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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

I tried to post this yesterday afternoon but kept getting an 'error message' with blogger---so, this morning I went back out and recopied the code for the slideshow, *keeping my fingers crossed* that it'll work this goes *reaching down, sliding the mouse over the pad----clicking 'publish'...................

It was my favorite kinda morning....misty, quiet, and 'tropical'. The dew was heavy on the plants, grass, and trees....birds singing to me. No sounds could carry so beautifully...the only thing missing today was the sound of surf, and the gulls laughing!!

But, with the morning air, I drank it all in and grabbed my camera and ran around our entire home snapping pictures of the newly opened blossoms to share with anyone who's stuck in the cold, snowy country!! It's one of my most enjoyable times of year....tho, I really don't mind any time of year....there're just better than others. I try to live and enjoy every moment I can and soak up the quiet times of morning hours!!

Here, for you is some Spring beauty in South Texas, along the "Coastal Bend", our yard!!


  1. Lovely garden. Your flowers are beautiful. I suck at growing roses.

    My Mum used to have a pink bougainvillea like you have in the front terrace at her home in FLA. She loved that thing!

    Have a happy Easter, Anni!

  2. It's lovely Anni!

  3. Very nice! It's pretty chilly today on my side part of the coast. I guess spring is not completely here after all.

  4. Hey! Loved those flower pictures!

    I have never tried the slide shows! I should figure it out- if only I could!


  5. Beautiful flowers Anni!

  6. Anni,...You are too smart!!!! A very clever project .. I enjoyed this very much.. Baba

  7. It always amazes me how widely spring comes around the country. My roses aren't even close to blooming yet. You have beautiful Bougainvillea. I can't grow them here - only as an annual. The winter is too cold. I'm quite jealous.

  8. Wonderful garden:-). Thank you for sharing some spring color.
    Have a great day!!

  9. amberstar4/05/2007

    Your garden is lovely! Up here in North Central Texas we aren't quite as far along as you all. I'll post some pics of our roses before long.

  10. That's it, I'm movin' in with you so that I can enjoy those gorgeous flowers in your garden! hehe Oh, you would not believe how much my eyes feasted on your slideshow...better than looking out the window at the snow we just had yesterday!!! xox