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G-O-O-O-O-O-D Monday to you dear blog lifers!! What a glorious day ahead of us. Ya, I know it's 'nother manic Monday for some, but the busy weekend is behind us all....the Easter Bunny survived the storms here and I'm sure he headed your way too. It was kinda strange for me, the chief cook all these years. With my high cholesterol reading this past blood test, I was told to stay away from anything pork!! And that means Easter ham! Oh and sausage for Sunday breakfast. Tho we usually, just the two of us, go out for Sunday brunch....I most all the time get a sausage patty. Well, not yesterday. And it was rough, knowing it was the day for candied ham, mashed potatoes, salads, desserts and all.....but I did refrain from any pork. And I am working on getting the cholesterol count down. [my physician told me it wasn't that high for a 'danger-zone' ---but to stay away from the high cholesterol foods---but there is ONE consolation --a turkey burger with cheese[ya, I've had my share of veggie burgers too ---but I found out there's a very dangerously high content of sodium in those!!!], my favorite quick food---has half the cholesterol than one thin slice of deli ham! Cool!!!] But no ham on Easter? It just didn't seem right.

Tho, here it wasn't but just the two of us, we spent a lot of our day on the phone with family. Our daughter, as I mentioned is working on school to become a minister, and will soon be part of the 'fixtures surrounding a pulpit'. She sent me some photos of her time at the pulpit on Palm Sunday. You see, she is from an abusive relationship with now a divorce behind her and she's got the calling! I might add that after viewing all the photos she sent, she seems a natural! This is truly something, I believe, that was in the stars!! Behind all her suffering and no doubt shame of her 'weakness and fears of an addictive abuse from her hubby' [tho it wasn't all her I'm sure!!] ---Her God had a special plan laid out for her!!---This is now becoming a reality. I'm not just being a parent here....but an observer. And she looks like it was a story made in meant to be!!

Way to go Irene!!! There is joyful pride in this ol' mom's heart!!!


then, the meme for this fine Monday---

I found this meme at 2nd Avenue Music

Four jobs I have had in my life?
1) Head receptionist at Chamber of Commerce (COLORADO)
2) Office Manager at local high school (COLORADO)
3) Patient Coordinator at corporate psychiatric clinic (COLORADO)
Out of boredom after hubby retired and we relocated to ARIZONA, I was with a temp office, but soon quit[not even a full year]. No longer working---and love it.
4) Housewife ---nearly 39 years!!

Four movies I would watch over and over:
1) Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
2) Phantom of the Opera -2004
3) Titanic
4) The Whole 9 Yards -just for the comedic parts

Four places I have lived:
1) Nebraska
2) Colorado
3) Arizona
4) Texas

Four TV shows I love or loved to watch:
1) Animal shows - especially NGS's Tigers or DISCOVERY Tigers
2) Televised baseball games[seasonal] - never miss the World Series either
3) Super Bowl
4) Academy Awards
*I don't watch too much television. Most programming is not to my taste. I do watch House, and Prison Break and Two and a Half Men....but they seem to be pre-empted for American Idol which I will not watch! So, if the television is on, it's mostly on History Channel, Discovery, National Geographic, PBS, or AMC/TCM for movies. I also love historical dramas and watch some over and over --for instance: A&E's Horatio Hornblower or serials like ROOTS, THORN BIRDS, RICH MAN POOR MAN, CENTENNIAL....

Four places I have been on vacation:
1) Mazatlan, Mexico
2) Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
3) Hawai'i
4) Washington, D.C. [Twice when single & I've flown into this area twice since I've married, ...once for sights of our capital city and historical points---Arlington Cemetery, capitol, mall, Lincoln's Memorial, Jefferson, Smithsonian, IWO Jima, Library of Congress, Quantico, Viet Nam Wall....even climbed to the top of Washington Monument! and drove to Ocean City MD. The 2nd time, --from VA to Pennsylvania for Civil War stuff, such as Gettysburg, Appotmatox, Ford's Theater, Spotsylvania, Antietam,---canons and more canons!!...]

Four of my favorite foods:
1) Cheeseburger - it's actually a swiss burger I make - turkey burger with swiss cheese, stroganov gravy, mushrooms
2) Chili Verde - homemade Mexican Soup with jalapeno peppers and stewed chicken
3) Cheeseburger - another favorite I make - turkey burger with cheddar cheese, homemade cilantro picante, jalapeno peppers, lettuce, tomato, and guacamole
4) Pepperoni Pizza!!!

4 things that I would rather be doing right now:
1) beachcombing
2) birdwatching at Rockport seaport
3) traveling
4) lazing in the sun with a good book to read

Four things I always carry with me:
well, I never carry a purse anymore, but in my pocket or belt holder---
1) the cell phone
2) I D
3) plastic card --ya know? The kind that says "money's here"!!
4) water

Four friends that have been tagged that I think will respond:
No thanks, I don't tag.


  1. You made me laugh because you were a "patient" coordinator ! I hope so, can you imagine an "excited" coordinator in a psychiatric clinic ? I see some old men with round glasses and a beard jumping around !
    Manic Monday was a good idea, but now it gets more and more a Wordless Wednesday !Even its creator is getting more and more lazy ! But I still I like to spin a story around a word.

  2. so sorry you couldn't have your easter ham. :( I'm sure they have low-cholesterol ham somewhere!

  3. Sure, YEs Yes...Make anything you want for me!! I am a very very welcoming person to anyone that wants to GIVE me something!! Smile. I like your new template!! You seem to have drunk cats though...WE had never had catnip here before with our cats...One day a teabag came that was cat nip. I put it on the floor and our one know hold of it and she just went crazy with it...Simon just sat and watched was so funny...Sandy

  4. Hello Anni. Thank you for taking time to answer the question on my sticky note. I love weekly memes because it's a venue to meet interesting and wonderful people like you.

    A lovely Monday to you too. Hope your cholesterol level will go down to normal soon. It might be a little hard but I know that with a little sacrifice and self-determination, you can do it.

    Good luck to your daughter, Irene. I'm sorry to hear what she has been through and I'm glad that God has helped her recover by finding something that she loves doing.

    Belated Happy Easter. Sorry wasn't able to drop by yesterday 'coz I've been out the whole day.

    Take care and God bless.

  5. Anni! Irene is going to be a minister! How WONDERFUL is that!!! I think you are right - I think God had a special plan for her right along! That is awesome! Congratulations to her and Allelujia!

    I think it's funny that you have this meme up today! I have a very similar one up today!

  6. Anni..ARe you sending this by email..the globe? Where did you find it anyway? Thanks for thinking of me and also for stopping by today..Sandy

  7. Annnnnnnnni! Oh Anni darlin'? I have given you a Thinking Bloggers Award! You can pick it up over at my blog!

  8. Anni, I just saved the globe...I thought I would put it into photobucket and do it that way!! Thanks so much for making it for me especially..How nice of you..Where did you find it? Sandy

  9. Lovely new post Easter blog layout!

    Congratulations to your daughter! That is just marvelous! There's always a plan, even though when it seems so hard sometimes!

    Oh and congratulations to you on the Thinking Blogger Award! Well deserved!

    I've done some kid bragging on my blog today too. I know I shouldn't but sometimes a Mum's justa bustin'!