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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

...and along the way, the cyber cruise's next port o' call is Berlin with Sanni, as our guest hostess!

I couldn't resist shopping of course. I've always wanted something from the Black Forest. But, instead I opted for a DRINDL. Here I am, black and red are definitely my German colors, don't you think?

and of course, I couldn't forget him a sexy pair too....LEDERHOSEN!!

All I can say is Right Said Fred....LOOK OUT!! Bud's gonna look "Too sexy for his lederhosen"!!!

Can't wait to have him model those for me.


  1. LOL! Oh, when he DOES I hope you'll share!!! ROFL! You look darling!

  2. Lovely butterfly!
    But your dirndl and his Lederhosen are even better!!!!
    happy ww!

  3. WOW! I love those pictures!

    You look great! You should get a pic of the both of you together!

    ....and- I LOVE that butterfly!


  4. I think you look gorgeous in that drindl, but I must admit that I love the lederhosen even better. I'm weird, I' know :-)

    They are just sooo darn "cute"!


    I'm SURE that Mr L would have wanted a pair too, if we had seen that store on our seightseeing but we only spotted the beer ;-)

  5. Must say you look lovely in your drindl, Anni! Beautiful..thanks for stopping by. I am bushed..too much traveling is catching up with me. I will be sooooo glad when we're down there for good.

    Hope you had a great trip!

    HUGZ, dear lady!!