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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Yesterday, since the painting in the living room was completed, Bud and I went shopping for material for new drapery. Before, the entertainment center was in front of the picture window. And the reason was, the cable company for the TV put the cable connection for us right from the exterior into the brick and by the window! Well, we both played lazy and just put the tv and wooden monstrosity front of the window.

For two years, I've been wanting to have someone figure out a way to get the cable moved to a different wall. And since I began the painting job for the living room----I made sure that was done, so I could have the picture window, off the front porch, open and let the sunshine in!! Finally!

Well, a little over a week ago, I called the cable guy --- LOL --- and told them what I wanted. I asked them to come out and fish the cable up the exterior wall and into the attic and then drop it down the center wall of the house. Two days later, they came out and said it's not possible. And they explained see, there in our living room ceiling is a huge recessed ceiling with wood!! Probably about 2 feet deep [like an inverted spa kinda sorta] ---and the front master bedroom has 20' ceilings....which makes it impossible to get into that part of the 'attic' ---in fact with all this, there is no attic there that anyone could crawl around! To appease me, and get my window open for light and the television over in the middle/just opposite the fireplace, they tore out the carpeting that goes up the wall from the floor about 2 inches, and ran the cable along the 90 degree angle of floor/wall- and no human traffic stepping on the cable; put the carpet back, and voila! It's done. I got my window open.

I guess I made this a bit of a long-winded story, but I'm happy.

Yesterday, as I started to say, we went and found some beautiful antique turquoise brocade that would be a perfect match of the light section of the walls.

Yesterday and then today, I sewed and sewed....and hung the first of two windows. I did the larger - patio door first!!

Here it is:

[larger view: click on photo]


  1. amberstar3/27/2007

    Looks lovely! Feel like you are living the life aquatic :) I love the colors!

  2. Very well done, Anni - I´m deeply impressed... and I so love the colors!

  3. Very very stylish! *whistles*

    Beautiful colors!!!!

  4. wow, those look GREAT

  5. Absolutely gorgeous!!! I'm envious of your sewing talent. That's such a great job!