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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Recently, the city engineers finished a beach walk along the 'main' beach of the North side, at Corpus Christi Beach. Bud and I wanted to get some shopping and , on the spur of the moment decision --walking in at the same time, so before we went to buy stuff, we decided to check out the new beachwalk. I really wasn't dressed for being outside in the heat, walking, but it was, like I stated, a whim!

[a brown pelican at sea-side]

Tho, it was a bit disappointing [I would have much preferred a BOARDwalk], it was still nice to have somewhere to walk along the beach without getting my shoes filled up with sand, then having to knock it all out later.

[the newly finished walkway]

Not to say I don't enjoy walking barefooted along the shores, but when you're gonna go out shopping afterwards, it's really nice to not have to go and change from the flip flops for beachcombing into a pair of tennies for shopping at the mall later! And the reason I like to wear tennis shoes instead of sandals or flip flops at the mall -- it's so I can do a bit more 'power walking' inside. Can't walk the correct way for any benefit if sandals adorn the feet!!

[a picnic cabana on the beach]

It was humid and quite hot before we finished---me in my not so summery clothes for the day [the mall here is so cold you'd think you were in the dead of winter, so I wore a mid-arm length shirt along with pedal-pushers -and suffered dearly in the heat]. And with the humidity being so high we didn't walk too long. Only about 30 minutes. But at least I got out, away from home for a while and got some fresh air.

[for lounging --and naturally, I'd take advantage of this!!!]


  1. The new sidewalk looks nice ! you are lucky to live so close to the sea ! I have about 80 miles to drive but that isn't bad either. Only the weather here in Belgium is not ideal it rains a lot ! You never know how to dress and wearing flip flops is almost impossible (only at the beach).

  2. So that is you??? I have never seen what you look like...Hmm!! Wish you would let us see what you look like more often. Sandy

  3. Hootin,
    I'd join you but I would want a pillow for my sore back. Otherwise, looks great out there.

  4. Thanks for stopping by today..I just found you on your slide show. I like your hair short better. I am about to go get mine cut again. I had better get going. Again thanks for those kind words..Sandy

  5. it looks nice, we haven't been to CC for so long. I would really like to work in a quick trip

  6. How long will it take those tables to get covered with sand like at Mustang Island? :D The recliner chairs are a nice touch!

  7. At one of the main beaches in the city, they built a boardwalk years ago and I just love going walking there! Your pictures are just beautiful and it was fun seeing a picture of you...when did you cut your hair??? xox

  8. Oh, it's LOVELY Anni! We have a nice boardwalk down near our little beach too... it DOES make it so much nicer for walking and NOT getting sandy! (sometimes you just don't WANT to get sandy!)