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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

*Meanwhile, back on the cruise ship*....

These drinks....oh so yummy.

I'll have another ---tar bender!

Where's the ship going? The St. Lawrence Seaway? Lordy. Could you tell the captain to quit rocking the boat!! My seaworthy legs have gone up and left me!!


I need to find the ladies room.....

*In the meantime, Irish Church Lady is passing out used bubble gum*----

"Don't eat the yellow gum!!! Oh now, wait---that's yellow snow, huh? Okay *flipping my hand in approval* go ahead. Enjoy the gum."

[Anni, enjoying her electrifying Manhattan!!]

To catch up on today's cruising here, read this--
drinks for everyone aboard the cruise & Hootin' Anni buys


  1. Oh, my, give a double pair of these to catch up with you, eh?!!!!

    No, wait, give me enough to kill a bear, that might help me get rid of my head..... ache ;-)

    *slurping loudly*

  2. Thanks fer helpin' me off the floor! I'm alright now. Glad I found you again though. More gum?

  3. You look like you're having way too much fun, Anni! I love this post today!

    I'm gradually getting back into the blogging groove. It was nice to go away and not have to think too much about what to post, etc.!! LOL...

    Hope you are well. I have been remiss out at the board too. I promise to visit there soon.


  4. I'm experimenting now, taking whisky to cure headache, that surely must help????

    Or is is really Phantom pains I'm having......?