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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Okay, the captain and I snuck out last night. We both just HAD to entertain our wondering just what the RCMP did after off duty. We found a couple of them at an all night strip club and snuck them aboard.

Boy, am I tired!!

But, today, we're venturing into some land that I am quite fond of and familiar with. I've been here in this area several times, and keep going back---Baltimore, Washington D.C. and Ocean City. Melli's side excursion is one of the most beautiful areas of the USA! Today, it's Chesapeake Beach.

I can handle this!
Whatcha got in store for us dear Melli?!!!

Ahhhhhhhhhhh.....*relaxing and enjoying the ambiance!! The beach is super quiet. The best kind. Lots to see and may I say, I'm VERY grateful that you're not taking us over this --------

You know my bridge phobia?

It's a bit chilly out here walking around so I thought I'd WEAR my crabby T-shirt if you don't mind!!! And extra layers of clothing'll never hurt. The sea breezes in March leave a lot to be desired!!! And I donned a hat today, more for you as I know your love of hats, to keep my hair out of my eyes. I came prepared, even tho I'm not much on wearing hats.


  1. ROFL! You are sooooooo cute in that shirt with your hat! I need to get me a cap! I used to have several but they got all ... ooky. I'll be shoppin' for at least one soon! I do tend to wear the wide brimmed hats more often though! I like your cap though!

    I hope you got to enjoy some seafood and volleyball!

  2. So cute! Love the personalized T-shirt. And incidently, I think the mounties are hawt!!

    Good luck with your painting! You're a brave, brave girl!

  3. You look absolutely stunning in that outfit, no wonder the mounties asked if they could stay in your cabin for the night ;-)

    Well, it was fun to let them walk the plank... *lol*