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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Okay, so I'm addicted to blogging! It's easy to get 'into this thing' ---actually wondering in advance what to write about. Anybody else that way?

Each morning, before hubby gets up, I try to be alone in the quietness of the hour and check my blog to see if everything is still running as it should be from the day before, and I most always have a companion at my desk. You see, he's contented, I fed him, and he thinks he needs to be by my, in he comes....jumps up on the desk, checks the blog [actually mouse/cursor] to see it there is any activity. If there isn't, this is where he plants himself until it's time to eat again....

Tahoe's here in the room with me too, but she has her own little 'hidey hole' ---behind the telescope, between the legs---snoring!!! Actually, Winston snores too....he usually has his head butted up against the plant basket on the desk, and every once in a while ---a snore emits. I'm surrounded by snorers!!

Cute, tho!!


  1. You've got some good company there!

  2. LOL! Well... I think we're all fairly addicted to this thing called Blog! But no... I don't really think or wonder what I'm going to write about. What I do is while life is happening, I'm thinking Oh, I'm gonna need to blog this! And sometimes life happens so quickly that I have TOO MANY things I need to blog all at once! Then sometimes nothing much is happening, and so I don't really have anything to blog about. And so, God made meme's! Or He made somebody who made meme's! LOL! But honestly, I rarely sit around and think about what to blog! I either have something ... or I don't. (and I have NO problem with not putting anything up for a day or so!)