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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

I've been following this story as much as I can lately, and can't figure out what the animal activists are thinking!! This polar bear cub has a 2nd chance at life, after the mother refused to tend to him!!

The activists are stating that the zoo keepers in Berlin should have NOT interfered and bottle fed the sweet creature? What gives?

In today's society, if a mother of the human species would not want their child and left it to die, the "human activists" step in and rescue the child, right? Why not a bear cub?

It's in the zoo people!! It's not like he's out in the wild! Sure, he's going to be used to humans, a counterpart in so many words, but having a life in the zoo will NOT harm the cub as it grows to adult bear!

Give the creature what he deserves. A life that perhaps one day will show us humans that there are polar bears. Being that the species is on the endangered list!!!



  1. I've been following it too Anni! I can't BELIEVE that these idiots REALLY want this bear KILLED now ... how could this POSSIBLY make sense to them?

  2. I totally agree. These people are nuts.

  3. Hm. I strongly suspect that they are not at all at the animals side, just activists of everything....

  4. I heard about this news too and I don't see anything wrong. In fact, I think it's great that the cub is doing well know.

  5. I know...animal rights want him killed. How ironic is that? He's a cutie patottie! :) Hopefully they'll find a group that will accept him.

    I love your new layout by the way!