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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

....and speaking of flowers.

Here are more photos.
[By the way, I'm looking for volunteers!] The cactus below is in dire need of a new macrame hanger! I really dread having to do this myself. I can feel the needle pricks all over my hands as I type that it needs to be replaced. Anyone?

Ummmmmm, it shouldn't hurt too bad, promise! Step right up. I'll take y'all into consideration.

Blue Duranta

Potted Geranium in hanger

Flowering cactus - from Tucson's garden!

Micro rosa! Another mini rose, in flower pot

The first blossom of our gardenia bush
[the bush is loaded with thousands of bud!!] By the way....if you love flowers and gardening like I do, I had another post below with a slideshow of some of the blooming plants in our yard. Spring is here in Corpus!!!


  1. Beautiful! I have a gardenia bush too, but mine is a house plant! LOL It's covered with buds too and I expect I will have flowers soon.

    I'd LOVE to make you your hanger, btw. :) I used to make those a lot back in the 60's and 70's. Haven't done one in many many years though. Hubby used to laugh at me, because I'd sit barefooted and hook the loop on my big toe to hold it tight while I tied the knots. LOL

  2. I made macrame hangers and everything. In fact, I made a business out of it and did really well too. My gardenias never stopped blooming all winter. I usually cut my bush back and it never stopped blooming so I never got it cut back. It is going to be huge this year now!! Your flowers are beautiful. It is so hard here because it gets way way too HOT here...Have a great EASTER Anni!! Sandy

  3. I strongly agree with your post below -- not that most headers STAY one of a kind anyway ... I see my own creations pop up alllllllll over the blogosphere! LOL! BUT... you should have the option! As for your cactus ... might I recommend some LEATHER gloves? I'll be happy to LOAN you mine! *keeping my hands in my pockets* ;)

    Your Gardenia is lovely and I can just imagine the perfume when its in full bloom.
    Im pleased you liked my town we have a population off 6000+ and steaderly growing. this weekend it swells to over 30,000 as there are tennis, bowls,golf State Tournaments so the town is completely booked. Take care

  5. I wanted to respond to the post below but don't see a spot to click on "Add your comment". Perhaps you have comments closed for that post?

    Anyhoo, I agree with what you said but I'm also curious which is the site that does not allow it. I'm sure I don't participate anyways but can you email it to me?

    BTW Happy EASTER Anni! More beautiful flowers above!

  6. Such beautiful Spring flowers haven't even bloomed yet, I think they're scared because we have snow and cold again! lol Ummmm as for the of luck on putting it in a new macrame hanger! hehe

  7. amberstar4/06/2007

    You know...I don't even remember HOW to macrame anything :) Love the pictures!