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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

While all the other cruisers are debating which dress to buy or what hat they should wear, on the cruise with Captain Lifecuiser and the port of call- Mar's Barcelona Spain....I've been busy trying out for Spain's version of "Dancing with the Stars"...they gave me a whirlwind lesson on the steps. Don Juan provided the guitar accompaniment and away I did go!!

The judge's loved me!! [I think it was my blond hair! More than my talents. But, I didn't trip on my gown!]

And whilst I wait for some other cruise friends to show up and help me paint the town --I've worked on this:

Found this one at Melli's Insanity Prevails. It's Monday, it's meme time! Ya know?---Like "Miller Time"?

The rules are:

1) Go to Wikipedia
2) In the search box, type your birth month and day but not the year.
3) List three events that happened on your birthday
4) List two important birthdays and one death
5) One holiday or observance (if any)
6) Tag 5 other bloggers to complete


1) 'kay gotcha! "Now how the heck is wiki pee di ah spelled?" "I'm in baby!!"

2) *typing*....month day. Ahhhh, shucks it didn't do anything!! OH!!!!!!!! Now I get it. Month, FEBRUARY instead of the actual word "Month". Duh!!!

3) 3 Events:
A) 1942 - Daylight saving time goes into effect in the United States. [And since I'm on a cruise right now, in Barcelona...what can I say to this? Mui stupido!! In other words, Daylight Savings Time sucks.

B) 1986 - Comet Halley reaches perihelion, its closest approach to the sun, during its second visit to the solar system in the 20th century. [and here I always said Halley's Comet....this ol' wiki-uppi-pedia states it's Comet Halley!!]

C) 1870 - The U.S. Weather Bureau was established. [Have you ever wondered just where these records are kept? That must be ONE huge mother board!!!!]

4) Births:
A) 1949 - Judith Light, American actress [same year, same day!!]
B) 1914 - Gypsy Rose Lee, American dancer (d. 1970) [her memoir was made into a Broadway musical - "Gypsy"]

A) 1981 - Bill Haley, American musician (Bill Haley and the Comets) (b. 1925) [died in Harlingen, Texas--brain tumor]

5) Holiday:
A) [observance of] Saint Apollonia, patron saint of dentists and dental technicians

[Saint Apollonia was one of a group of virgin martyrs who suffered in Alexandria during a local uprising against the Christians prior to the persecution of Decius. According to legend, her torture included having all of her teeth violently pulled out or shattered. For this reason, she is popularly regarded as the patroness of dentistry and those suffering from toothache or other dental problems.]

6) Tag:
A) My tag says "I'm four" and belong to Bud and Winston and Tahoe. I wear it on my leather collar when I'm out painting the town...just in case I'm lost and someone finds me. Oh ya, and the tag says my rabies vaccine is up to date.


  1. ¡Magnifico! ¡Fantastíco!

    ¡Que bonito!

    Much more suitable than that bunny costumes in the heat of the dancing ;-)

  2. LOVE the gown Dahling! Oo! I mean Senora! You are quite stunning! I wanted to learn Flamenco too -- but my roomie told me they don't DO that in Barcelona! SHE said ya gotta go south! pft! It's okay... YOU can teach me -- at dinner tonight! Now I'm off to buy my castanets! ;)

    oh... good job on the meme -- I LOVE Gypsy Rose Lee! WHAT a character!

  3. Woohoo! Someone's having a wonderful time. Love the gown and the pose!

    Can't wait for more posts on Lifecruising!