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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

....and speaking of PRISON BREAK? Did y'all watch it last night?

I still hafta say this is the best drama series that has been put on television [2nd to House, M.D.] since the days of mini-series television. I remember back in my youth how I couldn't wait for Peyton Place night on the tube!! Well, this is just like that. I count the days for Mondays 7PM!! It's about the only time other than Tuesday evening that I really sit and watch TV. After Prison Break, I really enjoy the raunchiest comedy, Two and A Half Men. No, I don't stick around for "24" ---I don't care for that at all. He screams and yells too much, and besides I'm not much on Keifer! Never have been.

But Prison Break last night. I actually cheered when Michael took the knife and used it on T-Bag!! T-Bag is the most loved-to-hate kinda guy that's come across television since I don't know when!! [But have to admit he looks mighty fine in his panama hat--oops, hormones here] *shaking head in disgust* No!!! He's evil, Anni!!!

*sigh* Wow, what an intense storyline. And next week is the season's finale?!!! Already?!!! I'm not at all ready to say adios to these guys already. I wanna know, yesterday!!, what exactly is going to happen to Michael and Linc...Sucre, T-Bag, Bellick, Sara, Paul Kellerman, Mahone!!! And, they're going to make me wait 'til Autumn?!!! NO!!!!!!!!!! I won't be able to handle the suspense.

Michael paying the little boy money for setting off firecrackers in a trash can.
Which with the disruption of them going off....
the men he suspected dived for their guns---
showing Michael just where the weapons were on their persons.

T-Bag finding the address that's on the note paper---
near the part where he's getting caught by Michael and Sucre---
with the bag of money at his back.

Maybe next week will show us a bit more before they go on hiatus for filming. Nah!! Probably not....they'll leave us hanging..............


  1. I never got into Prison Break, which is suprising, since there are lots of hot guys on that show. I like 2 and a half men, though. :)

  2. I love Prison Break. My whole family watches it. I can't beleive that the entire season is over either!

    Ugg. You'd think already.

    And HOUSE is far and away my most favorite show on TV at the moment. I also like Justice and Bones.

  3. My husband would not miss this show
    Prison break!!! I never got into it...I have not heard of House??
    I will have to find the show House.It sounds like something I would enjoy. Baba

  4. I love Prison Break too!! I am just hoping that someway Sara does not have to go to Prison!! Looks like she has some help coming!! I hate it that it is almost over too. I am quite the fan of 24 though and have been for 6 years now!!
    Thanks for stopping by. Can you tell me how to scoot my music bar over on my blog. I went into my template and tried but could not do it like I thought. Do you view me on IE or Firefox. My email is if you would like to email me..Sandy

  5. I am afraid that for once we don't agree. Is he still digging and trying to escape or is he out ?apparently not yet dead. I just went through the first (!!!) season but found it soo pulled in length that the last three parts I didn't even watch anymore. Somebody told me that they escaped and he will die at the end, but you tell me it's still not the end then I wonder when he has finished saving his brother ? In 20 years ? I am always optimistic. Payton Place I remember I liked very much !

  6. Ohmigod, Anni, that was a great show on Monday night. I loved when Michael stabbed T-Bag in his good hand...LOL....just priceless!

    That show just gets better and better each week. I just wish the finale wasn't next week. And what's with Kellerman? Are they gonna turn him into a good guy?


    Hope you're well, dear lady. I am still in packing mode, will be for the rest of March and into April. Lots of work to do done.