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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

This is the newest venture I am reading. As I said, I love reading historical novels. This one seems that it's going to be a challenge to read tho...the dialect is regional--her natural-born , so to speak. Irish & Welsh and quite different than anything I've tried to read in a long time. But all in all, it's still about an historical character. Lady Hamilton. The greatest love interest to 'hit England' in any era. She was Lord Horatio Nelson's love interest. And from what I've learned over the years in historical write-ups, the love and devotion was legendary. She was professed to be quite bawdy and foul-mouthed. We'll see.

I found the book at half price bookstore the other day. Both hubby and I love to spend at least an hour or two twice a week there to find good books. This one, tho it was published first of the year, was in paperback. I don't even know if it was in hard back cover to begin with....usually when a new book is released, it comes out in hard back. But February 2007 may be a good time for a good paperback book!! I can't reason why I missed the hard covered release.

I'm hoping the true romance between Emma Hamilton and Lord Nelson will shine and be a thrilling epic story! As it was in real life.
[link to the book is on my sidebar]


  1. Oh how I wish my hubby loved books!!! He has always looked at me oddly when I HOW CAN YOU DO THAT!! Well it is easy. He just does not like to read. I have loved reading for years and years.
    Have a great Friday and weekend.

  2. Well, DO let us know how this one comes out! I'm not the historical fiction buff at my house! I WILL read it occasionally... but Dennis is much more into history, both real and fictional. He's not much into love stories though! ;) So you let me know if it's something I just GOTTA read! (or if I'll even understand it!) LOL!

  3. I love historical novels too and that one sounds good. I'll have a look for it at the libray. It certainly will be a challenge to read it in the dialect. Good luck!

    Have a wonderful Easter