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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Today is Earth Day. It's a beautiful, peaceful and quiet Sunday here on the coast. Cloudy, and so serene. All I hear outdoors right now are the seagulls above, and a few birds singing in the lush bushes around the yard.

I'm at my best in the quiet solitude of mornings.

Perhaps it may rain a bit. It'd be a nice soft storm if it does build up. A big thunderous storm would ruin the atmosphere the morning has to offer.

I'm gonna take the rest of the day to relax and enjoy. What could be finer than to be with hubby, enjoying the day?

[these photos below were in a draft from a day or two ago]

Amaryllis in bloom -Off front master bedroom windows
[I was curious to see what the plural form of 'amaryllis' was, so looked it up on Google --"Amaryllis is Greek, so the plural would be amaryllides, but in English, the plural is amaryllises".] Personally, I'd prefer amaryllides...sounds more fitting.

Yellow Trumpet Bush
Off living room window/porch --the sun popped out to shine down on the trumpets just as I clicked the camera, and then faded behind the cloud cover again. Pretty cool, huh?


  1. very cool.
    I have neglected my plants terriby.
    my trumpet bush bloomed pretty much one side and looks like it is falling
    Have a nice sunday

  2. Things are dying here because we are in a drought. We are not supposed to water either so that is making it very bad for us and especially for the plants. I hate it for them!! The azaleas did not even look good as usual this year. I suppose not enough water for them. The oleander is in bloom now all over Savannah. They are very hardy though. Great pictures. Stay relaxed today..Sandy

  3. Anni,

    Very beautiful flowers!

    ...AND - your blog looks great!


  4. Beautiful photos. I agree that amaryllises sounds horrid.