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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

NORTH TO ALASKA today. Our port o' call is way up north. Maribeth has taken us off into the wilderness of the Northern Lights....Our Cyber Cruise is The Last Frontier...Alaska. After all the consumption of chocolate at the buffet table earlier, I feel a need to go ashore and do some of my OWN prospecting. Find me a place to have a good 'ol swinging time!! You know what they say about these miners up here, digging for gold don't you?----------

But wait!! I just got an urgent call. Melli is in need of some assistance from me...Afterall, I AM on duty for this wondrous excursion. And when on call, duty comes first. So, before I venture out on my ADventure, I must give my expertise in cleaning Melli's cabin. Seems she's been a bit 'out' this past few hours, and the plumbin' has gone kaputz!!

*The ship's steward is just finishing cleaning Melli's berth for her, and she will soon be all snug as a bug....getting better to finish seeing Alaska by coastline!!!*

Now---the plumbing is working again, I must go scrub up. I have a hot date lined up. I may strike it rich tonight...who knows.

*preparing in disembark on a frontier adventure to last a lifetime*-------

"I just bet this old geezer errrrr, um, muleskinnin' prospector of mine for the night, will show me just how to assay the nuggets!!!"

And no one would suspect I've been cleaning Melli's upchuckin'.........I'm ready to find me an Alaskan prospector!! Here I come, ready or not--------

Hootin' Anni is now officially off duty for the evening. *Singing as she walks the plank to set foot on land for the night adventure*

"Big Sam left Seattle in the year of '92......"


  1. Now look, that's what I call an excellent plumbing AND friendship, the two most important thing on those ship :-D

    Stunningly hot cleaning outfit Annie, but the evening dress: *whistles*

    My, my are we beautiful perky ;-)

    Wait, what's that hanging out at the back.... Let me help you to remove it... there. It was just a bit toiletpaper, the classic...


    OH, have a fun time. Do everything that I would do. And will do.

    C U

  2. Ha ha very cute! Are you taking Mar's spot and bunking with Melli now?

    Hope you find your prospector!


  3. Oh very Mae West...sounds like Alaska better take cover!


  4. Here I am in IE ! I like the picture of you ! Looks so alike !
    Melli the poor one is sick apparently and hopes to get out of her cabin today. Did you put something in her toilet to make her sick ???
    an anonymous suspecious mind

  5. :) Very fun reading!


  6. It's your turn buying drinks now ;-)

  7. Hi Anni Enjoying your Cruise with you hahahaha