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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Name something you think is “the best.”

Hmmmmm, that's a loaded question. Certainly you'd expect me to state, my hubby, my family---things like that, right? Well, of course. And I do. But gotta say this: "The first thing to come to mind was - "The Best Damn Sports Show Period" and not to forget "Father KNOWS Best"!

On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 highest), how stressed are you today?

It's not even 6 a.m. as I type this, so for now 1 or 2 at the most. Wait 'til mid afternoon then come back, and ask me again.

What kind of cleanser do you use to wash your face?

Plain Soap and Water.

Main Course
Tonight is a blue moon! What is something that you believe only happens “once in a blue moon.”

So really....what is the numeric time span between one blue moon and another? Then, I could probably answer better. Right now, only a song "Blue Moon" is in my head as I type. I guess "hmmmmm, something that would happen in a fairly long time span--------I can't really say. Thing is, I never expect the unexpected -that way I'm not disappointed. So, I wouldn't really know an appropriate answer. [Maybe something in the political scene, like getting an HONEST representative. But then, that is an impossibility these days, I think. Lower Gas Prices?!!! Ya, that'll happen in a blue moon for sure!!!]

When was the last time it rained where you live?

Over Memorial Day weekend...ALL weekend. Flooded.


  1. Anonymous6/01/2007

    Oh Yeah! Lower gas prices ~ that's a once in a blue moon thing all the way! Hope you have a good weekend!

  2. Anonymous6/01/2007

    I so have to agree on those gas prices. I never thought I would applaud $ sad.

    Hope you have a nice weekend.
    Take care,
    My feast is up.

  3. Annie,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I just had to smile (something that I needed today!) when I read your feast. Thanks for sharing!

  4. An honest politician now that would be a blue moon - and some flying pigs too

  5. Good morning dear Anni:-) Trying to play catch up with everyone today! Enjoyed reading your Friday Feast...isn't it funny how our stress level can be right up there by noon time?? hehe I also loved reading your Thursday 13...gosh, everything you mentioned about what you missed about childhood, is exactly what I miss too! I would play hopscotch all day long, I loved it so much:-) Your Native drawing is so very beautiful and I love the frame...the feather is the perfect touch!! Have a wonderful day my friend! xoxo

  6. Great feast! I also agree on those gas prices...they'll only go higher, that's for sure.

    Thank you for visiting my feast, too.

    Have a good weekend.

  7. applause applause... very good feast. well, on to read more of your blog. Have a good weekend. Blessings from Oregon

  8. Petrol prices are pretty steep here too.....which reminds me of a joke my sister posted- go to to see a cute baby and hear a bad gas joke!

    Flooded? Oops....hope not too bad....but hopefully all this rain will mean less summer water shortages.

    Have a happy Friday....and hope your stress levels do not rise too much more:)

  9. What a great Feast. I'm so full I might hafta stick around for a while! :)

    I loved your Main Course.

    Hope you have a great weekend.

  10. Great feast! Loved your thoughts on the blue moon.

  11. wonderful feast answers!!

  12. Thanks for stopping by. This is a great way to meet our internet neighbors. Nice feast

  13. Who would think gas prices below $3.00 is a bargin.....I remember when I could fill my tank for $5.00.

  14. Hope you maintain low stress, even as the day wears on. And thanks for stopping by my feast.

  15. Lower gas prices is a great answer!! I dont think we are going to see them for a lONG LONG time. try driving a motorhome with these prices but we think it is still cheaper than motels and eating out all of the time...after all we get around 7-8 miles per gallon!! I see you wash your face the same way I do too!! Good ole water and soap!! I hardly ever use the soap though. Have a great day...SAndy

  16. plain soap and water ... me, too! :)

  17. I was so surprised to see the gas prices under $3, maybe a blue moon has something to do with it.
    I totally agree with you on the gas prices and the honest politicians.
    I wish it would rain here for a week. :)
    Thanks for the great feast.
    Have a fantastic Friday!

  18. Honest politicians ... now that would be a blue moon day!

  19. Great Friday Feast!
    Have a wonderful day!
    (")_ (")Š

  20. I agree with your main course! We are slowly going back down, but we are still at $3.36.

    Have a great Friday!

  21. Yep Lower gas prices..certainly that would happen only once in a blue moon.

    Thanks for stopping by my feast.

  22. I absolutely loved Father Knows Best....Happy FF to you! especially kitten

  23. Gas prices....well at $1.23/litre which works out to over $4.00/gallon yeah I would say chances of them lowering them will be once in a blue moon.....

    Hope you have a great weekend

  24. Enjoyed your feast...I hope you aren't as stressed as you thought you might be ;)

  25. Great feast. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my feast.

  26. Hi, Anni... Happy Friday :-) I'm glad you dropped by my blog. I hope you had a reasonably stress-free day! :-)

  27. A delicious feast, Hootin' Anni! We have the same salad!

  28. Great Feast!!You know we'll never see a Honest Politician, or gas prices at $2 again,,,but perhaps with the blue moon we might. Have a great weekend. Check out my Meme on Sunday.

  29. An HONEST representative? I think that only happens once in a PURPLE moon!

  30. Great feast today-and I agree-gas prices going lower would be a blue moon thing :) Thanks for stopping by!

  31. Soooo... what is your stress level now?...

    Interesting feast there. Thanks for coming to visit mine! Happy weekend!

  32. i enjoyed your feast :)

    Thanks for stopping by mine :)

  33. I used to watch Father Knows Best all the time as a kid. They reran it day and night.
    I don't drive but Iread something interesting about gas prices. Someone wrote that if people stopped buying from the two major companies (I don't remember what they are) for a period of time then the prices would come down.
    Take care,

  34. Anonymous6/03/2007

    Great feast!
    So sorry it flooded on Memorial Day weekend, you can glady have some of our heat and sun.