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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

[and a birthday celebration]

I was TAGGED by Irish Church Lady

Here are the rules:

1. Get tagged. Well, duh---I'm here aren't I. Seems ICL thought I could do this, being as blond as I am. She has confidence in me that I am not so sure of myself. But here goes.....

2. List five things that have not been revealed on your blog.

A) I didn't know that ICL spent the day at the bordello in Silverton. No wonder she was rushing to board the return trip!! [see comments in my cyber cruise.] That explains the mussed up hair and unkempt look!!! Now we know. *okay, so I ratted on her....but, it's never been revealed on my blog before!!*
Here's proof:
[click to read my google search for Silverton's Oldest Bordello]
--originally called "The Welcome House"]

B) My peeves. Notice I didn't say PET peeves. But, boy howdy could I list a list of things that really gripe my butt! But I won't. Lucky you!!!

C) My love of the ocean. But haven't read far enough. You see, I fear water....deep dark water. My older brother threw me in a river when I was 4....I couldn't swim. The river was black and swift....I still can't swim. It's odd, I know....I love the ocean, and all it stands for, the calm feeling I get that rushes over me when I stand on shore....but to go diving....uh-huh!! I don't think so. Too many bad memories.

D) I hate tomato worms!! Have you seen those nasty boogers!!!?!! They're green, has horns, and they're huge. Aliens I tellya, aliens. [by the way, if I see one on our plants, I run from 'em ---find hubby, or any fool errrrr, ummmm anyONE who'd smash the sucker for me!!!] No, really ---I get gooseflesh when I find them. Creepy crawlers,-----ewwwww!

E) Mirrors! I have a fixation with mirrors. Hanging on the wall mirrors, compact mirrors, hand held mirrors ---if there is a speck on 'em ---I need to clean them.

3. Tag five others.
OTHERS x5 [I don't tag---but if you wanna do this, please let me know so I can come visit and read your most inner thoughts that haven't been revealed before!!!]

I have two snippets today--both pertaining to pets. One on a lighter side of a tragic news story...the other a loss of a Texas celebrity!

The first one: the "lighter side" of a tragic note in the news--

[for cat food recall list - click here]
[for dog food recall list - click here]

Symptoms to look for in your pet
Increased urination
Loss of appetite
(any change of eating and drinking habits)

* * *

Then, on a sad note today, a beloved Texas star has passed on to rainbow bridge.

Skidboot was put to sleep because of age, and blindness. On TV's Animal Planet, Skidboot, won the top prize, and from there his fame and stardom skyrocketed---

Today, April Fool's Day, is also our firstborn's birthday!!! She's celebrating with cake and being with her two boys. Hope you have a wonderful day today, Irene!!! We love you deeply dear one.......

[click to enlarge-view animation]


  1. Great meme - good to know you even better:-)

    Send my greetings to your firstborn's Irene, all the way from Norway!

  2. When I arrived at your bordello I immediately clicked on the link to see what it really looked like and now I am disappointed ! Phffft ! Renovated it looks like a countryhouse of THE QUEEN ! Far to neat it doesn't inspire me at all to work there ! I prefer the original version, that at least had a look full of "SIN" !!
    P.S I mean the PICTURE of your bordello !

  3. I had to come and see who Skidboot was. And was reminded that Irene and my Michael share the same birthday. He's celebrating with friends today; we will celebrate with him tomorrow at Safeco. :)

    Have a Happy Day! We were both new mommies on April Fools Day! :)

  4. Hi Hootin' Anni and thank you for your kind words and support of my "Renewal" story! Happy birthday to Irene, I bet she's had to weather many years of comments about her birth date! I loved the video about Skidboot, what a great dog and what an inspiring story.

  5. Hi Hootin'anni,
    Thanks for dropping by. Love the Easter design, actually I think your blog is always beautiful.
    The ocean thing interests me because I am the same. I have to live by the water, but had a terrible incident in the surf when I was a kid. Got bowled over, knocked out and came to under water. I did learn to swim but can't put my face under water.

  6. Hi Hootin Anni,...Thanks for coming to my place today and your kind words.Wish your daughter a Happy Birthday from me. I bet her friends thought she was teasing on April Fool's Day , about her Birthday!!!
    Take care. baba

  7. Hi Anni

    Happy Birthday to Irene. Sounds like your meme is quite a bit of fun but I won't play today, thanks anyway.

    Have yourself a great week.

  8. I'm crying now after watching that video of Skidboot! What a great dog! I'm such an animal lover so I get all emotional about that stuff!

    Who am I kidding? I get emotional about lots of stuff including you pimping me at the bordello!! Thanks for sending in the customers Anni! You rock! Whad'ya say we go 50/50?

    Happy Birthday to your daughter! An April Fool's Baby - how neat!

    Thanks for doing the meme and in such a funny way! lol

  9. P.S. I hate those tomato worms too! Ugly and pretty at the same time.