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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

[blowing ship's alert whistle---high pitched]

"NOW HERE THIS, Now Hear This"----------


What'll it be? Where will we go?

That's the big question!!!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Today is Thursday, March 29th. Two more days and then....... it's April Fool's Day. I fit into this day like peas in a pod. I am the biggest. In fact, I gave birth to my daughter on April Fool's Day. So see? I'm the biggest fool of all. [Or is she the fool? ---Well, to make a long story short ---we didn't have testing back nearly 40 years ago [I didn't give her true age away...I said nearly!!] to find out 'what sex a child is' ---and both my obstetricians said all along my firstborn was a boy---was I FOOLED!!! or what????]

Speaking of daughter, she had a battle with the stairs the other day ---the stairs won---and she broke her knee!! Our youngest grandson is doing great...busy with school sports and such....the oldest grandson graduates from high school in two months!! Lordy, lordy. Am I gettin' old or am I gettin' old?

Anyhoo ---tomorrow, since today's the 29th and my calculations are correct, tomorrow is the 30th!! And guess what? I'm the port o' call hostess for the cyber cruise!

Tho, no hints are going to be here for anyone on the cruise, other than American Surprise....I think we can justify it all by saying we're going to leave and retire March with a big bang ----"eh, E.J"?!!!

So, if you wanna, don't forget to drop by ----I'll have it up early for Americans and 'on time' for Europeans. In other words....very early. Rest up!!! We're gonna have a long-g-g-g-g-g day ahead of us tomorrow my dear cruisers!!!


In the meantime, I found another of my favorite subjects on Melli's blog this morning---so, I'm going to do this meme right away, while I have a bit of time to do it.

1. What do you like on a hot dog?
Well, first and foremost, it must be a turkey dog [at least when I cook them at home ---ballpark? I'll take polish dogs!!]....none of the pork/beef dogs like Armour brand or Bar S. I do only turkey. And to top them, melted jack cheese/or cheddar with jalapeno peppers. And if I want a change of pace, it's sauerkraut and mustard. I don't like ketchup on either my dogs or burgers....nasty.

2. What do you like on a hamburger?
Well, being that burgers are my favorite food....I could go on and on just how I like mine. There are so many ways....from just a plain cheeseburger with nothing on the bun --dry and no seasoning---all the way up to these delectable combinations: A stroganov burger [mushroom gravy, swiss cheese, and fresh buttered mushrooms, with onions] - A Mexican burger [lettuce, tomato, sharp cheddar cheese, jalapeno, hot sauce *and it MUST be lethal-hot* and topped with sour cream and guacamole] --a pizza burger [topped with italian pizza sauce, and cheeses --with mushrooms, green peppers and bits o' pepperoni]. But I can take a burger with the works too....but please, HOLD THE KETCHUP! Oh, and when I make burgers at home---they're made with ground turkey. Not beef.

3. What do you like on a baked potato?
When I bake potatoes, I normally make this the entree for our dinner. So, other than top them with butter and pepper for a side dish, the main course baked potatoes in our household can be anywhere from topping them with pizza fixings to broccoli-cheese sauce. And they're then served with toast [texas style, and garlic] and a huge salad.

4. What do you like on a slice of toast?
I'm not much on toast. If I do eat would have BUTTER on it. And when I do fix toast, I fix hubby's first then crank up the toaster to the "BURN" peg on the dial---I like my toast with charcoal!!! No, really, I do! I like my toast burned.

5. What do you like in a cup of coffee or tea?
Coffee?? No way! I don't do coffee. None, nada, zilch!! I don't like the taste. Around our house, the teas are tea....and Luisianne....for sun tea. A hot cup of tea is plain, nothing added. No sugar, no cream, nothing---------just the tea. If it's iced, lemon only.


  1. What do you mean by posting "in time" ? You are (I mean all the Americans) the latest in Blogworld (grin*)when we get up you still sleep and now you drink your morning tea(not coffee) without anything to save money while I am already with my afternoon Apple tea ! It's nearly 4 pm ! Half way to my bed. So please when do I have to come to see your cyber cruise art work ??

  2. TO GATTINA: No worries....when it comes to days like the Photo Hunt and Wordless Wednesday ---and there is such a huge time gap between your side of the world and mine....I always post early, taking into consideration of y'all!! By the time we Americans are getting UP, I know your day is nearly over!!!

    That' the exact reason I post EARLY --the night before, actually. For everyone's time-zones.

  3. Oh boy! Oh boy! I can't WAIT to see what tomorrow brings! Somehow I have a feeling I'm going to need WINGS!

    Glad you enjoyed that meme sO much! I thought it was a fairly plain little meme -- but you REALLY enjoyed it! That's great! ;)

  4. New York Europe time difference is 6 h so that's not much. It finally depends where you are. Can get to 7 h only to Los Angeles I guess it's 9 h ! I feel like a savant (lol) ! For once I can show off with something ! OK then I will put on my alarm clock and see what you have written ! (and then sleep the whole day) I always forget to tell you that I love your easter bunny with the glasses ! If it had blond hairs it could be me !

    P.S don't forget the Australians, Philippinos, Mexicans, Israelis, Irakis, South Africa, etc ! Look in Google for the time difference ! (he, he!!)