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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Ever stop to think, and forget to start again?
=^. .^=

Melli, over at Insanity Prevails Blog, showered me with the award of thinkers....the Thinking Blogger Award. I have seen this award floating around for a couple of weeks now, and was surprised with such a gift, and I still wonder why she chose my meaningless blog. Then, after I read her description of her five choices I realized she enjoys dropping by once in a while; as I enjoy her blog. Thank you for the lovely words about my blog, Melli.

She and I have been friends for many-a-years. And I cherish her thoughts, her joy of life, her demeanor, her smiles, her joking, her sense of timing, her family; everything about the dear woman. She's a treasure!!

Now, I understand I am to award five others who have blogs. Which will be most difficult in two ways for me. One, some blogs I love to frequently visit have been awarded the "Thinker" already, and secondly - the other ones that haven't been awarded yet, or I don't know about the award being handed to them ---well, it's hard to just pick five!! But here goes:

The five awards from me go to---

Junie's Place - June's blog is a tribute to her family. She has made me stop and 'think' several times what life is all about. Family, Love, Devotion. I enjoy visiting with June. It's a down-home atmosphere filled with photos of life. Family, Gardening, Crafts, Pride, Humor. An all around Floridian Fountain of a Free Spirit that conveys what life is and should be.

Orchids and Violets What can I say? There's no thinking about why I chose this blog!----Just beauty, and more beauty. Well, perhaps a bit of envy and jealousy on my part when I think of the know-how and skills it takes to grow such wonderful specimens of God's Nature!! Just take a look and share your time with Jean...and you just may find yourself thinking along with me ----"How does she do this?" Also shared with us at times is her spiritual wisdom, her artistic capabilities and much more.

This and That is a fairly new blog in blog-o-sphere. I had the pleasure of stumbling across this through the blogroll "Over 50 Bloggers" and enjoyed reading and thinking this lady has a lot in common with me. Fortunate enough to take an early retirement, having two kids like me --a boy and a girl, grandkids, and a love of life as it's handed down to her. Her blog is an eclectic array of everything under the sun. Life, humor, love, and turning a certain age....Ya know? Yep, that is something we all do...age!! Drop by and say hi to her.

Texas RV Traveler What else needs to be said? Think Texas, Think Travel ---and you have this awesome trip. Not only Texas, but the last visit there was some very stupendous photography of Texas's Springtime Wildflowers. And since I enjoy the beauty of flowering plants....I visit often. The photography is well worth a visit.

and last, but not least:

The Turning Point. I met Carol through blogging of course, and came to realization this woman has quick wit, a devotion to the troops, a joy of music like I have, and a woman in the North who dreams of becoming a Southerner! Well, after many-a-moon, she and her hubby are now at the turning point of their lives, retired, and heading southward...hence, southward ho!!

You'll love visiting with a lady called Carol. And after visiting with her, a lady called Friend! Everythink you find there shows a woman of stature and stamina. One who can 'think aloud' and convey her thoughts with dignity, or humor, or just down to earth appeal that oftentimes you'll find yourself in total agreement!!

Of course, all humans are thinkers. Just different ways of thinking, and that is what makes going through blogs so much fun and so interesting....there are common bonds, and yet some make YOU think with their thoughts. To the five above, I'm sending along the prestigious blog award: THE THINKING BLOGGER AWARD!!


  1. YAY! Excellent choices Anni! It IS hard to pick just 5!

  2. Congratulations on winning the Thinking Blogger Award...very well deserved I must say:-) I'm so glad you chose Junie as one of the 5 picks...she truly deserves it too!! Well done! xox

  3. Thank you! Now, do I write up 5 bloggers?

  4. Anni,

    I am so honored to be among your 5 awardees. Blogging is something I came to 'accidently' and it's always special to be recognized by those whom you respect and admire most.

    Thank you, thank you!


  5. Wahoo! Thank you so much. I am so honored to be included in your top five. You are so right describing my blog as eclectic, because I’m having trouble deciding a theme; therefore, I write about everything under the sun and more. This is very much like my life…trying to decide who I now am.

    Again, thanks so much!