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For the past week or more, since we returned from our trip, I've been busy with painting three rooms and a hallway. It's gone from white walls [dirty, smoke filled walls I may add] to deep turquoise blue. The darker color of turquoise is called Private Lagoon. The dining room, kitchen and hallway are all covered with one color. [I did some before and after shots---sorry, I just don't have time today to put them into an automated slideshow]

The living room, at first all white is now two-toned with a wooden divider around! The wooden divider is carved with oak leaves [you can't really see that], stained red mahogany. The bottom portion of the wall is again the Private Lagoon turquoise. The top is Caribbean Wave in name, a lighter turquoise.

All the painting and putting up the wall divider is complete as of this weekend.

Hardly any pictures are hung as of now. I'm having my hubby make some unfinished wooden frames for my own artwork to hang. But---here's a preview of the results:


--part of the dining room--

--part of the living room--

--living room fireplace--

--part of the dining room~kitchen view--



--this is the 'freed' wall with the front picture window to the left.--
--the big screen tv covered the wall and window--
It now has plants on each side of the window~This is my gramaphone, kachina dolls hubby carved and a couple of Bev Doolittle art [the larger one is a puzzle --has special meaning to me. While I was hospitalized for heart problems several years ago, this is what I did in the hospital bed. The nurses glued it for me on the board they provided during my hospital stay, and when I got it home---hubby framed it] My favorite of Ms. Doolittle's --The Forest Has Eyes. The small one on the narrow corner is another signed and framed print of hers.

--fireplace wall--
These walls are reserved for my own framed artwork ~Western in theme

--the entertainment center--
--previous 'before' picture #2--
Kachina Doll collection and carvings by hubby
way above, the section of the wall is reserved for my great grandfathers hay saw. It's huge

--just some special effects--

--dining room kitchen view--
--previous before #4 picture--

--hallway off the dining room--

--hallway looking from my computer room/library--
~shows my hubby's naval history

--part of kitchen/dining room--
~my johnny depp [captain sparrow] collection

--dining room --framed dolphin print--
~the ceiling light is bleached turtle shell with 'tiffany style' clipper ships

--the 'drapery' is fish net in the nautical dining room--
*Notice the starfish...found on Mustang Island, TX


  1. Beautiful Anni! Just beautiful!!! You guys did a fantastic job. I know it was a lot of work but it sure turned out great! You'll need to go on another vacation to recover. :)

  2. amberstar3/26/2007

    I really like what you have done! It looks great!

  3. I really love your color choices.
    Must be a big relief to get it all done...:)

  4. Anni,
    I love your new painted walls!! I
    could never be brave and paint bold colors.Yous look great..... Baba

  5. Ooooh, that's really, really pretty! What a peaceful choice of colors. I love it.

    Your site did load easier this time. Thanks.

  6. I answered your question in my comments section. Thanks for stopping by and I'm glad you'll be joining us!

  7. Wow! What exotic paints names! I like the two tone idea, looks great!

  8. I can't believe how much easier your site loaded. I haven't been able to visit much and then yours just didn't want to cooperate. You've been so busy here. My grandsons would love your Jack Sparrow collection!!

  9. Hey Anni, the post about Woman to Woman is on March 8, which you found. The topics are in my blog on the March 12 posting.

    So glad you're joining us! There will be a linky on our host blogs tomorrow.

  10. Verrrrrrrrry nice Anni! Very nice indeed!!! You sure have a lot of different themes in that little house of yours! :)

  11. Lovely colours. And to be able to display your own and Husband's artwork is great. Talented people. I especially like your Johnny Depp collection!

  12. Hi Anni,Just lovely What a transformation what a difference a coat of paint makes love all your before and after shots.

  13. way to go...that's a lot of work and you did awesome!