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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

I love reading peoples' haiku. They always convey the feeling, emotion or season perfectly. And I envy those with this talent. Very much. So, in turn, for years I've wanted to delve into my writing ability and convey the real stuff. But never found the time to take the time and perhaps accomplish a haiku. Today, I read up on haiku, and found that in Japanese haiku, you must have the five, seven, five syllable technique. To be honest, I haven't had the privilege of having much teachings in the oriental culture. My whole world of the orient is here at home, with my hubby's love for Japanese figurines, and well...."made in Japan" or "made in China". And the ancient oriental people have a profound meaning to me ---they are wise beyond compare. I also read about Mastuo Basho, a master of haiku....where when in need of solitude, he'd withdraw himself into a hut made from plantain leaves, called basho-an [hence his pseudonym]. At the beginning, he wrote his views of nature as a frivolous pastime. Today it's become a renowned form of poetry.

Most often, the haiku is a representation of emotion, seasons. Haiku is to, with other 'media forms', draw a painting, tell of a dream, or bring forth a story. With haiku, the words, even rearranged should still convey the same meaning.


Here are my seven different attempts [with the 5,7,5] at the 'seasonal' haiku:

Summer sand pebbles
Torture, piercing, blistering
Beneath the bared feet.


Desert summer sky
White hot electricity
summer breeds, scorching.


Dolphins, blue and gray
arches lurching, seesawing
Summer's glassy seas.


Wilted parched dying
roses bend in prayer for rain
'tis a Summer drought.


Rainbows aft a storm
across a darkened rupture
August's gale ends. Soothing.


Songs, harbor bells ring
gulls laugh and mists fall
Shore of Autumn rings changes.


Hiss, warble and chant
winds of winter's adjustments
Tranquil, hush, hibernation.

<><>And two haiku with emotions:

Pride, gratified joy
Protectors, military
Sadness, mournful loss.

(this first one isn't what it's all about, too many words of emotions here, but the one word, military shows my feelings of all the above in today's times)

My second, and last, attempt with emotion haiku:

Larks singing verses
Flitting among the branches
Life's beautiful, I'm happy.


  1. BRAAAAAAAVO! YAY! *clap clap clap* I am a BIG FAN of the Haiku! Always have been and enjoy writing them also! They are FUN - and I think they're fairly easy! Especially for those of us that like to "play" with words! *nods* You did GREAT!

  2. You made me look in Wikipedia I never heard this word and only now can understand your post. I read a lot of chinese culture but in Japonese much less. I know it more for Judo, Yoga etc. My son did Judo and I Yoga, but it didn't suit me, but I loved Thai Chi. Now that has nothing to do with poetry, but I realize that with blogging you can always know something new !

  3. Very good work, yhank you
    have a good weekend.