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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Most of the day, off and on there were thunderstorms, mists, rain, lightening, darkening of clouds, rolling clouds and earlier in the day, watches and warnings throughout the coastal bend area. Which, of course, got me to thinking....wondering how the hurricane season will be this summer and into autumn....

So, I went searching.

Quoted on the 3rd of April, from Fort Collins, Colorado's CSU's Department of Atmospheric Sciences, it's predicted by Dr. Gray that in the Atlantic coastal regions, 2007 will be a highly active hurricane season ---probabilities caused by El Nino subsiding. [click to enlarge the findings graphs, below]

[screenshots courtesy of website of Atmospheric Sciences]


  1. Mother Nature strikes again! Or is it global warming? That stuff doesn't really bother me but I don't live in a hurricane area, that's probably why.

    My Mum used to worry about hurricanes in Florida because they had a winter home down there but not anymore. She's dead and Dad sold the house last winter. Sorry ma!

  2. P.S. That was actually quite cathartic to be able to say that so callously and not break down in tears. Oh dear... better go or they'll start to come.

  3. Hang on to your hat Anni! Looks like it's gonna be a wiiiiiiild ride!