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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

This area of our city is known for its migratory birding. Most times in the Spring when hubby and I walk the area, there are several different species of birds. For some reason, there were very few varieties today. So, I took advantage of a few shots and will share a few of the scenery on the walk also. It's Hans Suter Park

A sandpiper

I'm thinking this perhaps is an egret - not sure!!

This is a heron --very abundant in the water areas around town.

This blooming tree is a Mexican Olive Tree

This pathway takes you to the bay, Oso Bay. Across the bay to the east-southeast is Texas A&M Corpus Christi campus [one of the many campuses]

You can click to enlarge them. I hope the historical marker is legible. At least for some. It tells you about the Native American tribes that were once settled along the Texas coastlines.

"I used to have a handle on life, and then it broke. "


  1. Beautiful photos, Anni. I'm trying to relax and release abit of the stress I'm feeling this morning. Would you believe our waterheater quit three days before we close? If it wasn't so pathetic, I'd laugh.

    Got a plumber in here right now replacing it. These things happen, but I wish they wouldn't happen to me!

    Breathe, Carol!!

    Thanks for the vote of confidence! We'll need it!

    Hugz, dear one!

  2. I used to live in Texas, but the only birds I remember are some great big blackbirds...they used to make me nervous as they would line the sidewalk on my walk into work...I mean...I'm scared of chickens for goodness sakes and these were as big if not bigger than some chickens I've had the displeasure to meet!

  3. Looks like you guys had a most pleasant day! Neato!

  4. I love historical markers; I could read every word easily, and enjoyed it, as well as the pictures. Happy WW.

  5. Oh i love your pictures....especially the ones of the funny that you should post about birds when I did the very same thing this evening....Thanks so much from dropping by my blog....


  6. Ah, thanks for the refreshing walk with you Annie!

    I envy you of all the bird sightings. I love birds.

  7. Anonymous4/27/2007

    What lovely pictures! I enjoyed my walk around the park with you ;-)

  8. I do think it's an Egret.