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Fun Monday!!
Karmyn, over at Karmyn's Dreaming What Ifs has set up a Monday Blog theme to show off our 'crafty side'! Well, I have an inkling she doesn't mean my crafty - witchy side that shows up around October and all the tricks,, TREATS I have been known to hand out!! Crafts, hmmmmm, let me think!

Well, I love making mischief. No, wait, that's not a craft. Or is it? But it CAN be crafty. Shoot!! *witch's cackle*...."Anni, you know Karmyn means CRAFTS as in homemade stuff!! I gotta find something that shows off my good side!"

"mirror, mirror on the wall....who's the craftiest of them all?......."

So far, I'm sure I have y'all SPELLbound! Right?

Now, for me personally------I DID NOT make this. It was a project that my son made for me, when he was out in the garage workshop area, doing the manly things that men seem to enjoy so much---working with wood! My hubby was busy making me a shelf unit with 2'x4's and planking. And our 3 year old son was all aglow being able to be doing something with his daddy! [Mind you this was nearly 32 years ago!! ] Anyway, after the day of hard work, and wood shavings and sawdust being tracked in on the carpet, etc.----I could NOT utter one complaint and threaten them to clean up the mess they made throughout the house! Afterall, the project was for me, right?

Okay, okay---so to my surprise, my little toe-headed boy came in all grinning from ear to ear. From behind our son, Hubby gave me a look like---pay attention to him!!! He [hubby] also has a grin too, when from behind our son's back, Erik pulls away from himself and reaches out to me saying: "Radio, mom. For you" -- "I make it." Our little boy, hammered the 'knobs' on with hammer and nail, all by himself! He was so proud!

I still have it too!!!

My gift -- handmade by my son of 3 - circa 1975!! The harmonic "soft rock" of the BEE GEES' "How Can you Mend a Broken Heart" never sounded so good!!! Sometimes, don'tcha just wish you could turn back the clock, and recapture life's treasured moments?


Some of my crochet projects

"Scraps of Beauty" Afghan - for a friend

God Bless the USA flag afghan - for a friend

A large pine needle with Santa wreath -- holiday craft

Blue Lace jacket - not working on now


  1. Hey Hootin' Annie ! At first, I typed "Hottin' Annie"...thought you might like to see what my lysdexia in action does to your name. Thanks for visiting from Karmnyn's. I've been away from blogging for quite some time, so I have some catching up to do.
    Love the radio, but especially love the fact you still have it.
    Amazing that it still 'works' and plays the Bee Gees. I'm sure your son is so proud that you have now shared this with the World.
    Wish I could crochet. Tried it once and my fingers were in a cramped position for almost a week. Having long needles within my reach while trying to be "crafty" is not a smart thing.
    So glad someone else posted Fun Monday on Sunday. You're my kind of BlogBud.

  2. That radio is the cutest thing EVER! It looks like it has a little face too. I love it.

    Beautiful crochet work. I actually have made 2 baby blankets in the past (and a 3rd one is 1/2 done in my closet. I started it for a friend and her baby is now 7 years old - oops!!!)

    Thanks for playing along today!

  3. Your afghans are beautiful. I can imagine me in the blue lace jacket. If you have no one else to grace with the gift, you can send it to me.

    Your radio is grand. What a wonderful memory and keepsake. I have a son of a similar age...oh the memories of those early days.

  4. what wonderful photos.I so want to learn to crochet and knit. I just cant find a class..I cant wait to have pics like this myself..Thanks for sharing with us

  5. *HUGE GRIN* ROFL! This is gonna be the PERFECT Monday activity for you, dear Anni! And I DO LOVE that radio - and it would surely have a place of honor in MY home too -- had my 3 year old made it! I'm tellin' ya - there is NOTHIN' better than kid art! Wasn't the scavenger hunt just PRICELESS this week??? Yup - this is a monday meme MADE for you!

  6. Aww that radio is just the sweetest type of craft out!

  7. I LOVE your afghans!! I am just going to have to learn how to crochet and knit. I have seen so many pretty and cute things.

    Great job and thanks for sharing the pics. :)

  8. What beautiful afghans! That first one is absolutely gorgeous! Your son's radio is adorable!

  9. I am seriously, seriously impressed with all of these knitting, crocheting, quilting people! All those things seem impossibly hard. They also seem to require a much longer attention span than I've got.

    The flag afghan is beautiful! I chuckled to myself thinking of it as a God Bless the USA Afghan (capital A). Why do we call them afghans anyway?

    Oh, and Hootin' Annie's is a little hole in the wall bar in our old neighborhood in Wichita. Next time I drive by there I'll try to remember to take a picture of the sign for you. It's got a cartoon granny dancing and slapping her knee.

  10. I love all the work! Beautiful stuff!

  11. OMG, I was laughing. I scrolled to see the photos first and stopped at the 1st one. And thought to myself... awe, bless her heart. She tried. AHAHAHAH! I was going to have to think of something nice to say.. when I realized there were MORE photos and that you really ARE talented :)

    Sorry for doubting you :)

  12. Hootin', great crochet, my Mum used to do that. Thanks for the comment on my painting. x

  13. I crochet too, but nothing near as great sa that. I love your flag blanket.

  14. I think the radio may be my favorite so far!

  15. I love your story to go with the 'radio' I've many things made by my children and more recently my grand children; everyone is a treasure so I know just how you feel. Your crochet work is beautiful; I tried it once about 40 yrs ago but never really mastered the art.

  16. Aw the radio is so cute! Love all your crocheting. Very talented!

  17. The radio is great - it is really nice that you still have it.

    Great afghans!

  18. Being here is like being in a craft store... WOWSER
    beautiful work

  19. Aw I love the story behind the radio. And that you have kept it all these years.

    The afghans are beautiful.

  20. Now that's what I call craft. Very nice stuff you've got there!

  21. You totally had me at the radio....

    .....then I see all your talent gush forth! Wow. Very nice work -- beautiful.

  22. Beautiful work!

    I too, would like to know why we call them afghans. :)

    I love the fact that you still have the radio your son made. Very sweet!

  23. Love the radio. I love that you still have it!

  24. melissa6/04/2007

    Love your afghans, and especially your son's radio. So cute! :)