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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out


But first----

In honor of this being my 200th post in my new blog "Hootin' Anni", I wanted to do a fun blog entry. We all have heard of alien beings from outer space, in different galaxies from ours. Have you ever been abducted? Have you ever visited USA's "Area 51"? Does your country and its people believe? Perhaps the "Grinch who Stole Christmas" is one! Afterall, he is green, and quite odd and alien-looking!! No? You decide.

But really, have you ever gone rock hunting? I love to find unique rocks, and I'm always digging around with my hands or even the sole of my foot, looking for crystals, flint, or maybe even stumble upon a geode!! But, here in this state, in our own back yard, in the rock covering of a section of the yard, I'm pulling weeds that seem to show up out of nowhere over night. And while I'm down there on my hands an knees, I'm looking at all the stones, as I shift them around, digging with my gloved fingers for the weed root opening so I can pull it out.

Most of the rock used here for a ground covering consists of hardened clay, a lot of flint and even some petrified palm bark. [that will be another blog for the future --I bet you can't tell the difference between the petrified bark and bark from a recent chipping from a tree ---later on that].

Now perhaps, if you're into scientific discoveries and reading up on such things, you know of the petrified forests in Arizona. And perhaps you my come to realize that we may not have been the first creatures on earth. Prehistoric animals and beings. Maybe, just maybe there were alien beings here before us!!! The government scientists and astronomers are now reporting to us that there is evidence of life on Mars at one time!! Did they leave Mars in search of a livable planet and come to Earth? And why is the U S government hiding evidence from us from Roswell, if there isn't something significant we should know? I'm inclined to think there was life of 'human-like' form before us. And I have proof positive!! "Carved in stone", so they say!! hehehehehe-------->

This rock was actually found in our yard! Absolutely no touch ups. What you see it real! Maybe the non-earthling was buried in molten lava and he's now here to stay in my rock collection. [Have I lost my rocks? Or am I one short of crystalized? LOL] Enlargement by clicking on image
Ahhhhhhhhh, come on, use some imagination!!! View the light colorations---does it not look like an alien being with long skinny legs? Can you notice the dark coloration in the egg shaped head? Could that have been an eye and the mouth?


There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle-ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area we call the 'Twilight Zone.'

A few alien 'one-liners':

And which dwarf are you?
Earth is full. Go home.
Do they ever shut up on your planet?
Adult child of alien invaders.
I like cats, too. Let's exchange recipes.


Alien cartoons:
[courtesy of cartoon synd.]



This is me, a school picture! What else depicts childhood best but the gawd-awful school photos! And my hair!! Oh lordy....a beautician my mother wasn't!!!

And I'd like to take this opportunity to give thanks for the wonderful outpouring of care and concern over my hospital/emergency room heart ailment! I'm feeling much better now, very tired still, but improving as each day progresses. Won't get the results back from my nuclear heart [speaking of alienation?!! --My heart? Well, it did glow green and orange and blue in the dark for a while!!!] testing until the 14th of this month. UNLESS the cardiologists finds something wrong prior to that! Again, thanks goes out to all who have kept me in their hearts and prayers!!



  1. You look so sweet though hehe.

  2. These old photos! Everyone likes them except the person who's in them. I think you look beautiful!

    Glad to hear you're feeling better

  3. Oh, the oldies but goodies!!!

    Glad you are doing better - have a good weekend.

  4. Hey, I think your hair is cute! So blonde and curly, I'll bet a lot of kids coveted your hair, lack of styling and all!

  5. Wow- school photos. They always look the same.

  6. oh, but your hair was beautiful!

    Glad to hear you're feeling better, that must've been scary for you :(

  7. LOL! That IS a neat rock! I doubt that I would have noticed the "little fella" in there had I found it in MY yard! (this is why YOU found it in YOUR yard!) It certainly did spur your imagination!

    Love the photo of you as a child too -- that was the year I was born! Kinda puts us in perspective, huh?

  8. As I finally made it all the way down to the comments section, it sounds like you are doing so much better now!! Wonderful!! You sound like the ole' anni is back! That is wonderful news!! Nice to have you back. I have been wondering and wondering how you are!! That is quite a unique rock I would say!! Crazy how it does look like just what you think it does!! Hm!! Take care just because you are feeling better...still take care. SAndy
    PS great picture of you. I need to get my Photo Hunt up too.

  9. Oh, I think your hair is lovely!

  10. Nice to hear that you are feeling better ! Rest well and then you will be able to jump around like a little kanguroo !
    I loved the stone you found in your garden and that video about aliens is really funny !
    I had to laugh about your childhood picture because I have the same of me and when you consider that I am living on the other side of the world, these school poses seem to be international, lol !

  11. heh heh - great video.

    and yes, I could see the alien in the rock. I never knew they were so small - now I shall not fear them! HA!:)

  12. Wow, beautiful old picture, I notice it said 57 - 58 and I was born on 59. Pretty cool huh! I instead used a photo of one of my granddaughters for mine.

  13. Anni sweetie, you were the cutest kid! Now youre a beautiful woman! I'm so happy youre feeling better, youre in my heart and prayers always!

  14. Your school picture is fabulous... at least when compared to mine. In my first grade one I look like someone has been starving me to death, in the second grade I was a round butterball. In between... tonsillectomy!

    Hope you are feeling better and get great news from your doctor.

  15. I like your photo. You are brave. I won't post my school pictures. I didn't realize you had an ER visit and hope all is okay.

    PS: I love the new look of your blog. Happy Saturday.

  16. Ah, I think the hair is gorgeous! What a lovely photo.

  17. Oh my you look so cute!! Pop over and see my school

    So happy you are feeling better.
    Take care,

    My photo is up.

  18. Ah, I'm so glad to hear that you're a bit better at least :-)

    That's an awesome rock you've found there - it rocks! I've collected a lot of rocks too, but I've come to realize that now is the time to get rid of most of them. I can't save all of them, no space in this compact living apartment - and we may move later so I don't want to move so much stuff!

    Aliens? Well, maybe I am one... I certainly feel like it very often!


    PS. If you feel like going to the Zoo, that's what's up today at the cruise :-)

  19. That's what's common in our old pictures. We tend to see what's not good but actually, they're just great like what you have here. :)

  20. What a nice picture of you.
    I hope you are feeling better. Take it easy!!! Have a great weekend.

  21. I love all these photos of "bloggers" as kids. How sweet.

  22. You look very cute in your school photo, even if you don't like it.

    Sorry to hear about your trips to the ER! My mom has a very high heart rate naturally (her max HR is 213 bpm) so she's had all kinds of stress tests, etc. I hope that there's nothing seriously wrong with your heart.

  23. Love the gorgeous blonde hair. I all the other little girls were jealous.
    Sure hope you're feeling better. Get well soon and stay healthy.

  24. Glad to hear your feeling a lot better Anni. I made out the little Alien when i enlarged the photo.and love your blonde locks in the school photo. take care.

  25. You look just like........
    YOU!!!! And I think your hair is adorable!
    happy weekend

  26. What a fun post!
    I did see the alien.
    You're adorable too, by the way.

  27. What a sweetie! Those school pictures were funny, wern't they? Someone said everyone likes them except the person who is in them, and I totally agree with that. I hated all my school photos, but my mom sure loved them!!

    Great picture for the theme, and I'm glad you are doing better!

  28. What gorgeous hair even if it is a bit "unruly"!! Glad to hear that you are feeling better, too.

  29. Glad to hear you're better! I kinda like your hair -- but then, we're about the same age. And I'm jealous that you were a blonde.

  30. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww. . . adorable!

    My childhood pic is up too

  31. Ooooh I can see the alien!!! lol What a very neat rock to find! Hey I beleive in aliens...can't tell me we humans are the only ones around!! Maybe I'M an never know! hehe Anyway, you were such a cutie as a child...well you still are but you know what I mean! lol xoxo

  32. I think you looked real pretty in that picture.

  33. Anni, glad to see you back! As for aliens, there are plenty of them walking the know, weird dress, vacant looks,!

    Amazing rock though...looks like a refugee from Roswell.

    Take care

  34. Hi hootin'anni,
    That's a lovely photo, it was great fun to look through the old ones, wasn't it?
    I hope you are feeling better.