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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

I cut the five questions from my comment box yesterday and worked on the answers to the best of my ability. So, *drum roll*, here is:

....An interview with Carmen!

If you were on Survivor, and had one luxury item you could bring with you on the island, what would you take and why?

Well, being on an island, that in itself is pure luxury for me....I would love to be on an island and be the SOLE survivor!! Yet, since I don't watch the program, and I really don't have an idea of what it's all about, I'd probably say the luxury of having my own chef with me & he would have smuggled in a cb radio that would work by solar power and he could order a steak to be delivered to us once in a while!! See what kind of exotic meals he could make me for me once I was the survivor, and he'd be my prize. --Take part in his concoctions from scavenging the island, as I would definitely want to stay and not return to the mainland.

If you had to pick a color to describe yourself, what would it be and why?

Probably EVERGREEN. It's dark, yet still comforting and soothing to oneself like a winter's knitted sweater. It can be cool, yet warm, deep and silent like in forest - whispering in the wind. Goes well with most everything!! Could also be 'well-scented' as a seasonal candle; I could be like one burning brightly and filling the room with the holiday pleasures and cheers, or the pine could make you nauseated.

You are an ice cream cone. What flavor would you be, and in what kind of cone?

Well my favorite is what was once a southern standard, black walnut ice cream. I am kinda sweet, but nutty! The cone would be the plain ordinary Nabisco cone [definitely NOT the waffle cone]---since I'm ordinary, run-of-the-mill kinda lady ---yet a choice recipe. Nothing has ever duplicated me[the cone] --I am a classic all my own!

What is your favorite plant/flower, and how does it make you feel?

This is tough! I love flowers and plants, period. It's hard to chose one. For all purposes, I'd would have to chose the red rose. And when they're blooming profusely in the summer, the scent it carries makes me feel at peace with the world. [and for the plant only, it'd have to be a toss up between the fern or the rosary plant...I love them both, and they remind me of my mother, so again there's a feeling of peace.]

You have to evacuate your house forever. Your family, pets, yourself - all safe. What do you rush back in to save?

My 'generational' antiques [personal, family 'heirlooms']. I have several pieces that are from the paternal and maternal side of my family that go back to the early 1800's and late 1700's --there is too much history behind them. I can replace a lot of material things of which I have now, but never could I replace the personal value of my mom's, my grandmothers, great grandmother's things, and my great great grandmother/grandfather...there are a lot---and I have them [mostly] in one room. And they're not of monetary value, just family legacies and stories behind them that I place the value to being priceless.

If you'd like to have me make up a five question interview for you --let me know here in the comment section of this interview blog.


  1. Oh my what a challenge this would be but I am game...Sandy Great interview with Carmen...

  2. Ooooh, good answers! And you know that you are EXTRAordinary, not just ordinary.

  3. LOL! Good answers Anni! I know how you are with making up questions -- I can't wait to see what you come up with for the takers!