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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

*singing to the tune of Houston by Dean Martin circa 1965*

Well, it's crazy in this ol' town,
Ev'rybody drivin' sunrise t' sundown--
I'm a soul that's fool enough
to drive here, it makes life rough.....

We're back from Houston, Houston, Houston!

Gawd, how I hate that city.
Well, the city itself is terrific.
It's drivin' in that area of 2+ million
fanatics that'll take anyone that is sane...
and make them mad with road rage!!

The city is now boasted as being the 4th largest
city in the United States, and the traffic is just
uncomparable to any city here in the U.S.
It's stated to cover nearly 550 square miles,
and the majority of that is highways, overpasses,
fly-bys, interchanges and TRAFFIC. LOL

And to top it off, it was Saturday and
everyone is out and about by noon!! LOL
It made me remember the evacuation of the hurricane Rita, just after the devastating 'cane, Katrina, and what an awful jumbled mess that was....and I can see why! 6-7 lanes of one way traffic on any given 'normal' day it's nearly bumper to bumper of ones going 55-70 mph, and lordy it's a mess then...I can just imagine what it's like to get any assemblence of an evacuation of a city this size!!!

Only one horrendous multi-vehicle accident on the Southwest Freeway
slowed us down some, but that was after the graduation ceremony and we were trying to get out of there as quick as possible toward Richmond to see open land again!! LOL

The top photo is just outside the Reliant Arena in the Reliant Park. The area holds all the big events such as Houston Sports, where the Reliant Stadium is [Houston Texans--Houston Rockets, etc]. The Arena, where the graduation ceremonies was held yesterday, usually holds the concerts such as Tim McGraw, Gloria Stefani, Jimmy Buffet, etc.

The photos below are part of the photos I took of our son and his big day!! [He'd not appreciate if I posted the ones where he is alone, and close up--so, these'll have to suffice.]

The top one---is of him walking into the arena--during the pomp and circumstance. From the bottom left of the photo, he's the second one up --on the left. [in glasses and light blue shirt]

The 2nd photo is of him in line for the Master's Degree. [If you look into the arena seating---find the guy in the blue shirt in the front row....directly below him is our son]

And the third one is just a 'full view of the pomp and circumstance' looking toward the stage.

Houston Texas
University of St. Thomas
Reliant Park

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  1. Hhmm, nice for mothers isn't it ? I bed you forgot all your traffic troubles ! I like the statue !!! looks very impressive and changes a little from always WASPS heros !

  2. First of all, congratulations to your son on graduating with a Master's degree!! I remember when both my sons graduated with their Masters degree from University, how very proud I felt so I know exactly how you are feeling:-) I don't think I would like to drive through Houston if the traffic is that busy..give me a country road any time! lol xox

  3. Awwww... what a GREAT moment for you as parents -- and for HIM as the graduate! Congratulations to him! I know you ARE proud!!! Krysti & Derek have a graduation coming up! No Master's Degrees yet - but gettin' outta High School IS the FIRST step! LOL!