rather have bison than beef any day, I've realized.

    Neat list! I'm a stovetop Mac and cheese girl, too.

  12. Mmmm...cold pastas ARE great! I love italian pasta with black olives!

    I just ate a bit ago and now I'm hungry again.

  13. I like Pineapple on my pizza, but i'm getting more into the BBQ Chicken pizzas these days.
    And despite being Australian, I cannot stand the smell of Vegemite, I can't bring myself to eat it.

  14. I wonder if you don't have an italian ancestor ! Besides the tea drinking of course, that's more english !

  15. OK now I'm hungry!!

    LOVE lasagne, love steaks, love brownies (altho not the mint part), love eggs, pasta salads, and mac-n-cheese. Not big on ice cream - I could take it or leave it - and olives are yukky. I love seafood of all types and LOVE okra! Coffee is yukky too. I'm also a tea drinker. And ditto for me on the mushy bananas and pineapple pizzas. Bleah.

    Time for a midnight snack....

  16. Have you tried stuffed green olives, stuffed with garlic? Heaven for me.

  17. Hi Anni, Sorry I havent been around I have had the Flu virus so just popped on for a few mins before I head back to bed. im driving to Melbourne tomorrow then fly out to queensland on Tuesday..
    Oh I dont like Pineapple on my pizza , but Yummy Shrimp dipped in tartre sauce see u on my return

  18. Oh- I don't like pineapple on pizza either! (who would have ever had that idea in the first place!!!)

    I LOVE bananas but not if they are over ripe.

    One of my favorite things to eat (snack) is cream cheese on saltine crackers.

  19. I'm not too keen on pineapples on pizza. I don't like liver, okra and bitter gourd.

    I'm not a chocoholic but I get my usual fix when I feel like it. I also feel the same way about ice cream.

    I'm a coffee drinker but I got to appreciate and love tea w/ milk when I stayed in the UK. I have it every once in a while.

    Mac and cheese on the stove top is just awesome!

    Happy Thursday dear!

  20. great list, now I am very hungry

  21. I don't like okra too, and also coffee. I also don't like is shrimps and prawns.

    I like...chocolates. Haha. Nah, I like sour stuffs. The sour-er the better!

  22. #1, me too, I'm vegetarian.

    I don't like coffee, unless it's in a frappe.

    I do like pineapple on pizza, though.

    Happy TT!

    Liked your list!

  23. Great list! I've gotten to where I can't even eat the meat lasagna anymore, only veggie for me from now on! Happy TT!

  24. I think my least favorite veggie is Okra too.

    Happy TT!!

  25. Okra...ugh! It is like eating a fuzzy slug....

  26. I love pasta salads. Actually I love pasta anyways. And all kinds of salads!!
    Brownies are my weakness but I don't like frosted cakes.
    I don't eat fruits...only OJ (does it count?? ) and green apples (granny smith!)! happy tt!

  27. I'm so with you on #4,9, 12 and 13...pineapple fresh is YUM, on pizza, not so much! Fried butterfly shimp...yum, actually coconut shrimp with pina colada dipping sauce is my favorite!! I prefer my bananas slightly green or between being green and getting spots, I agree once there are spots...buh bye!

    But, the biggest thing about your TT is that it made me hungry for steak, thanks! GREAT LIST!!

  28. I just had to stop by and thank you for coming to leave those kind words today! I know it was a bit of a downer blog but I always feel better when I write things out. Funny how that is. I know that everything is going to be okay now. I am fine with it now!! I just had to work through it all. My neighbor Tootsie and I met for lunch and then just walked the mall and had a fun time. That helped. Hope your day was a good one. Sandy

  29. That was quite a nice list. I also do not care for brown mushy bananas or coffee. That was a pretty T13 header.

  30. It's FUN for ME just to have some TIME to leave a comment! LOL! Well... I dO like pineapple pizza! Let's see... well you already know I like all seafood... so let's take another direction.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE avacados - but I RARELY eat one!

    I'd rather have cheese fondue than chocolate fondue!

    My favorite lunchmeat is Turkey or Roast Beef -- I don't like ham or bologna!

    Rice is my comfort food. SO sad...

    I like ANY kind of macaroni and cheese... except the box kind with powdered cheese!

  31. Hi Anni

    Love pineapple, love coffee, love spinach, love prawns butterflied, deep fried with tartare or thousand island dressing, love broccoli, lasagne, cannelloni, most pasta and rice, most veges and fruit.

    Hate pears, brussels sprouts, turnips and hot chocolate drinks.

  32. Who thought of pineapple on pizza to begin with?
    I am with you on the lasagna.
    My biggest dislike is cooked peas, it's the texture.