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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Because it's the Easter weekend, I am not participating in the regular blog roll, photo hunt, today. I'm feeling a bit nostalgic because of the fact tomorrow IS Easter and life is wonderful -----

Oh to look back in time! I was sitting on the picnic table bench and enjoying the breeze on the fine sunny afternoon....thinking.

Our daughter, Irene, is busy preparing for our grandson's senior trip to ---of all places, Colorado [where both our kids were born, and where our grandsons were born]---anyway, she's telling me about the fact that our soon to be grad is getting excited to 'go back home' for just a little while, and have fun on the senior trip!

And, I'm thinking to myself ---dear me!! A grandson, graduating from High School!! Mind you, he has Down Syndrome, and naturally, the love of my life forever and ever---but is he really that age? Sure, I realize that he has been put in the classes without really being a 'regular' student, but he's definitely NOT dumb or completely slow [he's what physicians and psychologists 'label' as "high functioning Down's"] as some would think....his speech is somewhat 'jarbled' ---but only now when he is excited and speaks too fast. If you look at him straight in the eye and tell him ----"Slow down!" He'll smile his ever so sweet smile, and say "Sorry Gramma"----and then his speech is clear and concise. But oh is he ever so excited.

Golly. I just am dumbfounded tho. Secretly, to myself, I'm thinking "Anni, you just graduated from high school not too long ago!!!" Then, I realize it'll be 40 years ago next month!!! Boy howdy, it was just yesterday!! Of course, I really loved school....I was 'smart' in school [but not as smart --or "life smart" as I am now of course....there are always lessons to be learned, daily!]. But high school was a breeze for me. (I really was blond, and all jokes aside, I did well throughout school ---3.5 to one year with a 4.0 average.) I worked on high school credits in Junior High even ---allowing myself a bit of freedom in the last 3 years of district schooling. In my senior year, I had all my credits except for the required math, english and history. I took those for the first three courses of the day, and shorthand for my fourth. By eleven thirty I was allowed to leave the campus and go to work at 1 pm. I worked 5 days a week at the Chamber of Commerce my senior year. 4 hours a day. And in the summer I took off for one month after I graduated and spent a month in Washington D. C. with my sister. She lived and worked there---lived on "D" Street. Of course while she was working, I did a whole lotta sight seeing. It was a great month in 1967. After I went back to Colorado, my job was waiting for me.

The boss was great. He allowed me the month off with a guarantee of when I returned the job would be there!! I worked full time up until 3 months after I was married...with only 1 month of college. Working, being a wife, and soon to be pregnant ---I couldn't afford the "time" for school. I never looked back!!

Besides, I feel I never really missed much when I chose to stop college advancement. In that aspect, I feel that college is good if you want to be a career woman and excel in only a certain major. With real life....marriage, and raising a family ---I've learned oh so much more!! I've learned business, home repair [carpentry, electrical, landscaping, interior and exterior design --we designed our own home that we had built], medical, culinary, psychology, oh so much by being a full-time parent!! I wouldn't have changed a thing!

Now---our daughter is out of high school for twenty years. Her son is graduating......where does time go? I'm only happy that I have had the chance to watch them both grow to fine, upstanding adults. Knowing we both did a good job! And Irene is working on becoming a minister of psychology!! She'll do well in that field too!!! [what her choice of schooling entails will eventually serve her God and those who need counseling in abuse, child services, and the word of God] She had a grandmother that was teaching us all the ways of the Bible!! She had a good teacher when she was a child!! This will be a vocation meant for her....and her grandmother is looking down upon her and smiling!!!


Our son will soon be graduating too, next month. He, as I've stated before, is working full time, going to a private, Catholic university in Houston by night....he's served his country in the United States Marine Corps early in his teen-aged life, now on his way to becoming a PhD in History. His aspiration is to be a doctor before 40. I think he'll make it at this rate. His plans are to become a professor along with continuing his vocation in real estate investments - insurance. This Spring he will have completed his Masters Degree and graduating high in honors!! And, I'll be there!! Then a couple years down the road, and more credits to require that I soon will have to call him DR. Erik. Hmmmmmmmmm. Can I do it? Damn straight I can.

Well, they say that each generation is defined in twenty year in 1967, our firstborn in 1987 and now the 3rd generation 2007!!!

I'm thankful!!!! Life for me, is good. I'm very proud of my kids! They are working their way through life, well-established adults and reaching their dreams and goals....what else can a mom ask of them?


  1. Hi Anni,....Don't feel bad, I graduated from High School,46 years ago..I did not like HS as much as I enjoyed and loved my nursing school.
    Your young adults are doing great!!!
    Have a wonderful day.... Baba

  2. Just wanted to wish you a very Happy Easter!

  3. amberstar4/07/2007

    Doesn't it make you feel good to know your kids and their kids are doing well. I know it does me.

  4. Those are some great reminiscences and what better time to do some reflection then at this time of the year when it's all about rebirth and renewal?

    Have a very happy Easter!

  5. Oh my ! you are in deep thoughts today ! Contrary to you I hated school (or more the teachers) and they didn't like me either. So my notes where lamentable. But as bad as I was in school as good I was in real life and I made it quite far professionally. I also managed to combine wife, mother and a responsible job. I started early to work earned good money because of my language skills and can look back on my past with pleasure and no regrets. And that at least is something !

  6. Congratulations to your dear grandson.

    Yes, time flies by so fast but it's always heartwarming to look back and reminisce about the wonderful memories.

    Have a blessed Easter!


  7. What a sweet post. Because it is Easter weekend, I almost decided to not do a photo hunt post, too, and then I remembered that today is the anniversary of my parents wedding and it all came together. I'm right on your heels, Anni, just a year behind you! Have a most blessed Easter!

  8. Congratulations on raising such a wonderful family. I'm sure they all look up to you for a lot of guidance, even though as you say, they're doing fine on their own.

    Your grandson and granddaughter also have much to be proud of. He sounds like such a great young man.

    I've often thought that if I had a child born with downs syndrome it would have been a blessing from the Lord, that he felt confident to give that child to me to raise.

    Instead he gave me three step-children that I have raised from a young age (8,6 and 4) plus our child and they have all turned out great, not that we didn't have our troubles during the teenage years for some of them!

    Happy Easter, Anni!

  9. Our oldest granddaughter, Brie is graduating from high school this May too. She is going to be 18 soon. It seems like I was just holding her right after she was born. I remember sitting there with tears just streaming down my face!! What a miracle. Now she is graduating. She has 2 other sisters and a brother. Julie is her mom. I think you read her blog...Jules Journal?? I see you name sometimes there. Then our next daughter has two that our 6 and 8. Our son is not married but he is 42. I loved high school..Loved it and did good but worked hard to get good grades. I was in the top 10 and was the homecoming queen so Had a great time. Met Mike young and married young!! Would do it all over again!! No college but like you I have learned so much!! I must be just a bit older than you. I graduated for HS in 63. Great post today. I hope you have a wonderful and blessed EASTER..sandy

  10. What fantasic reflections Hon!
    All our memories, happy and sad, have made us what and who we are today. I wouldn't trade any of it.
    Happy Holidays and know you're in my thoughts.

  11. I enjoyed reading about your family.

    Happy Easter to you all!


  12. Happy Easter to you and yours, Anni - let happy thoughts multiply like rabbits!


  13. Have A blessed one yourself.


  14. Hi Anni:-) I'm very lucky and like you, my kids have done so well for themselves...they both graduated from university and now have jobs in their fields. As you said, what more could a mother ask for:-) Congratulations to your kids for doing so well too!! Just a quick visit to wish you and yours a very Happy Easter:-) I have my boys and Wendy here this weekend so it's been busy! xoxo

  15. Funny, I left a comment here yesterday, but obviously it didn't I'll try again.

    You must be very proud of your lovely family who are doing very well with their lives. Isn't it good to see?

    Have a lovely Easter.