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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Captain Lifecruiser and her special cyber cruise scheduled an evening ball coming up soon. And I for one want the purrr-r-r-fect gown.

With that said and on my agenda....I'm off!
For a day of shopping!
A fun, fun, fun passtime.

I slip on my shoes ---sensible shoes that are easily slipped off and on....

.....and away I go!!!

So, naturally, I must step off the deck of the cruise-ship and go shopping for that very special piece of rag to, like Johnny Mercer once wrote about and Bing Crosby sang about, to accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, latch on to the affirmative, and never---never mess with the in between.

Why, really ---have you ever seen my in between!!?! There's just no way I can get that going right. So, while out and about, I go with affirmative ---firm up the mid-drift with an extra holder-inner that will suck up the middle flab and make it A FIRM little belly of days before kids and age and gravity took over. Then, I will search and search for the elimination of the negative ---and the negative here is to make sure that none of the cellulite is, that ELIMINATES anything that you can 'see through'!! And what's left is accentuate the positive....hmmmmmmm, now what on earth can I find on this beefcake ---hehehehe, more like decrepit chassis we call body!

As I walk the, now get those nasty thoughts out of your mind! I'm walking the streets in an innocent way ---not soliciting for money. Well, on second thought! No!!! Get those ideas out of your head, Anni. You have your infamous American need to solicit any part for extra cash!! Besides, I probably wouldn't make enough to even cover the tax on a dollar!!

Okay, so I'm walking the streets going in and out of stores. My first thing for that special look for the ball will be the shoes and accessories. I always buy shoes first. I'm weird that way. I never buy the dress, the finishing touch if you ask me, first. Buy shoes and the accentuating touches first.

So, I am trying on shoes. They must be comfortable, of neutral color....always neutral! I don't go for hot pinks, or 'sea foam blue', or even chartreuse----that just draws attention to my legs....tho shapely still, there are hints of wrinkles around the knee caps. Yes, the neutral, silver, patent white, anything that is perfect for an evening ensemble ---stylish and sexy where it will accentuate my high arch. I still have the high arch!! That's one thing that gravity hasn't got 'hold of yet!! Something simple in design, with open back....I plan on doing a lot of dancing in these shoes, I don't want blisters or any tight, confining discomfort on my feet. Nothing with anything over a 4" heel either....I'm getting up there in numbers, and I don't want to fall on my face with stiletto heels!!

I'm really satisfied with this, soft and comfortable....on sale for $53.00 [USA] And neutral in style, it will go with anything. And I do have something in mind now that I have the shoes....the dress will now have to be----well, wait. I'll keep the dress style and color in mind while I go and shop for jewels for MORE accentuating the positive.

On my way to the jewelry shops, I stop off at V S and find a slimming undergarment. And make the purchase.
Along with other pieces. Long, flowing, satin, strapless slip(always purchase strapless when the dress isn't found yet.....and long. Evening gowns should be long and classic): $74.00[USA]

----Ya know? Paris Hilton was quoted saying: “There’s nobody in the world like me,” she told the UK’s Sunday Times. “I think every decade has an iconic blond — like Marilyn Monroe or Princess Diana — and right now, I’m that icon.”

Well, I got news for that babe!! Move over, Paris!! Hootin' Anni is soon to make her mark in the Cruise's tabloid!!!

After a couple of hours, this ol' babe, the new blond icon, is hungry!! Ahhhh, yes, good thing. Eating before trying on gowns is smart!! You'll have a perfect fitting for the scrumptious dining and dancing for later in the evening....and with the next few days before the ball, there's bound to be water weight gain and such. Eat now, put on those extra few ounces, and the dress will fit perfectly. Not only iconic, Paris, but this ol' lady is smart too!! Take that!!!

So----I gladly sit down to dine.

I'm not much on seafood other than shrimp. And I miss the Texas Gulf, I think I will see if the menu here has salmon. I do like salmon. And I order the glazed salmon.

The salmon is at the peak of good health, perfectly cooked, and enlivened with a teriyaki glaze. It is set atop a vegetable medley, companioned by an ample mound of wasabi mashed potatoes, and adorned with a tiara of mango, papaya, and pineapple chutney. $25.00[USA]

Now off for some jewels. I have pearls in mind. Nothing quite says elegance and style like a simple strand of perfect pearls! And since my hair is now short, I don't want to 'over dress' my ear lobes much, just a simple perfect white/pink pearl stud for each ear. Elegance, style, and not overly gaudy!

Akoya saltwater cultured pearls. AA grade. Size: 6.5 to 7MM. Shape: Round. Body Color: White. Overtone: Light Pink. Luster: High. Nacre Thickness: Thick. Matching: Very Good Match. Origin: China. Length: Necklace is 16" long. Earring stud top is 1/4" in diameter. Setting: 14K Yellow Gold. Necklace has 14K sea shell clasp. Earring studs have 14K medium built post and butterfly back. On sale from original price of $665 - to a mere $299.25[USA]

I don't carry handbags normally, but for the ball, I will buy a simple slim pearl and silver accented clutch. And I won't want to pay much for it, because once I get back home from the cruise, it'll be nothing but carrying my cellphone holder and ID. More than likely, it'll just be donated to charity. So, no outstanding thing here....just something simple and good enough for evening wear.

After just a turn of the corner, I found the most divine little boutique that specialized in the small of frame, a bit on the flabby bodies!! The kind that can actually convert this ol' chassis into something that Ms. Hilton will be envious. I just know she's gonna show up at my doorstep and want to know all my secrets of beauty!! But, alas, she'll just have to be jealous and envious of this gal!!!----

I'm gonna be working on turning myself from this--------------

to the princess, matron queen, belle, well---who really knows what of the ball. Stay tuned!!! The finished product will be unveiled on the 14th!!!
For more, visit all the groomers and lice pickers over at the ship!! I'm sure they'll all have stories to tell!!!

no offense here people with the 'lice' comment---I'm just trying to 'sound' like what Maxine would say after a long cruise...she can get awful grouchy, ya know!!


  1. Well... you certainly ARE accessorized! Can't wait to see what that little boutique had to offer! I'm hoping I don't have to come to this dance in the buff!

  2. Look at that shoe! Surfing around on Cyber Cruisers tonight I can tell there will be a lot of Cinderella's at the ball:-)

  3. Hmmmm...after all that, I hope you don't get seasick on the cruise ship! hehe I just went over to read what this cyber cruise was about...sounds like a real hoot! lol Have fun:-) xox

  4. Thanks Anni, I enjoyed the shopping trip...all except for Wasabi mashed potatoes...sounds positively revolting! However, I can't wait to see what you've managed to gird yourself in after all the accessorising.

  5. Looking goood so far!!!! Love the shoes!!!

    The choosing is a big problem for me. Phew. This must be the toughest cruise day so far.... Even tougher than the pirates ;-)

    I couldn't even show my choices. That's how tough it is.

    I'm going to have nightmares about this....

  6. I love the shoes!! I still have to get my accessories. I was shopped out last night just looking at dresses. Oh well I've got tonight (I hope!)

  7. Heeeeelllllllooooo Dancing Queen! I love your shopping tour - especially the shoes. I´ve been here yesterday, but by some unknown reason your place was all black in my browser (I used Frank´s MAC with Safari) - expect the photos. Now I´m back... and *WOO-HOO* there´s text as well... and a very cute layout. I´m looking forward to see you dressed at the cruise ball =)